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TechZing is an informal chat show hosted by Justin Vincent & Jason Roberts.

TechZing is an informal chat show hosted by Justin Vincent & Jason Roberts.
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TechZing is an informal chat show hosted by Justin Vincent & Jason Roberts.




306: TZ Discussion – Better Late Than Never

Justin and Jason discuss the latest developments with Math Academy, Jason’s success with cryptocurrencies, Justin’s thoughts on Nugget and his upcoming startup course, why Phil is stuck in LA, Laravel and Vue.js, what Colby learned at computer camp, and what to do if North Korea launches a nuclear weapon.

Duration: 05:31:34

304: TZ Discussion – The Clone War

Justin and Jason discuss how the English have lost their American accent and their plan to get the show back on a more regular schedule, Justin’s workout anti-pattern and his new 800 calorie diet, Jason’s plan to overcome some long-term injuries, the sudden appearance of a Nugget clone and Justin’s less-than-optimal reaction, the business Justin is […]

Duration: 05:00:43

303: TZ Discussion – Managed Chaos

Justin and Jason discuss why Justin wants a Vive and why he’s excited about the future of VR, Justin’s new swimming routine and his super-low heart rate, Jason’s “new” New Man Plan, the show’s Patreon campaign, how Jason is learning to play the piano using the app Yousician, the Nugget pivot of 2017, Mr. Robot, the latest with […]

Duration: 05:38:40

302: TZ Interview – Joe Stech / Compelling Science Fiction

Justin and Jason talk to Joe Stech about his online magazine, Compelling Science Fiction.

Duration: 04:15:53

299.5: TZ Discussion – Maximum Effort!

Justin and Jason discuss why Justin decided to start pushing his Nugget users to launch their ventures (also known as “horsing”) and his plan for how to automate this process, lessons learned scaling Uber, Paul Erdos and the Erdos-Bacon number, the importance of just starting, thoughts on upselling the next level of Nugget services, the latest with […]

Duration: 01:41:13

297: TZ Discussion – Unsubscribe All

Justin and Jason discuss Colby’s drive to play quarterback and early sign’s of Jack’s athleticism, Justin’s new project – Nugget, why Jason believes his peripheral neuropathy may be caused by a B12 deficiency, the world’s biggest vertical farm, how the Swiss voted against Basic Income, why Jason doesn’t worry about the potential downsides of scientific […]

Duration: 02:56:04

295: TZ Interview – Robin Warren / Corrello

Justin talks to Robin Warren about his bootstrapped startup Corrello, a dashboard for agile teams using Trello.

292: TZ Discussion – Doing the Business

Justin, Jason and Phil discuss the Math Academy software and the latest with the rollout of the program, the silly idea that children are incapable of abstract thought at age 11, how to raise a creative child, Phil’s experience as an analyst for an angel fund and as a head TA in business school, learning […]

Duration: 03:08:17

288: TZ Discussion – Colby Speaks

Justin, Jason and Colby discuss Colby’s strength training program, his view on the accelerated math class and why he designed his own football helmet and defensive playbook, the latest on the Math Academy, Justin’s 7-minute workout and his reinvention of Weight Watchers, Jason’s progress on Operation Superhero and his 3-week sprint concept and the latest […]

Duration: 02:52:50

276: TZ Discussion – The Year of No – For Real This Time

Justin and Jason discuss the impending delivery of Justin’s walking desk and his health and fitness dilettantism, why Instapaper has become just another “to-do list” for Jason, their respective Hacker News reading strategies, the latest on MV Code Club, how the money raising process differs between celebrity and non-celebrity founders, why Jason pulled out of […]

Duration: 01:43:58

274: TZ Discussion – All Things HFT

Justin and Jason discuss Justin’s rebound project and the myriad questions Justin has about HFT (high-frequency trading), learning to code with CodeAvengers and CodeCombat, the latest on Operation Superhero and MV Code Club, scaling with Node.js at Uber, posting error messages toSlack and HipChat, scaling and managing servers at Digedu, Jason’s interview onGet Up and […]

Duration: 02:03:01

273: TZ Discussion – Limitless

Justin and Jason discuss why Disco hasn’t worked out and what Justin has learned from the experience, balancing product development with sales and marketing, how to select and validate a business idea, the basics of algorithmic trading, how Jason increased his vertical jump by 8 inches, high and low adaptors, Justin’s desire for a walking […]

Duration: 01:57:15

272: TZ Interview – Mike Walmsley / Code Avengers

Jason talks with Mike Walmsley, the founder and primary developer of the programming education siteCode Avengers.

Duration: 01:42:58

271: TZ Discussion – The Superintelligent Future

Justin and Jason discuss the summit and the prospect of hosting another one, whether growing the show would be possible or even make a difference, whether World War III could stop a rising population, how HP’s Thermal Inkjet printing is going 3Dand how Googleis developing cancer and a heart attack detector, Amazon Echo,the prospects for […]

Duration: 02:24:18

268: TZ Interview – Dr. Doug McGuff / Body by Science

Justin and Jason speak with Dr. Doug McGuff about his book, Body by Science: A Research Based Program for Strength Training, Body building, and Complete Fitness in 12 Minutes a Week. A special shoutout goes toAndy Chamberlain who emailed Justin with a heads up aboutDoug and theBody by Science protocol.

265: TZ Discussion – Going Beta with Disco

Justin and Jason discuss the movieGuardians of the Galaxyand the showHalt and Catch Fire, why they both like the post-apocalyptic genre, the final dates for theTechZing Summit, a progress report on Operation Superhero, Justin’s “audacious goal” of starting a funk band, why Jason thinksDerek Siversis wrong aboutkeeping your goals to yourself, Jason’s electrical engineering learning […]

252: TZ Discussion – Super Accelerated

Justin and Jason discuss Digedu’s latest technical hire,Quizlet’s incredible feedback center, the PHP logging extensionDatadog, the realtime dashboard that Jason built for Uber, why hackers haven’t been more creative in the types of targets they’ve gone after, when it makes more sense to buy TV shows than to it does to just watch them for […]

Duration: 02:11:23

251: TZ Discussion – In Accordance with the Prophecy

Justin and Jason discuss the animated seriesArcherand whyit’s no longer going to be about spies, how the NSA is attempting to build a quantum computer, howaFrance-UAE satellite deal is shaky after NSA spy tech was discovered onboard, howCalifornia legislators are attempting to banish the NSA from the state,the mysterious Mac and PC malware that jumps […]

Duration: 02:35:09