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Tell Me Lies 2.8

Humans are built to self-destruct so it's a miracle we get anything done at all. Like this podcast! This week, Glennis and Kelly explore all the ways we engage in harmful and sabotaging behaviors including picking, cutting, talking ourselves out of jobs, abandoning projects, thinking everyone hates us, and more. Plus: our hero Lucille the mechanic cashier, giving things their day in court, Glennis has a confession for our listeners, and Kelly inspires this whole episode! Thanks to MC Chris...


Tell Me Lies 2.7

This week, Kelly and Glennis welcome comedian, writer, and mom Susan Burke to the show to chat about the lie that mommy wine culture isn't damaging. The ladies discuss how to cope with the stress and pressures of being a mom without alcohol or substances, how talking poorly about our children needs to stop, what to do if you think you have a problem, why we shouldn't diagnose other people's issues, and why the show "Intervention" is the worst. Plus: more #metoo / #timesup stuff because we...


Tell Me Lies 2.6

Is God a lie? Do you have to lie to yourself to believe in God? What's the difference between spirituality and religion? How do you follow a program of spirituality? And what the f is up with sexual predators in the atheist community? (Kelly is not happy about it, guys.) For the first 90-minutes, Glennis and Kelly discuss these things and more, and then they basically go off the punch-drunk diving board and take 30-minutes to end the show. Plus: Glennis has a bunch of quotes! Thanks to MC...


Tell Me Lies 2.5

Who loves you, baby? We do! This week, Kelly and Glennis talk about all things love and lies. But first, Glennis did some sleuthing and has a seriously disturbing update on the alleged rapist the show has been discussing. Then: Kelly's got a sweet confession, Glennis reads a listener email, how our subconscious screams out for help through the shows we watch, Kelly has a huge realization about a past relationship, and Glennis talks about making amends. Thanks to MC Chris for our awesome...


Tell Me Lies 2.4

Tired of talking about the alleged rapist's lawsuits? Neither are Glennis and Kelly! This week they're joined by recent law school graduate Kim Johnson to discuss the lawsuit against UCB. Is it full of lies? Does he have any shot of winning? Plus: the rules of Jinx, how lying affects your body, the Facebook feed of someone experiencing "pain and suffering," and everyone does their best impression of Tracy Morgan impersonating Starr Jones way too many times and we are not sorry about...


Tell Me Lies 2.3

In this action packed episode, Kelly and Glennis talk about a recent lawsuit from an (alleged) rapist they discussed last season. Then they read an email from a listener asking how to handle her distaste for her friend's fiancé, before taking this show to the big time when they talk about a conflict they confronted, discussed, and resolved; three things they hate to do! Amends are made, truths are revealed, and the ladies fall deeper in love. Plus: who is this hot whistler, a new name for...


Tell Me Lies 2.2

Kelly and Glennis serve up a smattering of new sexual assault/harassment/misconduct allegations aka the Poo-Poo platter from hell. Also: flat-earthers, the fun little loophole discovered on the NSA's website, and Glennis confesses to a lie she told last week on the show while Kelly tells a bunch of people to go fuck themselves. It's Tell Me Lies! Thanks to MC Chris for our awesome theme song and Bill Schedler for our amazing outro! Follow us @tellmeliespod on Twitter, @tellmeliespodcast...


Tell Me Lies 2.1

WE'RE BACK BITCHES!!! After a super long hiatus, the ladies of lies are back! Kelly and Glennis discuss what they've been up to; the #metoo movement and why it's so fucked up to wear someone down for sex; the myth (aka the "WHO CARES") behind blue balls; and how we're all turning into our parents lol. Thanks to MC Chris for our awesome new theme song!!! Check him out at Follow Tell Me Lies @tellmeliespod on Twitter, @tellmeliespodcast on Instagram, and find us on...


Tell Me Lies - Episode 20

It's the season one finale, friends and lovers! Gather 'round while Kelly and Glennis share a j and record their thoughts on Harvey Weinstein (they're not good), being a woman today, the dangers of denial, and their podcast journey to date. Tell Me Lies will be back soon! Subscribe, rate, review, and catch up on our first season if you missed a beat. Also know that definitely by the time we come back we will at last be Perfect. Good mental health! We love you! Follow for updates...


Tell Me Lies - Episode 19

This week, Glennis & Kelly welcome Steph Garcia ( to the show to explore ways in which we're all keeping our cool as we watch the world burn. The ladies discuss how to unplug, and connect with something real when the internet becomes a minefield of triggering thoughts and emotions. Plus: online-nip slips, privacy for future generations, zen meal planning for take-out queens, and Steph shares a lie of omission she kept from her mom for 10 years. Thanks for listening!...


Tell Me Lies - Episode 18

This week, Glennis & Kelly take a call from a listener who wants advice on how to help an addicted friend while protecting herself and her family. Plus, Kelly lies to the librarian, and Glennis talks about her weekend at the inner child retreat. Enjoying the show? Tell your friends, then rate, review and subscribe! Want to be on the show? Email us at Twitter @tellmeliespod / Insta @tellmeliespodcast Music: "Time Will Tell" by Bob Marley & The Wailers, and...


Tell Me Lies - Episode 17

This episode takes a look at two of the biggest lies of the 90s: Milli Vanilli and JT LeRoy. Rate, review, and subscribe or we'll take back your Grammy. Follow @tellmeliespod on Twitter, and @tellmeliespodcast on Insta. Music: "Blame it on the Rain" by Milli Vanilli, "Girl You Know It's True" by Milli Vanilli, "Ma Baker" by Boney M., "Sunny" by Boney M., "Babylon" by Boney M., "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga


Tell Me Lies - Episode 16

Kelly moved, Glennis has news, and they're back from a week off ready to talk all things lying and mental health! Is technology going to make liars out of us all? When should you take a look at your anger? What's the difference between crazy, and rational love? And how can we contribute to having better days? Plus: another listener lie and Kelly reveals a leeeetle bit more about her obsession with donuts. Thanks for listening! Don't forget to rate, review and subscribe. We love...


Tell Me Lies - Episode 15

This week, comedian Julian McCullough (@julezmac) stops by to talk all things sex! We've got cheating, lying, floating, stories of losing the V-card and creepy advice from that creep Dr. James Dobson. Plus! A text from JC Coccoli (sorry, JC!), saying no to your kids, control, going to church to find friends, and listener lies! Send your lies to or at Follow the show @tellmeliespod on Twitter and @tellmeliespodcast on Insta Music: "Policy...


Tell Me Lies - Episode 14

Sorry we're only coming out of one speaker, guys! And speaking of coming out: this week, we talk to Ames Beckerman (@amesbeckerman) about the worst time to come out to your mom! As a trans man, Ames shares his insight into life pre-transition, and how you can learn to be honest if you feel like you're living a lie. But first...! Glennis & Kelly take a teeny tiny look at some childhood angst, wonder if you can still love Buffy if Joss is a big fat liar, discover Trump's real voice, debut...


Tell Me Lies - Episode 13

This week, we lay a mini-sode upon you while Glennis visits her mom in Colorado, and Kelly sneaks in a record while Maebe naps. Strap in for 25-minutes of wondering who in fact is paying attention? Plus, the only lie Glennis' mom remembers from her childhood, Kelly witnesses some mom-shaming, and a documentary that might make you soul-search and unplug. (But not before listening, rating, reviewing and subscribing!) Follow @tellmeliespod on Twitter and @tellmeliespodcast on Insta Music:...


Tell Me Lies - Episode 12

This week, we go back to the well with Glennis & Kelly sans guest and we really cover it all: being tricked into believing your dreams, lying about dreaming for sympathy, crazy ex-roommates, Trump lies (duh), and sexualizing the Coppertone baby. Plus, Kelly catches a friend in a lie and a "dark, kinky relationship confession" from a listener! Email us your lies at or via our website for an anonymous form. Check us out on Twitter...


Tell Me Lies - Episode 11

Comedian, actress, writer, and all around badass Barbara Gray (@babsgray) joins the ladies for a SHAME FILLED EPISODE OF SHAAAAAME. Will you judge us for our honest admissions? You be the judge. Or don't. Plus: being brave in LA, Joni Mitchell's bizarre disease, delusion vs reality, reading other people's diaries, and coping with stress. Rate, review, subscribe and take your childhood bully on Maury! Follow the show @tellmeliespod and like us on Facebook. Music: "Moist Vagina" by...


Tell Me Lies - Episode 10

Hey guys! Remember when Kelly said her husband (comedian Matt Dwyer) didn’t listen to the show? Well he does, and now he’s our guest, and SHIT GETS REAL. #donutgate Plus, hypocritical uncles, fake British accent, social justice warriors and 12-step programs. Then, Glennis reads a statement from a victim of yet another comedy community rape allegations. Trigger warning: graphic content. Songs: "Trail of Lies" by Matt Dwyer, "Everything's Coming Up Roses" performed by Ethel Merman Follow...


Tell Me Lies - Episode 9

This week, while Kelly visits family in Wisconsin, Glennis talks with Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern Joanna Lovinger. Joanna is also a secret keeper and she reveals one of the biggest secrets she's ever had to keep. The two then talk about the action-packed world of therapy. Glennis discovers how fucked up her old relationship with her therapist was, and asks Joanna to break therapy down for her: What is it? Who needs it? Red flags to look out for? Should you have sex with...


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