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#85 - Podcast War

It's a good thing we have Robbie to keep us on track. We cover SO MANY things in our show this week including how to run a podcast, what you should do if you live near Baltimore, a weird soda review, what you should have in your garage, and an exclusive offer available ONLY to our listeners! Don't be a nerd: go to www.tententhspodcast.com, click buttons, win prizes (not really, buy a shirt).

Duration: 01:31:16

#84 - My Car Does What?

The boys throw down another two hour episode this week by covering a whole mess of topics. Adam recounts his visit to the 2017 SCCA Solo Nationals in Lincoln Nebraska, they give a rather scathing review of a website, and they sprinkle in a few project car updates for good measure.Are you subscribed so you're alerted when new episodes are released? You better be. You're reading this which means the button is nearby. Click it.www.tententhspodcast.com

Duration: 01:44:27

#83 - Obscure Motorsports

The boys are back to the topic format for this week's show. They run though several odd motorsports in addition to a few eccentric races not involving cars. They also discuss the many fun and exciting things happening on the Facebook group. Are you on it? You should be!!

Duration: 01:28:46

#82 - Dirk Stratton

Formula Drift Pro2 competitor and #driftvette owner Dirk Stratton joins us for our 82nd episode. We discuss his quick career escalation, why he chose the C6 chassis, and his plans to join the elite ranks of the Pro series in the near future!Also go towww.tententhspodcast.comand buy a shirt! #freepodcast

Duration: 01:28:57

#81 - Adam REALLY Opens Up

We let Adam chose whatever topics he wants this week and things get a little out of control. We talk about inventing our own energy drink, best impractical vehicles for practical uses, and a bit of MMA. I promise at least 50% of this show is automotive related.How about a different reminder this week? Go to Youtube, subscribe to Ten Tenths Podcast, be more rad.

Duration: 01:20:28

#80 - Shredfest

This week the boys recount there experience at O Drift Collective's Shredfest. The 240 and RX7 meet for the first time, we all do some skids, and we all experience a little carnage.Don't forget to go towww.tententhspodcast.comto check out rad clothes and stuff.

Duration: 01:23:38

#79 - It's Not Punny

After a fantastic run of guests, the show returns to its normal format. Michael shares his experience at the X Games in Minneapolis, Adam talks tires, and Robbie lets us know his true feelings about the customer service industry.Be sure to check outwww.tententhspodcast.comfor our official store and show notes!

Duration: 01:23:48

#78 - Alex Roy

Yes, the one and only. Realistically a figure in the automotive realm whose reputation supersedes any contrived introduction I could write for him here. It's Alex Roy.Don't forget to check outwww.tententhspodcast.comfor raaaad merch.

Duration: 01:32:36

Podcast 77 - Riley Sexsmith

This week the dudes speak with Pro 2 drifter Riley Sexsmith. Riley pilots the NV Auto Subaru BRZ with a 2JZ swap putting down nearly 900hp! He shares his career progression from drifting a street driven Nissan pickup in CSCS events, to a built Hawkeye Subaru, to setting a world first for drifting at Road Atlanta!Don't forget to go towww.tententhspodcast.comto look at photos and shirts and stuff.

Duration: 01:06:16

#76 - James Houghton

This week the guys are joined by James Houghton. James is the owner and driver of a K24 Integra Type R that competes in CSCS and Gridlife Time Attack. James shares with us what it was like setting the all-time fastest production car lap record at Gingerman, the challenges of running an independent race team, and why Tim Hortons is so rad.Don't forget to check outwww.tententhspodcast.com. It's where our store is. With shirts and stuff.

Duration: 01:33:38

#75 - Adam Jabaay from Slipangle and #GRIDLIFE

While his co-host, Austin Cabot, is galavanting around LA, being a guest on The Smoking Tire with Matt Farah, Adam Jabaay is stuck in the Midwest being on our crappy podcast. Regular listeners of Ten Tenths will recognize the Jabaay name, but for our new listeners Adam Jabaay is co-host of the Slip Angle podcast as well as Motorsports Director for Gridlife. Adam joins us via a crappy Civic in his garage to discuss some of the other events on the 2017 Gridlife calendar, tell us how rad the...

Duration: 01:26:01

#74 - #GRIDLIFE Wrap -Up, Le Mans, and Many Other Things

We have returned to form! An episode full of many random and unrelated things: Gridlife, Le Mans, watches and even the return of the Pizza Pizzazz!Don't forget to check outwww.tententhspodcast.comfor dope shirts and hats and stuff. DO IT!!

Duration: 01:16:36

#73 - Justin Pawlak at #GRIDLIFE

Between runs at Gridlife on Saturday, we got the chance to sit down with Formula D star Justin Pawlak. Justin (or JTP) has a drifting career spanning more than 10 years and is currently piloting a 2016 Roush Performance Mustang putting out 1000hp. JTP is a super down-to-earth and humble dude, and we're very honored he took a few minutes to sit down with us. Thanks again JTP!Don't forget to check outwww.tententhspodcast.comfor our official show notes and merch!

Duration: 00:19:07

#72 - Friday @ #GRIDLIFE

Gridlife is finally here, and the boys sit down to do a quick show on the afternoon of the first day. The conversation covers everything from drifting, to time attack, to John Cena.Don't forget to check outwww.tententhspodcast.comfor our official merch and weekly show notes.Additionally, all official Ten Tenths media will can be seen on our Facebook and Instagram pages, in addition to our website.Lastly, we want to say a special thank you to Tim and Tomas for tagging along with us this...

Duration: 00:27:32

#71 - Automotive Death Train Racing

This week the guys discover a form of car racing that involves chaining cars together in some form of automotive death train. Also, we play a game dubbed "Rent, Buy, Crush" as suggested by one of our listeners.Don't forget to check outwww.tententhspodcast.comto grab your official Ten Tenths swag.

Duration: 01:26:27

#70 - Tomas Read of TRmedium and FT86 Speedfactory

Tomas Read from TRmedium and FT86 Speedfactory joins us this week. Tomas is responsible for producing videos for FT86 Speedfactory's YouTube channel (most of which he does completely solo) and his business, TRmedium, that creates digital content for brands in the automotive industry.Don't forget to go towww.tententhspodcast.comto check out our weekly show notes and our official store!

Duration: 01:24:20

#69 - Ask Us Anything, Round 2

In only our second Ask Us Anything ever, we actually answer all of your questions from our social media pages. As I type this I realize it's setting a bad precedent for future listener question shows. I'm going to stop typing now.Don't forget to go towww.tententhspodcast.comto check out our weekly show notes and our store for all that #wet swag that you know you need this summer.

Duration: 01:18:23

#68 - Microwaves and Motors

In this week's episode, the guys recount some cool cars they saw at a recent cars and coffee, Michael gives his first Almost New Car Review of the 2015 Buick Verano, and we try to figure out why Adam has two Pizza Pizzazz machines in his life.Don't forget to check outwww.tententhspodcast.comfor our official merch store and our weekly show notes!

Duration: 00:59:12

#67 - Ten Tenths Podcast's International Gumball One Lap of the World

Our friends atTeam Corn Fedare participating in Brock Yates' One Lap of America 2017, so the guy decide to put together their own theoretical One Lap coures. Of course, no one follows the directions correctly which leads to many disagreements. Shocking, I know.Don't forget to check outwww.tententhspodcast.comfor our weekly show notes (which we discussed in this week's episode #professional) and to access our store!

Duration: 01:06:20

#66 - Mustang Is Not The Answer

In the most off-the-rails episode ever recorded, the guys review a new kind of bottled water, Michael talks about conspiracies, and an argument breaks out about the best car to take on a long road trip.Don't forget to go towww.tententhspodcast.comto check out our weekly show notes and check out our store!

Duration: 01:09:52

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