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I submitted this once and used the wrong RSS URL. Hopefully this is right now. case # 1760462

I submitted this once and used the wrong RSS URL. Hopefully this is right now. case # 1760462
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I submitted this once and used the wrong RSS URL. Hopefully this is right now. case # 1760462






#110 - Project Updates

With the increased activity on our Youtube channel, our project car updates have been few and far between on the podcast. This week we correct that by giving an update on what we've been working on over the last couple of months.


#109 - The Truth About 240s

According to the internet, the average tax return this year will be just over $3,100. In this episode, the dudes explore the best way to blow their theoretical tax returns in another Craigslist challenge.


#108 - Jordan Sharp from NEAD and Jason Sites from The Organization

We continue our tour of rad Des Moines based automotive business and find ourselves at New Edge Automotive and Detailing this week. Jordan Sharp is the owner of NEAD and with help from Jason Sites of The Organization, they build performance street cars, detail show cars and throw no-prep events in Central Iowa. We have time to dig into what makes no-prep racing special and, in the process, realize we are all horrible at math. Be sure sure to find our guests on their Instagram pages:...


#107 - Would You Rather

We take another stab at a "Would You Rather" episode with some help from the Facebook group. Things go a bit sideways, as expected, and we continue our debate about the Ram Longhorn. #cowboytribal


#106 - 2018 Chicago Auto Show

It's hard to believe this will be our third year covering the Chicago Auto Show. In a sea of car companies discussing infotainment and autonomous features, Michael finds a few companies that still cater to the true driving enthusiast. Don't let all of Robbie's hard work be in vain; check out the Ten Tenths Podcast channel on YouTube! We have build vlogs and video content for this years Chicago Auto Show!


#105 - We Fix Automotive Marketing

If you're a automotive marketing professional looking for answers to solve your woes, look no further. This week we dive into automotive marketing at ALL levels. We discuss failed marketing for new cars, current marketing trends and even marketing in our weekly news!


#104 - Brock Yates Jr.

Another one of our automotive heroes joins us today: Brock Yates Jr. Many of you know Brock as the leader of One Lap of America which is an annual road rally with a series of races at different tracks throughout the country. Brock shares many memories with us including how Cannonball eventually became OLOA and his experience with Roadkill during the 2017 rally.


#103 - Petrolhead Vacations

We attempt to answer the question of where petrolheads should go when they need to get away from the day-to-day. We come up with several quite interesting iteneraries, both domestic and international. Don't forget to check out our YouTube channel and subscribe for updates on our weekly show releases and project updates. Upvotes and comments are hugely appreciated! We truly value your feedback!


#102 - #Shredded

With the new YouTube format in full swing, we take a stab at another Craigslist challege: $7500 tow pigs! Additionally, after bickering at length with one another, we discover that it's not just automotive journalists that talk complete nonsense at times, car company execs are guilty of it as well.


#101 - 3 Or 4 Cars That We Are Excited About In 2018

In our pursuit to expose the crap that passes as automotive journalism, we review a list of 10 "cars" a major publication claims they're excited to see released in 2018. Want to see our faces made for radio (or podcasting, I guess)? Check out Ten Tenths Podcast on Youtube to see our new studio! Please subscribe, like, and whatnot.


#100 - The New Studio and 2018 Predictions

Returning from the holiday break, the guys run through a gamut of topics. They introduce their new studio, they discuss cars that aren't joining us in the new year, and make some automotive predictions for 2018. Make sure to check out our new studio on your YouTube page! Hit up https://www.youtube.com/tententhspodcast and please subscribe/upvote!


#99 - It's Biblical

Inspired from an article featured on Petrolicious, the boys discuss the things that the factory got right and wrong with each of their cars. Don't forget to post all the crap that the factory got wrong about your car on the Ten Tenths Podcast Facebook Group! We will be taking next week off and want to wish everyone a safe and merry holiday season! We will catch you guys in 2018!!


#98 - PRI Recap with Tomas Read

The guys sit down with Tomas from TRMedium to discuss their recent trip to PRI in Indianapolis. Try as they might to stay on topic about what they saw at the show, the prevailing topics are Robbie's manflu and the many issues they had at their hotel.


#96 - Cars Too Good To Modify

Cars so good from the factory that you wouldn't think of modifying them; does such a thing exist? The guys explore what exactly constitutes a "mod" and run through their own lists of cars they wouldn't mess with. Looking for gift ideas? Check out www.tententhspodcast.com for our apparel collection and www.mypetrolbox.com for a rad monthly automotive subscription. Use our discount code TENTENTHS to get $7 off your first month!


#95 - Spencer Krohn

One of our most requested guests returns this week in Adam's absence. As many of you already know, Spencer is a good friend of ours that participates in the full-sized and mini-truck scene throughout the entire United States. He shares some of his wild experiences at Camp N Drag over the years, as well as his recent lust to build something that ISN'T truck related. Huge shocker, we know! Our November Petrolbox has arrived and Michael did an unboxing video which you can find on our YouTube...


#94 - "Dude, Am I A Ricer??" Part II

Ricer Ron is back this week to help us determine if the modifications you submitted are "rice" or not. In this second iteration we take the opportunity to define what actually makes a modification ricer. With these new rules, you can play along at home and make fun of the dumb crap your friends do to their cars! Do you want a chance to win some free Rotoform wheels AND get rad box of car stuff delivered to you your door each and every month??? Good news! Check out www.mypetrolbox.com and...


#93 - Back From the Dead

We're back to a normal length podcast this week, despite requests for EVEN LONGER shows. In this episode, the boys dive into a wide variety of cars that they'd like to see resurrected from the dead. Be sure to check out our homies over at www.mypetrolbox.com and get $7 off your first box using the discount code TENTENTHS at checkout. We discuss using some of the rad tools they threw in last month's box.


#92 - Handsome Rob's Movie Review

We hand the reins of the podcast over to Robbie and he produces a TWO AND A HALF HOUR show! Robbie has been a massive movie buff for years and has seen even some of the most obscure automotive movies produced. This week he shares some of his favorites and some of the most horrendous movies made for petrolheads. Don't forget to check out www.mypetrolbox.com and get yourself one of those mad boxes we keep talking about! Use our discount code TENTENTHS at checkout and get $7 off that first...


#91 - VCRs and Casettes

Despite an uncharacteristically short show this week, the boys still engage in their signature style of ranting. They discuss Robbie's vinyl wrap project, the engine Michael has selected for the green Fiat, and how they feel about sharing the road with bicycles in Iowa. We've dropped a bunch of new merch on the store!! Shirts are only $20!! Go to www.tententhspodcast.com and click on the store link to check out the new offerings!


#90 - A Gasser on a Budget

The boys dredge the depths of Craigslist again this week to see what crap they can dig up. Robbie chooses the challenge this time and it's $10,000 "restorations". One of builds actually involves REMOVING a small block Chevy. Crazy, right?! Reminder! We are phasing out some products on our store. Go to www.tententhspodcast.com and click on the "STORE" tab to check out the inventory before it disappears! Lastly, check out the radness that is www.mypetrolbox.com and snag a box for yourself....


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