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Mini-Season Ep 9: Love Hurts

When Lea Thau's fiance left her, she felt all the feelings. Then she had their baby, and decided to start dating again. But, despite going out, nothing seemed to be clicking. Over and over. And eventually, she wanted to know why. Why didn't men want to keep dating her? So she asked them. And recorded the answer. From the amazing podcast Strangers comes the episode "Love Hurts."

Duration: 00:41:04

Mini-Season Ep 8: Dear Grown-ups

What do you wish your grown-ups had said to you when you were a kid? Especially while dealing with really hard stuff? We wanted to know, so we asked the Terrible Club - listeners who support the show - and they had some thoughts. Geez da wheeze, did they have some thoughts. You can join the Terrible Club any time by going to ttfa.org/donate. A huge 'thank you' to everyone who submitted. You are amazing.

Duration: 00:37:06

Mini-Season Ep 7: Naomi + Khaleel

Khaleel Thompson is an 18-year-old who loves music, reading, and his cat, Domino. Naomi is his mother, who has spent a week trying to piece together why four police officers fired more than 12 rounds at her son in a public park two weeks ago. The two of them are the humans behind a news headline - caught in a story that is just unfolding.

Duration: 00:27:04

Mini-Season Ep 6: 19 Hours Ago

Grief is always fresh for someone, somewhere. Right now, someone is losing a friend. A partner. A parent. And they are entering a new role, a new relationship to their loved one, and to the world. Holly felt that grief. And she came in to share it with us. Fresh and undiluted. Just hours into her first day as a widow. And then again with a follow-up 8 months later.

Duration: 00:43:44

Mini-Season Ep 5: To Michael

When someone dies, you're supposed to say something. Someone is supposed to say something. Someone is supposed to summarize this person, prove that they existed, that they mattered. But what do you say when a complicated person dies after a complicated life?

Duration: 00:20:37

Mini-Season Ep 4: Is It OK?

Alysha-Aubrey sent us a story about both her parents falling seriously ill at the same time, and the toll it took on her as a teenager. And she ended her story with a question about whether or not it's OK that she doesn't feel OK. Even though her family has recovered from trauma and is doing OK. We thought that the best way to answer Alysha-Aubrey's question was to ask it of you, the audience. And you had so much to say to her.

Duration: 00:23:59

Mini-Season Ep 2: Are You Up?

It's 12:00. No, 1:00. No, 4:45 in the morning. You should be sleeping -- we all should be -- but you're not. You're laying there as the minutes tick away, thinking about... what, exactly? One sleepless night, Nora took to Twitter to see what was keeping you up. And you answered. This is an episode made by you (and Hans. Okay, mostly Hans), about what keeps you up at night.

Duration: 00:46:20

Mini-Season Ep 1: Not The Bummer Olympics

So many people start off their stories by saying that it doesn't compare to what happened to someone else. But this isn't a game of Who Has It Worse, so why do we act like there is some sort of imaginary yardstick for struggling? This is the first episode of our in-between season while we are hard at work on season 2. We're going to hear from listeners, talk with some amazing people, and get to know each other a little bit better. Stay up-to-date on Season 2 by following us on Twitter,...

Duration: 00:16:25

10: Semper Fi

When Nora McInerny's dad died, she lost his stories. The ones that she's not sure she can can't quite remember right, and the ones she never knew. Like those from his time as a Recon Marine in Vietnam. So Nora decides to look up some of the men he served with, and discovers one day in 1968 that forever shaped a group of boys into the mercurial, complicated men they would become. If you have a veteran in your life (and you do), you should sit down with them and ask about their experiences....

Duration: 00:40:11

9: Under a Cloud of Loss

Damon's grandparents were murdered 18 months before he was born. And, for the first time in his life, he prepares to see his grandparents' murderer face to face.

Duration: 00:49:58

8: The Middle Place

For most of us, death is scary. And what happens next is just as mysterious. But what if we could see death as something beautiful? Or holy? Sarah Gottfried and Heather Olson share their experiences of being with people who are transitioning from this world to whatever comes next.

Duration: 00:36:36

7: Unbroken

Sexual violence thrives in silence, and it's hard to talk about...so we don't. But rape survivor Sarah Super refuses to be quiet, and has dedicated her life to helping other survivors Break the Silence.

Duration: 00:48:44

6: A Henry Sky

Colleen Barton is a pediatrician, a wife, and a mother to a beautiful son named Henry. Since Henry's stillbirth, Colleen and her husband have been working to build their family while dealing with miscarriage and secondary infertility.

Duration: 00:43:17

5: Help Me Remember

Dawn Pereda is a nurse who was injured by a patient while working. And this injury resulted in a brain injury that has changed her life completely. Dawn and her family open up about what it can be like living with Traumatic Brain Injury, grieving for the person they used to know, and getting to know the person who is here now.

Duration: 00:42:01

4: Me, Too

Danni Starr had everything she wanted: an enviable career, a husband, and, finally...her first baby. But off the air, motherhood was not what she expected it to be. She had taken all the classes, read all the books, bought all the stuff...but nothing had prepared her for what was to come.

Duration: 00:40:34

3: Happy(ish) Holidays

Two days after Nora's husband Aaron died, she celebrated Thanksgiving with her family. Well...maybe not "celebrated." Actually, why would you do that? Try to be normal when clearly everything isn't? But every year millions of people do the same thing during the holidays. This week we are going to talk with some of those folks, including Dr. Lucy Kalanithi and comedian Amber Tozer. We'll also spend some time with some of the women of the Hot Young Widows Club, talking about their hopes and...

Duration: 00:55:04

2: I've Made a Huge Mistake

The year is 2007. Eva Hagberg is a 20-something writer snagging bylines in the New York Times by day, and partying herself stupid by night. It is all going great, until she gets her big break, and her big breakdown...

Duration: 00:50:21

1: In Love and Memory

Toddlers Ralphie and Bronson have lived most of their young lives with dead fathers. Their mothers - Nora and Moe Richardson - struggle to understand how to help their boys remember the dads they won't know directly. And as they worry about what long-term effect the losses will have on the kids, Nora seeks perspective from Ambra Markos, whose mother died when Ambra was 2.

Duration: 00:39:27

0: Sad Nora and the Secret Baby

Nora McInerny is in love with two men. With one man, who died two years ago this week, she has a child. And last week she had a child with the other. She didn't tell many people about the new baby. Or her pregnancy. Because feelings. Falling in love again didn't take her grief away, and didn't diminish it at all. Her grief scooted over a bit to make room for someone else, it invited him and their relationship to live in her heart at the same time. But happiness, love, are so much easier to...

Duration: 00:20:15

Coming This Fall – Terrible, Thanks For Asking

Lots of things happen in a life. Some of them are hard. Terrible Thanks For Asking is a funny/sad/uncomfortable podcast about getting through things when life just keeps kicking you in the privates over and over. It launches this fall, but here’s a sneak peek.

Duration: 00:03:31