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Terrified with Dave Ross

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Dave Ross and his co-host Anna Seregina laugh in the face of fear, anxiety and self-loathing. Storytelling, stand-up comedy, music and one-on-one interviews are just a few of the tools they use to dig into what messes us up as people. The goal is to take the shame out of sadness and fear, and also to act real real dumb sometimes.

Dave Ross and his co-host Anna Seregina laugh in the face of fear, anxiety and self-loathing. Storytelling, stand-up comedy, music and one-on-one interviews are just a few of the tools they use to dig into what messes us up as people. The goal is to take the shame out of sadness and fear, and also to act real real dumb sometimes.
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Los Angeles, CA


Dave Ross and his co-host Anna Seregina laugh in the face of fear, anxiety and self-loathing. Storytelling, stand-up comedy, music and one-on-one interviews are just a few of the tools they use to dig into what messes us up as people. The goal is to take the shame out of sadness and fear, and also to act real real dumb sometimes.





Dave and Anna send the podcast into the abyss in the best possible way. Three of their favorites perform -- Kyle Kinane, Kyle Mizono and Guy Branum -- each of whom addresses fear and anxiety in a hilarious and beautiful way, and each uniquely different from everyone else on the show. It ended with Dave and Anna opening the mic up to anyone who wanted to confess their anxieties and fears, which found almost everyone in the theater coming to the stage. It was wonderful. The show ended with a...

Duration: 00:17:06


Anna and Dave give Terrified a proper send-off. This is the last studio-recorded episode of the show, and the second to last ever (or at least for a long while). The last episode will be recorded live, February 29th, 2016 at NerdMelt. In this last discussion, Anna and Dave do a little bit of everything -- they joke around, they come up with catchphrases, they read listener emails, they do a call-in interview with their old friend Hasan Minhaj, they discuss their own battles with depression...

Duration: 00:27:20


Zack is a musician based in Toronto. He's the drummer in the band PUP, you know, that band Dave never shuts up about. They met last summer on Warped Tour and got along immediately. In this interview, they discuss depression in every aspect. They talk about what leads to depression, how depression manifests itself, what could happen if gone unmanaged, how to manage it, and much more. They also have a lot of fun. Maybe you wouldn't think it, but when two people who fight depression get...

Duration: 00:12:16


Dave and Anna get real dumb in this episode. They come up with at least four catch phrases and can't stop saying them. They then move into more call-in interviews, with Lisa Friedrich, Ryan Stout, Emily Maya Mills and Nate Craig. Each interview is dark, sweet and different in its own way. Follow @lisacfriedrich, @StoutRyan, @emilymayamills and @NateCraigLive on Twitter!

Duration: 00:19:30


Terrified... is ending! :( But for now, Anna's back, and Dave is so excited. She and Dave briefly discuss the end of the show, and the bittersweetness of it. They then move into phone interviews with people Dave knows from the road that he's always wanted on the show. Brandon Jazz, Christina Parrish, Steve Anderson, Ryan Solomon, Zach Peterson and Asif Ali all give short interviews about their fears, anxieties, and self-loathing. These are six of Dave's favorite people, comedians and...

Duration: 00:21:34


Kristin Rand is a comedian based in Los Angeles, CA, formerly of Denver, CO. She's the best. She and Dave discuss a litany of things, from body image to personal growth to struggling professionally to eating disorders, all the while laughing like idiots. The episode concludes with Kristin opening up for one of the first times publicly about sexual assault, and the times it's it happened to her. It's shocking and heartbreaking and sad, and yet Kristin pulls it into the uplifting and...

Duration: 00:13:02


Ahamed Weinberg is a comedian based in Los Angeles, California, and a good friend of Dave's. Pretty much immediately in the episode, Dave makes a horrible conversational faux pas with Ahamed, and spends like ten minutes apologizing for it. Once the dust settles from that, Ahamed and Dave discuss Islam, Ahamed's Muslim upbringing, and both the love and the guilt that came from this upbringing. They then move onto discuss Ahamed's recent decision to leave his job, and his fear that he made...

Duration: 00:13:32


Garrick Bernard is a stand-up comic and writer based in Los Angeles, CA. He and Dave discuss the idea of being funny, and the things one does throughout one's life to get good at being funny, before even making the decision to try stand-up. They also talk being afraid that you're not funny, and worrying at every moment that people will stop thinking you're funny or have never thought you were funny at all. Dave gives Garrick homework. It was honestly weird of him. Follow @GarrickWasTaken...

Duration: 00:10:02

Kevin Brody

Kevin Brody is a comedian and podcaster based in Chicago. He and Dave talk about his father, and his father's Alzheimer's, and the difficulty he's having dealing with his father's Alzheimer's, in every way possible. They talk about grief and pain and abuse and coping with those things despite being unable to talk to your family about it. They also talk about jokes. They both love jokes! Follow @kevin_brody on Twitter!

Duration: 00:17:03


Jeff Wattenhofer is a comedian based in L.A., and is a longtime friend of Dave's. They started stand-up together! They used to run HOLY FUCK together. They reminisce for awhile and then get into Jeff's frustration with the current comedy scene, now six years after starting. He lays out, in detail, the options he has as a grown adult -- focus on a happy, fulfilling, normal American life or keep focusing on comedy and let it keep being hurtful and difficult and still not make it. Jeff and...

Duration: 00:11:56


Caitlin Gill is a comedian and writer based in Los Angeles, California. And she just got her first writing job! Dave and Caitlin talk about that, and what it took to do that, and what it takes to make it as a comedian in general. They also talk about friendship and feeling wanted in a lonely, oversaturated city like L.A., and the millions of ways a person -- particularly an awkward or an anxious person -- can sabotage themselves socially. They also talk about judging themselves, and how...

Duration: 00:15:54

Danny Lobell

Danny Lobell is a comedian and storyteller in Los Angeles, CA. He and Dave discuss being a comedian, and being happy as a comedian. They discuss the idea of accepting oneself, and what it takes to do that. Danny really seems to have done that. Dave is impressed. Follow @dannylobell on Twitter!

Duration: 00:11:17


This episode was recorded live from the annual Savage Henry Comedy Festival on September 5, 2015 in Arcata, Caifornia. WHAT AN AMAZING FESTIVAL. Dave and Anna had so much fun. They talked to Humboldt and Savage Henry Magazine's own Christ Durant, as well their friend and hilarious SF-based comedian Kate Willett, and the one and only Billy Wayne Davis about pretty much every fear under the sun. Find a copy of Savage Henry Magazine NOW and get to next year's festival WHEN IT HAPPENS NEXT...

Duration: 00:11:03

Chris Conley

Chris Conley is a songwriter and musician, and lead singer of Saves The Day. He's also just the nicest and most thoughtful guy. He and Dave and Anna talk sadness, and anxiety, and emo, and the long journey of learning how to be better. They talk for a long time about Chris's music, and how it's developed over time, and the stress and difficulty of moving forward in your career and life when some people are stuck in its past. They also talk about performing, and encountering disrespect when...

Duration: 00:10:50


Soupy is the lead singer of The Wonder Years and about the sweetest person alive. He and Dave discuss fear, and extreme fear, and specific extreme fears, and dealing with those specific extreme fear. Soupy is particularly in tune with the fears in his life, which fascinated Dave. They also discussed the escape of those fears with art and music. It was great. Hope you enjoy. Fun fact: they were in trailer on Warped Tour in the rain. Yeah. It was great. Follow @headabovewater on Twitter and...

Duration: 00:10:18


This episode comes to you live from Cynic Cave, in the basement of Lost Weekend Video, in the Mission district of San Francisco, California. It's about our favorite comedy venue in one of our favorite cities, and the lineup was filled with some of our favorite people. We talk about it in the show -- we literally did not have enough time to interview all the people in San Francisco we love. There are just too many. Our first guest was the RETURN of Petey Dammit! He's one of our favorites. And...

Duration: 00:17:29

Dane Boss & Abba Serengeti

They're back! We're back! (It's back.) Dave and Anna hang out together. They talk about their return, and how they've been feeling, and where the show's going to go, and what happened in the last five months while they were away, and what they're afraid of, and what they dislike about themselves. Did they solve all of their problems during the show's hiatus? Every single problem? In just five months? Are they totally fine now? Listen and find out. Also, they sing 90s songs. OTHER 90s songs.

Duration: 00:13:41


Dave and Anna are BACK! They are back from tour and they are BACK ONLINE. Here lies the first live episode they ever did in their home town of Los Angeles, and it's at their home theater, The Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown. It was so much fun. One of the best live shows either of them have done, podcast OR stand-up. Simon Gibson did stand-up, Joey Izzo showed some videos and Karen Kilgariff played some songs, each followed by an interview about fear and self-loathing. It's a weird mish-mash of...

Duration: 00:15:25

Almost An Episode

This is not an episode. I mean... It's kind of an episode. But it's a short episode? IT'S NOT AN EPISODE. Look, the show has been on hiatus, and it's not back yet. But it's ALMOST back. And Anna and Dave wanted to let you know that it's almost back, and talk about what they're gonna do when the show IS back, so they recorded this little teaser episode. They joke and laugh and talk about their upcoming 2015 California tour (8/27 to 9/7), their live show in SF (8/28), their live show in...

Duration: 00:23:20


This week's guest is... NO ONE. Or... EVERYONE! It's just Anna and Dave this week. They catch up. They catch on the show, on their lives, and on their love of 90s radio hits. They also make an announcement. It's a saddening announcement, and also an exciting one. They're broke, you see. Broke, and overwhelmed, and having a hard time, and also doing great. They have to take a break from doing the show for a few months, and they explain why. They love you. They'll see you in September.

Duration: 01:29:11

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