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A weekly horror movie podcast with a fun-loving attitude and an affection for B-movies.

A weekly horror movie podcast with a fun-loving attitude and an affection for B-movies.
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A weekly horror movie podcast with a fun-loving attitude and an affection for B-movies.






Terror Troop 236: The Alien Factor

It’s our first episode in a while! We recorded this one several months ago with Boss and Levi Olson talking about Don Dohler’s The Alien Factor (1979). We had a blast with a Blu Ray release of this B-movie title! Enjoy! Reach Boss Butcher on Twitter or email-

Duration: 00:44:27

Terror Troop 235: Night Of The Wild

We welcome one of our favorite guests, filmmaker Jenna Payne back to the program along with Director Cam Clark and the proprietor of Michael Steinberg to help us look at a ScyFy channel film called Night Of The Wild(2015). Links for Cam Clark: Follow Cam on Twitter Follow Open … Continue reading

Duration: 00:25:43

Terror Troop 234: He Never Died

He Never Died (2015), starring Henry Rollins is the movie we discuss this week. Boss, Liz and Willis share their thoughts on this action-packed and entertaining movie! Enjoy, and be sure to subscribe to Willis’ You Tube Channel! Movie Link: He Never Died Please consider supporting Terror Troop Podcast by … Continue reading

Duration: 00:13:50

Terror Troop 233: Hell And Back

We look at a stop motion animation feature this episode, called Hell And Back (2015). Does this potty-mouthed comedy entertain? Listen and find out! We also interview Producer Zach Green about the incredible short films he is involved with, especially Heir, a film Lizzy and Boss watched at the Mile … Continue reading

Duration: 00:15:17

Terror Troop 232: Blood Orgy Of The She-Devils

This time Malky Hughes and Boss take a look at 1974’s Blood Orgy Of The She-Devils! Surely, with a title like that, it’s something we will love, right? Well, not so fast, listeners! We have a fun discussion of this cult movie that we hope you’ll enjoy as much as … Continue reading

Duration: 00:11:39

Terror Troop 231: Inseminoid

We’re back from our month off and we’re looking at a film from 1981 called Inseminoid (also known as Horror Planet). Levi and Boss discuss this odd film as well as some indie video games like Hotline Miami and Legend Of Dark Witch. We also discuss our new Invisible Ink … Continue reading

Duration: 00:12:55

Terror Troop 230: Zombi

As 2015 closes, Dan of the Dead returns to help us shake off our “zombie-fatigue” as we look at one of the best zombie films of all time, Fulci’s Zombie (1979). Willis, Dan and Boss have a blast discussing this classic film. Ring in the New Year with us, and … Continue reading

Duration: 00:13:54

Terror Troop 229: Christmas Evil

Happy Holidays everyone! Levi Olson and Boss tackle a seasonal horror film this week, it is none other than Christmas Evil (1980). Movie Link: Christmas Evil

Duration: 00:11:28

Terror Troop 228: Killer Mermaid

We’re back with a movie review show as Malky and Boss take a look at the surprising Killer Mermaid (2014), also known as Nymph. We had fun watching and reviewing this film and hope you enjoy the podcast! Movie Link: Killer Mermaid

Duration: 00:13:08

Terror Troop 227: The Unkindness Of Ravens

This episode, we spend some time with Director Lawrie Brewster to discuss his upcoming film The Unkindness of Ravens. Lawrie also discusses his film Lord Of Tears and a few other topics. Willis also drops by to share his thoughts! Please visit the link to The Unkindness of Ravens Kickstarter … Continue reading

Duration: 00:10:25

Terror Troop 226: The Sand

In a two man show, Willis and Boss delve into our first flick after Halloween. It is a new film called The Sand. Enjoy this Halloween hangover episode! Movie link: The Sand

Duration: 00:13:23

Terror Troop 225: What We Do In The Shadows

Happy Halloween everyone! We review the hilarious vampire film What We Do In The Shadows this week. We also provide you with Halloween movie picks from each host to help you have a great evening, and we interview writer of Legacy of Michael Myers, Michael Nemeth, who is looking to … Continue reading

Duration: 00:20:20

Terror Troop 224: Laserblast

It’s an action packed episode of Terror Troop this week folks! We’re gearing up for Halloween with an interview with actress Casey Ruggieri of new Horror anthology Tales Of Halloween. Casey answers questions about the film in addition to her other work and her favorite horror films. We are also … Continue reading

Duration: 00:28:45

Terror Troop 223: The Brainiac

Stephen Tramonta (Angry Mule Productions) is our guest this week as we review a cheesy flick from 1961 called The Brainiac. We all enjoyed (to varying degrees) this strange B movie from Mexico! Stephen also catches us up with the film we discussed with him a year ago, Killer Pinata, … Continue reading

Duration: 00:20:13

Terror Troop 222: 2015 Mile High Horror Film Festival Recap

This week Boss and Lizzy discuss their experience at the 2015 Mile High Horror Film Festival. Highlights of the weekend include meeting Sid Haig and Kane Hodder, watching a bunch of Horror and Sci Fi short films and features and more! We also review two new films, Even Lambs Have … Continue reading

Duration: 00:18:59

Terror Troop 221: Ejecta

We welcome back to the fold our good friend Dan of the Dead this week to look at a movie that divided our crew. The film is Ejecta, an indie Sci Fi film from 2014. It was a split decision on this one! Who liked it and who didn’t? Episode … Continue reading

Duration: 00:16:15

Terror Troop 220: Mutants

This week, Boss is joined by Malky and The Emily to look at a bad movie! How bad is it? I’ll save that for your listen-through, but we look at a film from 2008 called Mutants starring Michael Ironside. Malky brings us a crazy missing person/ Sasquatch story he found … Continue reading

Duration: 00:18:00

Terror Troop 219: Indie Film Nothing Sacred

We are going indie this week as Boss, Lizzy and Willis review the Film Nothing Sacred (2012) from co-Writers and Directors Dylan Bank and Morgan Pehme. Nothing Sacred is a horror/fantasy movie that proves you can make a sweeping, globe-trotting epic on a micro-indie budget. An international co-production, it was … Continue reading

Duration: 00:10:47

Terror Troop 218: London Frightfest 2015 With Malky

Continuing our annual tradition, our Scottish Trooper, Malky Hughes shares his observations after attending Frightfest in London! Malky took in 24 films during Frightfest weekend this year, and tells you which ones are worth watching, and which ones are not! Here is the list of films Malky watched this year: … Continue reading

Duration: 00:27:35

Terror Troop 217: We’re Back with From Beyond!

The long break is over! Fall is right around the corner, and Terror Troop is back to talking movies on the podcast! We are looking at a Stuart Gordon film from 1986, From Beyond! We also cover a news story about a scientific discovery of a fossil of a giant … Continue reading

Duration: 00:16:41

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