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New York Times-featured dating coach Anthony Recenello and comedian Ian Ranger read people's failed text messages to potential lovers and then suggest alternative "hail mary" responses that are so genius they could dismantle bombs, let alone salvage text relationships. Want textual satisfaction? Email your story and screenshots to textualhealingshow@gmail.com (we keep you anonymous and happy).




Episode 024: "Heather Goes On An OkCupid Date" w/ Heather Donaldson — Part 2

Anthony takes over Heather Donaldson's OkCupid account and sets up a date for Heather on the spot. She goes to meet him while Anthony watches and records the podcast! What do you think happens!? Want more Textual Healing and can't wait a whole seven days? Check out our active and engaged Facebook group at www.TextualHealers.com. Want to anonymously submit your own textual predicament? Goto www.TextualHealingShow.com

Duration: 00:57:12

Episode 023: "Are you saying I'm a six out of ten?" w/ Heather Donaldson — Part 1

Heather Donaldson stops by today to read one of the most wild conversations ever transpired by two people. A guy miscalibrates his banter and makes the lady turn into a Dragon Ball Z character. Basically, she lays the frickin' smackdown on this boi. Come join the conversation on our Facebook group at www.TextualHealers.com

Duration: 00:52:37

Episode 022: "Fifty Shades of F*cked Up" w/ Lori Marie

This week Lori Marie stops by. Yes, another woman on the podcast! It's more fun as for the second time in history, Textual Healing gets to hear women's perspectives on dating as well. Our Tinder convo starts out fine but quickly goes into murky territory when the male suitor starts throwing out BDSM suggestions to their sex life five minutes in. It all goes downhill from there with the LOLZ. Want to follow along with other Textual Healers? Go to TextualHealers.com to join our FB group! Want...

Duration: 01:05:41

Episode 021: "No, no I'm virgin, sorry." w/ Gabi Conti

This week the uber-talented comedian Gabi Conti stops by to tell us about how she fell in love, as well as all of the various projects she's working on to basically become the new face of comedy in 2018. We recite a failed Instagram convo that went last-minute awry (poor guy). We talk about first dates and how to do online dating. S*** gets crazy on the latest episode of Textual Healing. Want to join the highly active FB group? Want to submit your own wacky convo? Go to TextualHealingShow.com

Duration: 00:51:57

Episode 020: "Professor Poopypants" w/ Jeremy Long

In this episode, Jeremy Long stops by to help me diagnose a contentious Bumble conversation that ended abruptly. But Jeremy, being the improv master that he is, gives a perfect follow-up response for this under-sexed bumbling Bumbler in hopes that he'll fix this relationship and turn it into something real. Next, we announce last week's winner of the #TextualChallenge where Healers had to initiate online conversation with potential matches using only the rules provided for that specific...

Duration: 00:59:07

Episode 019: "He's Texting The Goddamn Conjuring!" w/ Chris Cope

In today's episode, actor and comedian Chris Cope stops by for a little Textual Healing and makes Anthony crack up the whole time. Want to anonymously submit your own textual predicament? Visit TextualHealingShow.com. Join our Facebook group for a community of online daters (guys and gals!) who are obsessed with helping you improve your text game.

Duration: 00:57:37

Episode 018: "The Creepy Slime F*ck" w/ Brady Matthews

Comedian/artist/actor Brady Matthews stops by to help tackle one of the creepiest Tinder conversations in Textual Healing history. Then, we learn how Brady wooed his current partner after meeting her at one of his Vegas comedy gigs—and two months later she moved in with him in Los Angeles. - Anthony explains why he believes humor is a teachable skill, even for the most boring of people. - Brady tells us how he balances between living as a professional artist and a professional comedian and...

Duration: 00:44:19

Episode 017: Textual Healing Has Returned!

After several long months without your favorite comedy podcast, Textual Healing is back with a new crisis to fix. Today's special guest is one of the funniest people I've ever met: MARK! Together we read through an OkCupid conversation where the two potential lovers fall into the age-old trap of staying on an overly interesting topic. Want to anonymously submit your own textual predicament? Send your screenshots and backstory to www.TextualHealingShow.com and we will feature you in an...

Duration: 00:26:40

Episode 016: A Textual Healing Celebration!

Ian and Anthony finally successfully turn a failed relationship into a hailed relationship. Back in episode four, Abraham was swinging whiffers with Helen, his love interest. Now, after our godsend advice, they are going steady and ready for babies. Listen as we read the text convo where Abraham coyly asks Helen to be his girlfriend. It is both parts romantic and pathetic. A Textual Healing baby is born.

Duration: 00:21:44

Episode 014: The Firing Joke

This week's submission was a real, real risky text message. Ian thinks it's probably the worst thing someone could ever send to a woman but Anthony thought it was "pretty dope tho". What was said? And what's the backstory? Find out in this week's fourteenth episode.

Duration: 00:26:50

Episode 010: "My Old Roommate Once Killed A Man"

In this bonus Thursday episode, see what happens when Anthony signs into a Bumble account and impersonates his client, successfully getting him on a date with a great gal. He shows you what to do when a woman stops responding, and what happens when you may have "crossed the line" with a joke.

Duration: 00:33:18

Episode 007: Helping Out Simba

Ian comes up with a "Hail Mary" Tinder response that is sure to salvage a failing text conversation. Anthony confuses Star Wars and Christianity.

Duration: 00:38:44