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The Show About The Music We Loved Before We Knew Any Better. Also, Good Music If There's Time.

The Show About The Music We Loved Before We Knew Any Better. Also, Good Music If There's Time.
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The Show About The Music We Loved Before We Knew Any Better. Also, Good Music If There's Time.




121 - Zing-A-Dong Bone (Red Hot Chili Peppers - Soul to Squeeze)

This week we discuss our love/mock relationship with Red Hot Chili Peppers and their 1993 Coneheads tie-in, "Soul to Squeeze." This song is totally about d r u g s , we get some of the best scatting we’ve had on the podcast, Emma finds a sentient bass guitar in the comments section, Dana Carvey’s Turtleman character mourns 9/11, and we determine the Suicide Squad equivalents of each band member Music We Like: John Frusciante - “Niandra LaDes…”, Dot Hacker, The Coneheads, “Conehead Love,”...

Duration: 01:51:25

120 - The Hollywood Hills Have Eyes (Shawn Mullins - Rockabye/Lullaby)

If you want to support the show, tell a friend about us! If you want to support the show and get an extra episode every week, subscribe at for as little as a $1/mo to get a private feed of weekly bonus episode in your podcast player. (00:00) Rockabye is on 32 album releases, including “World’s Best Dad: Super Tracks for Super Dads” and “American Anthems II” (11:00) Shawn Mullins creepily whispers a Jack Nicholson impression in the verse of this song that no...

Duration: 01:35:08

119 - Irony Babies (Alanis Morrisette - Ironic)

This week, against my will, we’re making fun of Actually Good Song “Ironic” by Alanis Morrisette. My guest Shaina Turian and I share memories about growing up with Jagged Little Pill, and Cohost Emma scoffs from the sidelines. We generally try to avoid the tired, “this isn't ironic” observation and focus on what’s truly worth talking about: the disproportionate degrees of misfortune in the lyrics and their occasional similarities to a Mentos commercial, how it’s actually pretty good and...

Duration: 01:42:29

118 - Bonus Episode Teaser

Michael has a true story about Mexico, Radiohead is on NOW That’s What I Call Music, Rockabye is a bad song, Michael is Tal Bachman, Giantess fetishists must be brought out of the shadows, Tal Bachman has a weird character named Ian Starglow, Hellenists are being persecuted, and lots of other dumb youtube comments Subscribe at to get a private feed with weekly bonus episodes. $1/month gets you every weekly bonus episode, past and present.

Duration: 00:02:02

118 - Tantric Celibacy (She's So High)

This week we take on BTO royalty and totally-real human, Tal Bachman, and the totally-normal story behind his hit single “She’s So High.” We address the overbearing wholesomeness of 90’s pop rock in general and resolute niceguy-ness in these lyrics, take a dive into Michael Muñoz’s history with NOW Thats What I Call Music, and explain why KIDZ BOP is objectively the superior franchise We also discover the shocking truth behind the name “Bachman,” dissect a music video that cant quite...

Duration: 01:45:12

117 - Fudgefinger (Primer 55 - Loose)

This week we have a super fun episode about a song you probably don't remember by a band you definitely don’t remember: Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX’s “Loose” by Primer 55. We analyze the “new style” found in probably the most generic rap metal song in existence, aided and abetted by Incubus’s DJ and hed PE’s Jarod Gomes. What does “get loose” mean in this context? Why doesn't this vocalist sound the least bit loose? Also: literal nu metal cringe, decoding the sexual messaging behind...

Duration: 01:37:24

116 - My Chemical Valentine (Mindless Self Indulgence - Shut Me Up)

This week we revisit the sick & twisted mind of Jimmy Urine and Mindless Self Indulgence with their 2005 single "Shut Me Up." Is this the most shocking band we've ever covered? This isn't your daddy or mommy's episode of That Awful Sound, and we get offensive as hell as Emma traces her contamination with the MSI virus back to a single Juggalette on LiveJournal. We try and fail to censor Mr. Urine's over-the-top lyrics about drinking black coffee and about how music has both bass and...

Duration: 01:49:09

115 - The Gynoid Is High (Orgy - Fiction aka Dreams in Digital)

This week we get too drunk and cover NuNuMetal band Orgy and their y2k cybergoth single, “Fiction (Dreams in Digital).” Our guest Kevan describes the complications of buying an Orgy CD as a minor, we discuss how art in general has a bad track record of portraying comas as “beautiful” (including cultural titans like The Mars Volta and Monkeybone), and we give competing theories about whether this song is about A.I. or a G.G. (Gamer Girlfriend). Jay Gordon removes his ribs for a different...

Duration: 01:30:33

114 - Danger Cracker (Hoobastank - The Reason)

This week we’re taking on Hoobastank and their gigantic, sorry-about-the-domestic-violence mega-hit, “The Reason,” whose music video features an inexplicable jewel heist. (probably a good idea in retrospect) My guest Michael remembers this being the moment his beloved Hoobastank “sold out”, we draw a definitive line between real music and fake music, I remember being forced to sing Christian parodies of popular secular songs (like this one), lead singer DougRobb sings a Sonic the Hedgehog...

Duration: 01:50:44

113 - Limp Bizkit - Mission Impossible II Theme (AKA Now I know Why You Wanna Hate Me AKA Take A Look Around)

We're back from vacation! This week we're talking about Limp Bizkit's intensely lame stab at the Mission Impossible theme, which, for some reason, is called "Take A Look Around" and almost entirely about hitting back at critics. I talk about how this song definitely affected me for the worse, John Woo's bizarre entry into the Mission Impossible canon, and the painfully uneventful music video directed by Fred Durst himself. Music We Like: Meat Wave's "The Incessant," Chipmunks on 16...

Duration: 01:44:42

Awful Sound Re-Release - 7 - Green Day Spotlight

Still on vacation! We'll be back next week with a new episode, but until then, enjoy the re-release of episode 7 In our second Awful Band Spotlight, Travis returns and Matt Booth makes his debut to talk with me about a good-band-gone-bad of epic proportions, Green Day. We talk about why the band is important to us, 3 music videos that illustrate just how bad they've gotten, and the Broadway musical based on their album, American Idiot. Also in the episode: Travis has b33f with the title...

Duration: 01:36:10

Awful Sound Re-Release - 3 - Some Kind of Lobster (Metallica Awful Band Spotlight)

Since I’m on vacation, I dug through the vaults to pull an previously unavailable episode for you: our Metallica Awful Band Spotlight (Episode 3) We discuss our love for the band, dissect 3 music videos from their unfortunate later era, cover “Lulu,” their bland-yet-repulsive collaborative album with Lou Reed, and the documentary that revealed the bitter, hollow shells they had become: Some Kind of Monster. Video 1: “We Did It,” a Frankenstein amalgam of discarded riffs from STanger,...

Duration: 01:35:54

112 - Cthulhu Bath Bomb (Avenged Sevenfold - Bat Country)

This week we revisit the song that made my guest rip off his Avenged Sevenfold shirt, peel off his fingerless gloves, and stomp on his leather fedora flat: “Bat Country” We discuss the Guns N Rose-ification of the band on their third album, the time my high school English teacher made me turn their shirt inside out, and their choice to honor Hunter S Thompson with CGI bat wings and weirdly phallic, reptilian stripper tails. Also: incessant over-the-top drumming, phrase after boring...

Duration: 01:48:07

111 - Amateur Tools (311- Don't Stay Home)

This week we return to the abundant well of 311, with the much-too-pleasant lead single from their 1995 self-titled album, “Don’t Stay Home.” Emma has to create a new ranking system to convey exactly how much she loves this band, we feel pity for whatever stoner Nick Hexum is condescending to in these lyrics, we get latin double-time breaks to rival even those of Led Zeppelin, and the video, while boring, contains two elements crucial to the success of this podcast. We get one of the...

Duration: 01:36:18

110 - Forced Anthem (Jordan Knight - Give It To You)

This week my guest Leigh tells us about being “indoctrinated” into the world of New Kids On The Block by an over-enthusiastic Blockhead cousin, and we discuss the lyrically reprehensible and musically unreasonable “Give It To You” by Jordan Knight. We uncover Robin Thicke, Alan Thicke, and Donnie Wahlberg's roles in this supremely creepy “forced anthem,” we get an unreliable, secondhand account from Jordan Knight assuring us that his conquest did indeed “want this,” and how his history...

Duration: 01:47:34

109 - I Am Claus (Aqua - Barbie Girl)

This week we’re revisiting “Barbie Girl,” the anomalous, insanely popular European dance song by Danish band Aqua. My guest Angie remembers associating this song with “evil” and “pain,” Emma relates her thorough knowledge of Barbie and Ken’s anatomy, and together we explore the overall weirdness of this fairly sexual song built around a children’s toy. We’ve got courtroom controversy, misheard and misunderstood lyrics, an extremely interesting shaved head, lots of misguided rage in the...

Duration: 01:47:12

108 - Polygod (Blindside - Pitiful)

This week we discuss our second Christian song in two weeks (the first of course being OPM’s seminal hit “Heaven is a Halfpipe”), “Pitiful” by Blindside, Christianity’s answer to Refused. Emma shares her memories of relating to this song despite her secular upbringing, and guest Michael Muñoz describes not recognizing the religious themes of this song despite his Christian upbringing. We dive into amazing lyrics about nails being driven into “beautiful hands,” and try to figure out how a...

Duration: 01:55:19

107 - Quintessential JNCO Pervert (Heaven is a Halfpipe)

This week we take on seriously chill Cali / stoner / Christian? / skater anthem? “Heaven is a Halfpipe” by goateed punsters OPM. We’ve got a blatant stab at radioplay that is as confusing as it is repetitive, comments from the singer 15 years after the song’s release, and a one-note music video that nonetheless leads to a 10 minute riff on JNCO culture. Also: the return of terrible band member nicknames & album titles, possible premeditated controversy vs. actual controversy, and tributes...

Duration: 01:47:55

106 - The Comedium ((Həd) P.E. - Bartender)

After popping up on the show recently, we’re finally talking about (həd) P.E. and their y2k, Limp Bizkit sound-alike, “Bartender.” Misspelled lyrics, sexy football metaphors, singer Jahred’s unique beliefs, and my guest’s (and his parents') relationship with the band. Also: Completely improper bar etiquette, a youtube commentator remembers an uncensored version of this video that does not exist, and a strange Jethro Tull sighting Music We Like: Decapitated, Samla Mammas Manna’s “Måltid,”...

Duration: 01:48:48

105 - Thanks, Kurt (Godsmack - Voodoo)

Guest Matt Zeidner joins the show to talk about Godsmack’s “Voodoo,” his first foray into dark-lite (or XxDaRkLiGhTxX) music. WARNING: this video contains an Actual Wiccan Ceremony conducted by the Official Witch of Massachusetts. (for reals) Why is Godsmack-related Wikipedia always so good? Why does this song fit so well with last week’s Boyz II Men sex-jam? Is this song part of Kurt Cobain’s true legacy? Why wont we do Mudvayne’s “Dig” on the show? Is this the wildest comments section...

Duration: 01:34:33

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