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Join us we explore old (and sometimes new) episodes of SNL, analyzing the show and the bizarre pop culture ephemera that surrounded it.

Join us we explore old (and sometimes new) episodes of SNL, analyzing the show and the bizarre pop culture ephemera that surrounded it.
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Join us we explore old (and sometimes new) episodes of SNL, analyzing the show and the bizarre pop culture ephemera that surrounded it.




Off Week 3 (Season 43 Nov/Dec Catch Up, Questions From The Audience And More!)

This week, we kick back before the holidays with another free flowing Off Week! We answer some questions from the audience and run down some the highlights/lowlights from the November and December episodes of season 43 before branching off into some other things. Care to hear what we think about Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return, Stranger Things season 2 and the documentary Jim and Andy? I certainly hope so because we done talked about 'em for your amusement.

Duration: 01:29:21

Episode 9: Madeline Kahn/Bush (Dec. 16, 1995)

This week, we steel ourselves with eggnog to do battle against the Christmas episode from 1995 with Madeline Kahn and musical guest Bush. We discuss the two previous times Madeline hosted the show back in the 70's before diving headlong into the dour reality of the episode before us. Tangents include eggnog, David Spade's short lived animated show Sammy and eggnog related tangents.

Duration: 00:58:12

Episode 8: David Alan Grier/Silverchair (Dec. 9, 1995)

Fresh from his run on In Living Color, it's David Alan Grier and musical guest Silverchair! Includes an Adam McKay classic, JACKO ON HIS BACKO and a Weekend Update that damn near breaks us. Tangents include In Living Color (of course), random boxing memories and more!

Duration: 01:05:36

Episode 7: Anthony Edwards/Foo Fighters (Dec. 2, 1995)

SNL kicks off it's three episode December '95 run with ER's Anthony Edwards and the Foo Fighters. We get the first (and last) appearance of Swabby, Anthony does a shockingly good Princess Di, and the debut of both the Joe Pesci show and Gary MacDonald! Tangents include holiday cheer in non-holiday times, Goodfellas V.S. Casino, and more! Join us, won't you?

Duration: 01:06:47

Episode 6: Laura Leighton/Rancid (Nov.18, 1995)

Melrose Place star Laura Leighton and punk band Rancid stop by for a strange one. Includes an all-time classic sketch and a whole lot of Fred Wolf. Tangents include the history of the Dandy Fops, theories on Norm MacDonald and more!

Duration: 01:17:09

Episode 5: Quentin Tarantino/The Smashing Pumpkins (Nov.11, 1995)

This time around, Pulp Fiction director Quentin Tarantino stops by the show to infuse it with his own special brand of awkward energy. Includes the debuts of both the Spartan Cheerleaders and the Dandy Fops! Side Note: This episode was recorded a week or two before the Harvey Weinstein incident blew up so don't expect any references to it here. It certainly does put some sketches in a different light, though...especially "Directors On Directing". Did you jam her, indeed.

Duration: 01:10:12

Off Week 02 (Kumail Nanjiani, The David S. Pumpkins special, Too Funny To Fail)

This week, we get a little loose and utilize the Kumail Nanjiani episode to discuss the critical perception of season 43 as it stands now. We also talk a bit about the David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special and the recent documentary, Too Funny To Fail.

Duration: 00:38:22

Episode 4: Gabriel Byrne/Alanis Morissette (Oct. 28, 1995)

The Usual Suspects star Gabriel Byrne gives his all for a solid entry into Season 21. Featuring human potato Colin Quinn and the debut of Mary Katherine Gallagher. Tangents include further O.J. Today info, remembrances of Alanis, sports facts and the worst Spade in America yet!

Duration: 01:11:27

Episode 3: David Schwimmer/ Natalie Merchant (Oct. 21, 1995)

Friends star David Schwimmer stops by the show (along with Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow in tow) for an all-around decent entry into Season 21. Tangents include poor Columbia House purchases, Nehi V.S. Knee high, the redemption of Jim Downey and more!

Duration: 01:07:49

Off Week 01: Season 43 Catch Up (Ryan Gosling & Gal Gadot)

Season 21 is taking the week off but that certainly doesn't mean WE have to as well. So instead this week we discuss the first two episodes of season 43 hosted by Ryan Gosling and Gal Gadot. Do Captain Giggles and The Lady Who's Name We Don't Pronounce Right entertain? Grab a box of White Fudge Ding Dongs and find out!

Duration: 01:02:30

Episode 2: Chevy Chase/Lisa Loeb (Oct. 7, 1995)

Chevy Chase returns to Studio 8H to host the second episode of season 21 and low-key hilarity ensues! Tangents include an old Entertainment Weekly article that reviews the previous episode, the history of Chevy on SNL, the film roles of Father Guido Sarducci and more!

Duration: 01:22:41

Episode 1: Mariel Hemingway/Blues Traveler (Sept. 30, 1995)

The chronological survey of season 21 begins the beginning, of course. We dig into how the previous season brought the show to near cancellation, meet the new cast and read an ancient news article about the premiere. Tangents include "is this Stephen Colbert", Showgirls (or is it Striptease?) , the Weekend Update O.J. joke bet and more!

Duration: 01:20:10

Test Ep. 4: Deion Sanders/ Bon Jovi (2/18/1995)

For our final test episode, we do battle against one of the absolute worst episodes in the show's 40-plus years: the Deion Sanders show from February 1995. It's a true dark night of the soul as we do our best to rail against the horrifying levels of abrasive non-comedy that was thrown at us. We made it out alive...just barely. And now we're here to tell our tale and give warning. Peace, we outta here.

Duration: 00:59:01

Test Ep. 3: Daniel J. Travanti/ John Cougar (4/10/1982)

For our penultimate test episode, Hill Street Blues actor Daniel J. Travanti hosts what ends up being one of the earliest live call-in shows on television, giving the audience the choice to either boil or save a lobster named Larry. In an episode exploding with Italian stereotypes, we decide to crown the one true Pizza Pasta, discuss the inoffensive blue collar charms of John Cougar, struggle through a never-ending Weekend Update and more.

Duration: 01:14:10

Test Ep. 2: Woody Harrelson/Kendrick Lamar (Nov. 15, 2014)

For our second test episode we decided to tackle one of our favorite episodes, hosted by Woody Harrelson in 2014. It's a boozy celebration of those rare times SNL is firing on all cylinders, with some side excursions into the wistful/painful nostalgia of only three years ago. This one's for all the Marlboros.

Duration: 01:03:27

Test Ep. 1: Kevin Bacon/INXS (Feb. 9, 1991)

The journey begins here with our old friend Kevin Bacon and his special guest, the Gulf War! Topics include Vanilla Ice, the first Stuart Smalley sketch, auto-erotic asphyxiation and one of Rob Schneider's most infamous creations.

Duration: 01:03:31