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US Takes Over For African Forces in Somalia

When African Union troops begin to leave Somalia, because it has began to feel like they are smearing the mess rather than cleaning it, the US stepped in with a less sympathetic approach to the problem.

Duration: 00:09:04

Supreme Court Saturday: History of Protests

In this episode Stephen looks into the long and storied history of the Supreme Court making judgments on protests from Civil Rights in the 1960s to abortion clinic protests today.

Duration: 00:12:08

How To Launder Money! Learn From Manafort and Clinton

In this episode Stephen looks into the logistics of how some of our biggest politicians have laundered money.

Duration: 00:10:10

The Courts Control Gun Control

Following up on the previous episode, Stephen looks into how supreme court precedence effect today’s gun control debate. From AR-15s to Stun Guns, what guns can be banned, what guns can’t, and why?

Duration: 00:08:00

Supreme Court Saturday: History of the Second Amendment

In this episode Stephen looks into the long and storied history of the Supreme Court making judgments on the second amendment.

Duration: 00:12:35

Good News! The Ozone Holes are Shrinking!

It was just reported that the Ozone Holes are the smallest they’ve been since they’re discovery, and they’re shrinking ahead of schedule (a good thing). I take a second to look at how impressive that was and get inspired.

Duration: 00:10:20

Is the International Criminal Court Racist? Burundi Challenges the ICC

Short answer, no, although, since its creation in 2001, the International Criminal Court has only brought charges against Africans. Why is that and how are people responding?

Duration: 00:09:52

Hillary and Trump with Russia; Who Did It Worst?

We’ve heard a lot about Trump’s collusion with Russia, but over the past month Fox News has been hitting back with their own corruption story about Hillary and the Uranium 1 deal. In this episode Stephen looks into the validity of their claims.

Duration: 00:08:15

4 Green Berets Died in Niger; Where is That Again?

Many senators didn’t know that we had troops in Niger at the time when La David Johnson had died. Why do we know so little about operations in Africa and what is going on there?

Duration: 00:09:53

War of America’s Middle East Friends in Kirkuk, Iraq

In researching the follow up Qatar vs. Saudi Arabia episode, I cam across this interesting and relevant issue of Kurdish independence, and how the US and other powers are handling it.

Duration: 00:10:21

The Supreme Court Finally Looks into Partisan Gerrymandering

Its only been 205 years, since the term was coined, but the Supreme Court is finally hearing a case on Partisan Gerrymandering. Stephen discusses the questions of what is a district and what does a good ungerrymandered district look like.

Duration: 00:10:02

Stephen Checks in on Mick Mulvaney

When I started I though Mick would be the normal finance guy who would ground this administration. Turns out when you appoint South Carolina Congressman and self described Right Wing Nutjob to Director of the Office of Management and Budget, some interesting things happen.

Duration: 00:12:35

Saudi Arabia vs. Qatar: The Blockade Report Update

Just over 120 days ago I reported on an initial blockade that Saudi Arabia put on Qatar. Well, its been a while and the blockade appears to be failing. Saudi Arabia vs. Qatar initial post: Sunni Shia Split post:

Duration: 00:12:04

Stephen Checks in on Jeff Sessions

In this episode Stephen checks in on the most notorious member of the Trump Cabinet; Jeff Sessions, and sees what he has accomplished as well as what the position of the attorney general does. DACA link: In this episode Stephen looks into one of the administrations most notorious characters, and what the position of Attorney … Continue reading Stephen Checks in on Jeff Sessions →

Duration: 00:12:54

Stephen Revisits Puerto Rico’s Debt Problem

It’s no secret that Puerto Rico isn’t doing very well right now, and the recovery effort is being criticized by many, but it turns out there’s more holding back the recovery than just the fact that Puerto Rico is surrounded by water, big water, ocean water.

Duration: 00:08:11

Stephen Checks in on Betsy DeVos

In this episode, Stephen checks in on the Secretary of the Department of Education, Betsy DeVos, and sees what changes she’s making towards school choice and college campus legal systems.

Duration: 00:16:35

Stephen Checks in on Rick Perry

In this electrifying episode of That’s All I Have To Say About That, Stephen looks into America’s new energy secretary, Rick Perry, and sees what changes he’s making to the grid. Survey link:

Duration: 00:12:47

Trade Wars: China vs. Japan and India

China is currently competing with Japan and India to determine the fate of who will sell mass manufactured junk to the Europe and Africa. Survey link:

Duration: 00:12:30

Immigration Week: “The Wall” (The US/Mexico Border Wall)

How could a discussion of immigration be complete without mentioning the US/Mexico Border Wall, Stephen continues his multi week, and, in hindsight, poorly titled “Immigration Week” by looking into an issue that might shut down the US government.

Duration: 00:15:10

Immigration Week: The Changing Opinion of African Refugees in Europe

This originally was reported for My Africa Business Radio Channel: In this episode Stephen looks into the politics that determine Europe’s reactions to African migrants and some of the potential problems with being strict on refugees.

Duration: 00:12:31

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