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Weekly podcast on pop culture, politics, and relationships with your favorite professional black girls.




Menu for White Supremacy w/Mo

We are back after a little break and we definitely missed you all! This week black podcasters Tee and Von recorded in the same place amplified the Black Girl Magic with special guest and friend of the show Monique Liston. We talk Insecure, Lil Kim, Beyonce, open relationships, sliding into BBW DMs, y'all President and so much more. Tune in!

Duration: 01:25:59

Reclaiming My Time with Tee and Von

This week Tee and Von dive into relationships asking, "What's your ideal first date?" Pop culture this week has us offering our takes on Amber Rose and "traditionally attractive," Gilbert Arenas and colorism Angelina Jolie's cruel casting methods, Usher and the disclosure of STI's, Writings on the Wall is 18 years old, Blac Chyna/Lamar Odom and if you post it thenn it must be true, Rick Ross, boycotting the NFL over Kaepernick. This week especially politics has felt like pop culture....

Duration: 01:37:29

Did Chris Christie Get Sun or...Nah

Von is still on Island time so this show is a bit late... Weekly podcast brought to you by Tee and Von. Pop Culture: RIP Nelsan Ellis, Blac Chyna (reparations, revenge porn, Pick Me Pattis), Floyd Mayweather Broke, Jay Z's new album, Maia Campbell (why we take out our phones to record those who need help). Politics: Donald Trump Jr and Russia, Arkansas trying to pass a law that makes women have to ask men for permission for abortion, Stop calling Sally Hemmings a mistress Audacity of White...

Duration: 01:12:03

State Reppin' Take over

State Reppin' w/ Brostoff & Bowen had the honor to have so much #BlackGirlMagic in the station studio they could barely handle it! They had us the hosts of That's What She Said Tee & Von, aka Tracey and Shavonda, as well as Jenn Epps-Addison of Center for Popular Democracy and Angela Lang political extraordinaire of many hats including For Our Future! We talk Trump, Affordable Healthcare, Police involved shootings, education and making monumental not incremental change!

Duration: 00:59:56

I Made That B*tch Famous

Back podcasters Tee and Von are back after 2 weeks! (and Tee thinks we're famous)We saw y'all still shaming women on Father's Day. Trans women are women. Bey and Jay had their twins! (and Jay is a dad on Twitter), All Eyez on Me fail? Tinashe and colorism in the entertainment industry, Bill Cosby mistrial, Bachelor in Paradise controversy, Carrie Fisher, Kim Kardashian's "black face" controversy Politics: National Bail Out Day, Can we abolish the police? Hands off Assata!

Duration: 02:04:02

Too Petty For The World

This week's podcast was lit and not without technical difficulties. Von was extra and the Petty Gods were not pleased. We open with a salute to the greatest Gemini to ever do it, Prince. We examine the relationship between gay black men and black women This week in pop culture: Black women been telling you about Bill Maher, Rudy standing by Bill Cosby's side, Basketball Wives still fighting, Khloe Kardashian stealing designs, racist white dude on The Bachelorette, Gucci and Keyshia getting...

Duration: 01:23:40

Hands Off Black Twitter

Zodiac slander. BET joining with a group to study Black Twitter, Facebook banning folks for speaking out against racism, Katy Perry, Migos and innocent white women. Melania hates her husband. Trump Cuts are basically the Diddy Crop for rich white men.

Duration: 01:32:43

Aye, Lil Daddy in the Floral Romper

Are you broke and woke? This week we talk rompers (who isn't talking rompers). Lifetimes MJ Movie. Monique's black balled claims, Do y'all even know what impeached means? , The Rock vs Donald Trump, Black Voter turnout, and Sheriff Clarke leaving Milwaukee.

Duration: 01:27:11

18% Reparations

We need more that 18% of our reparations. TLC is All Lives Matter. #bowwowchallenge Real Housewives of Atlanta, Spirit Airlines fighting over (flying while fat), Kanye deletes his social media, students turn up on Betsy DeVos at their graduation Sally Yates vs Ted Cruz, Texas passes fucked up bills, resist by having sex with your reps significant other Super hilarious Audacity of White Men and more.

Duration: 01:43:25

Petty is a Preexsisting Condition

Ya president been acting up and yall keep letting him. Ivanka quotes Toni Morrison. Jessie Williams disappoints. Von corrects Beyonce and barely survives the Beygency's response. Congress repeals Obama Care.

Duration: 01:29:40

Plus Size Beyonce

Beyonce blessed us with photos in all of her pregnant glory and your least favorite neighborhood fuck boy chimed in inappropriately. #serena is pregnant. LaLa and Carmelo break up. #drake surprised us. We dish on Essence's #woke100 and Bill joins the unemployment line

Duration: 01:20:35

Difficult Black Girls

Tee and Von take on Pepsi, TLC, Chance The Mayor. Also, hear the follow up on Tee gathering problematic family members and how your favorite hosts feel about Live Action Disney movies and more. Shoutout to Jess Pace for this week's title!

Duration: 01:24:18

Just Say No to TERFS

Von gets her perfect intro. A light drag of Tiger Woods goes down. Are Black folks doing ok under 45? First gay power ranger. White men out her whiting and we have opinions on all of it.

Duration: 01:43:22

Black Girls on TV: This Is Us

***Spoilers for the whole Season included in this recording*** Tee and Zaneta recap this season of This Is Us, talking favorite characters, storylines, emotional moments and our mutual side eye for Toby.

Duration: 00:49:12

Podcast Bad Girls

White feminists obsession with #Beyonce and #Serena, Ciara's photoshoot, Nicki still hasn't responded to Remy...45 and more

Duration: 02:10:07

Tales In Toxic Masculinity

Tee and Von start this week with a relationship question... "is cheating a deal breaker?" We hear from the hosts and a fewer of our faithful listeners. Also this week, Chris Brown, Ed Hartwell, Drake and other forms of toxic masculinity.

Duration: 01:41:11

Black Girls on TV First Edition

Check out the introduction to That's What She Said: Black Girls on TV Edition. We are excited to have Zaneta, a self proclaimed Blerd, join Tee to talk about this Is Us, The Flash, comic books, DC vs Marvel and more. Get the black girl perspective on some of your favorite shows.

Duration: 00:47:48


New episode using our new sound service! This week we talk Grammy's, Image Awards, our love for Rihanna, and why it's still all bad when we impeach Trump. Let us know how you like the show in the comments!

Duration: 01:40:31

I Got A Lot To Be Mad About

I Got A Lot To Be Mad About by That's What She Said

Duration: 01:20:01

With Twins

This week we talk Beyonce's Twins!, the Uber boycott, coupons on dates and much more!

Duration: 01:30:14

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