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Sioux City, IA


Jeff and Jonny are pastors who want to encourage pastors of “smaller” churches. All most pastors see online are the churches that have grown into the thousands in just a few years, the ones that spread out around the city through multiple services and multiple campuses. The ministry leaders with the most influence are the mega church pastors with mega ministries, staffs, and dollars. Praise God for what He is doing in these large and influential churches! We benefit from their vision and influence. Jeff and Jonny know that there are tens of thousands of churches, actually hundreds of thousands, that have 200 or less in attendance. The work of these pastors and ministries can get lost in the shuffle, and they want to encourage, equip, support, inspire, and cheer on the pastors of 200churches – those churches with around 200 people, give or take a hundred or two! With humor, passion, conviction, and care Jeff and Jonny share methods and inspiration for the small church pastor. If you are a lay, bi-vocational, or solo pastor, the 200churches Podcast is for YOU!






Episode 240 - A Phenomenal Hour of Pastoral Coaching with David MacDonald

This episode is like sitting in on a free coaching call with a seasoned and live-wire pastor of a 200church! David MacDonald shares life, love, and leadership for small church pastors! You'll love this encouraging episode! David is the senior pastor of Faith Community Church in Red Oak, Iowa!

Duration: 01:00:24

Episode 239 - What Authors and Small Church Pastors Dream Of - A Story Of Radical Life Change with Steve Mason

Steve Mason was given the book, The Cure, reading it in one night his life immediately began to change, as did his wife's. They would never be the same. In a few years he would float in the Caribbean with the author, as they reveled in the grace of God!

Duration: 01:00:31

Episode 238 - When Life, Ministry, and Business Morph with Tim & Ginger Hohm

Tim and Ginger Hohm from www.mojovideo.tv, and small church ministry, join us to talk about what happens when life, ministry, and business change and morph - and God is in it - but you're still scared! Here's their story! Enjoy!

Duration: 00:51:02

Episode 237 - When Pastors Move - Jeff & Jonny's Story

Big transitions in both Jeff and Jonny's ministries this year! At this release, Jonny has left Orange City, and Jeff is on his way in about one month. They tell their stories of grit and grimace, faith and failure! Or... just their stories... of how God is moving them on to other ministries, while continuing to unite their hearts together to advocate for the cause of small church pastors everywhere!

Duration: 00:40:28

Episode 236 - Does Anyone Still Deal With Gossip In The Church? With Dave Jacobs

Dave Jacobs, from www.SmallChurchPastor.com, joins Jeff to talk about specifics in dealing with destructive and divisive gossip in your small church. This is very helpful and practical!

Duration: 00:51:46

Episode 235 - It's the Economy, Pastor! With Walter Brueggemann

Jeff and Jonny speak with Walter Brueggemann, who is surely one of the most influential Bible interpreters of our time. He has authored over one hundred books and numerous scholarly articles. He continues to be a highly sought-after speaker. We called Dr. B at home and had about a 45 minute conversation about how the church might be a presence in the world, bringing hope to a slightly “lost cause” today. Dr. Brueggemann’s website is http://www.walterbrueggemann.com/about/

Duration: 00:51:44

Episode 234 - Eucharistic Celebration as the Cornerstone of Worship with Stanley Hauerwas

Named "America’s Best Theologian" by Time magazine in 2001, Dr. Stanley Hauerwas joins Jeff and Jonny to talk about the importance of the church, and the role of the small church pastor, especially in the Eucharistic Celebration! A thriller! A must hear!

Duration: 00:46:35

Episode 233 - Small Church Ministry in the Yukon Territory with Jeremy Norton

Jeremy Norton is the real deal! Straight from a small church, 200 miles north of Juneau AK, in the Yukon Territory of Canada, Jeremy talks about leading change, loving his leaders, and ordering his week! This is an awesome episode! Check out Jeremy's church here! www.whbc.ca

Duration: 00:49:26