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3rd Rail 66 - Happy New Year!

First show of the year. Holiday greetings soapbox. Join PreacherBear and Cypress as they look back on 2017 and opine on what 2018 will bring. Looking forward to a safe, happy and prosperous new year. Listen in, have a say on the live chat, find your voice.

Duration: 01:00:35

The 3rd Rail 66 - Reasons for the Season

For the first half of the episode, PreacherBear is joined by rainbow (host of The Rainbow Connection) to talk about ... reasons of the season (i.e. the holidays). For the second half, AuntieSocial (Host of Stereo-Typed) will join PreacherBear. This episode will also be available under The Rainbow Connection and Stereo-Typed.

Duration: 01:04:22

The 3rd Rail 65 - What Do We Do Now?

Toxic masculinity, Trump, net neutrality and incels, oh my! As men, males, fathers, sons, brothers, boyfriends, husbands, and lovers, not to mention all the D/s in between, we have a responsibility commensurate with the privilege we feel entitled to by the very nature of our being. We have failed miserably to live up to those responsibilities. Not all men? Far too many is an accurate and more apt response. How we acquire consent can negate is as consent in the first place. How do we, as men,...

Duration: 01:00:52

The 3rd Rail 64 - Trying to Rope You In

PreacherBear and Cypress will be discussing all things rope, get down and knotty with some demos of simple ties simulcast on periscope and reminisce about MBE. To jute or not to jute? That is the question. Whether tis nobler to suffer the slings and suspensions of hemp or nylon ... They'll also touch on consent violations in the rope scene, some do's and don'ts, safety tips and some tips on aftercare.

Duration: 01:01:22

The 3rd Rail 63 - Current Events

PreacherBear and Cypress talk about politics, the scene and you name it.

Duration: 01:03:13

3rd 62 - Shocking Interactions

Join PreacherBear and Cypress as they discuss electroplay. They will also be broadcasting on Periscope

Duration: 01:01:00

The 3rd Rail 61 - Religious Right v LGBTQ Wrong

What better discussion could we have on the lord's day? We're not born with hatred and prejudice, we learn it from the world, most often that means those with the responsibility to raise us. I've often wondered why we blame "god", any god, gods, goddesses and what have you; for what are ultimately our decisions. Decisions based on cause and effect, perceptions based on ignorance and innocence, needs, wants, fear and power. Tradition based on explanations long proven to be invalid for...

Duration: 01:00:16

The 3rd Rail 60 - Drugs Revisited

We have referenced episode 7 - It’s all about the drugs man often since it aired (April 24, 2016). So we will be revisiting the topic, maybe even in a similar state. We look ahead at how legislation is shaping the future of recreational drug use. Should government have control or should it be a public enterprise? Propaganda on all sides of the use argument and the common ground seems to be the health scare tactic. So break out your wiki googles, because one of us (my money is on Cypress)...

Duration: 01:00:02

The 3rd Rail 59 - Anxious about depression much?

PreacherBear and BearsPixie will be discussing depression and anxiety. Remember, you are not alone!

Duration: 01:00:25

3rd Rail 58 - Down with Sex

Sex seems to be a driving force for us humans, as it is for just about everything on this planet. PreacherBear figured is was time to take a look at what it means for us. - Why do we obsess over it? - Is it a necessary function or pursuit any longer? Read the full episode description at http://www/

Duration: 01:00:57

The 3rd Rail 56 - Primal

Grrrr, growl, Primal, yip yip, baser instincts, grrrrrrowl, yowl, Sex! (And yes, AuntieSocial had some fun with this one!) For a translation, listen to the episode and check out Check out the show profile (and all of the archives) at:

Duration: 01:00:55

The 3rd Rail 55 - Sacred Sexuality

A while back, we did a show on sacred sexuality (episode 19) and it's time to hit that up again! Everyone's versions are slightly (or greatly) different. What's yours? We'll be discussing energy exchange, sacredness in dirty sex, the ties that bind, and everything in between.

Duration: 01:00:03

The 3rd Rail 54 - The Birthday Show

Oh yea... Self aggrandizement at Its best. You grossly underestimate my ego if you thought otherwise. Then again, I often joke that "I am quite shy, I just over compensate real well." In fact, that it may be true, is readily dismissed, after all, one personal perception is that confidence or ease of speech would negate there being anything akin to a mental illness, be it temporary, congenital or circumstantial in nature. Life requires active participation in all aspects of it. Be it by...

Duration: 01:03:51

The 3rd Rail 53 - Potpourri

Hello, folks, been off for a couple of weeks, @Cypress will be off for one more so tonight I get go head to head with Pixie. As the title suggests, we will try and touch on a number of subjects. Since I am becoming an attention whore, I say strike while the iron is hot, so @DaemonDanes, we'll be discussing the hubbub your so called "cult" is being blamed for. We'll also touch on ways of broaching the subject of kink, poly and gender v sexuality with family, or at least a couple of surefire...

Duration: 01:00:45

The 3rd Rail 52 - Pride, Motherfuckers

PreacherBear and Cypress discuss the Toronto Pride Parade and recent controversies and political issues surrounding the Pride movement. As usual, they take things off the rails.

Duration: 01:00:15

The 3rd Rail 51 - TPOK Hosts Roundtable

Rainbow, Cypress, PreacherBear, Pixie and AuntieSocial discuss a variety of topics in a roundtable format. The topics discussed: Vaginal health and stuff people stick in them Exclusive screenings and gender-based even pricing Knowing what you want, contracts and negotiations PSA - London, Ontario report of persons with known STIs frequenting sex clubs And other topics

Duration: 02:03:12

The 3rd Rail 50 - 50 Years in the making

What does fifty of anything mean? What is the gift for a fiftieth anniversary? Is PreacherBear in the midst of a midlife crisis? Why is the sky blue? All of these, and other relatively pointless questions, will be answered and manswered in this episode of The 3rd Rail.

Duration: 03:59:19

The 3rd Rail 49 - Random Rants

Why not? Ranting is good. Lets you blurt out all the crap life throws at you but never actually have the time to adequately process and assimilate into the functionality of one's every day life. What will we rant about? Well we are calling it random and that too is a random reason. How do you like spontaneity now? We will also touch on some ideas for future shows and show features.

Duration: 00:58:41

The 3rd Rail 48 - Chachacha changes

Life, perspective, gender, health, sexuality.... Change is a universal constant and thus unavoidable. In this lifestyle, the very exploratory nature means change is not only constant but at times accelerated by comparison to standard societal norms. How we deal with, accept and process these changes can have an affect on how positive or negative these changes may ultimately be.

Duration: 01:01:07

The 3rd Rail 47 - Penis Pressure

Alright chicken shit. What are you afraid of? Homophobia, though most closely associated with fear of homosexuals of late really means fear of man. For the purposes of this chat, we will focus on male or masculine fears and how we as men propagate them among ourselves. I want to dig deep into our masculine psyche where the real darkness dwells. Where our own personal boogyman resides.

Duration: 00:59:21

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