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Episode 109 - Black Monday

On this episode: - Paul Baluyot is in studio! - Black Friday is destroying the fabric of society - People don’t eat properly anymore - Is social media a cancer on our minds? - Justin Trudeau wastes 5 million dollars on nonesense - Pantelis: Man of the law - Cop stories with Milton Subscribe to us on YouTube HERE! We’re getting videos ready for you! Follow us on Twitter: Paul Baluyot: @PaulBcomedy Pantelis: @BigP4H Homer: @HomerK15 Poseidon: @tonytones21 Alex:...

Duration: 01:44:09

Episode 108 - Generation Strange

On this episode: - Aba Atlas is in studio alongside Homer, Poseidon and Pantelis. - The Social Justice meltdown - Poseidon really stresses people about car insurance. - Video were better 10 years ago - And more! Subscribe to Aba & Preach on YouTube HERE Pantelis: @BigP4H Homer: @HomerK15 Poseidon: @tonytones21 Alex: @Pxhellas Viron: @PXViron

Duration: 03:01:35

Episode 107 - The Year of Assaults

On todays episode: Sexual harassment continues! Louis CK, Kevin Spacey, Charlie Sheen - We discuss. Also on the show: what the hell is insurance and why is everyone mad at Larry David! Pantelis: @BigP4H Homer: @HomerK15 Poseidon: @tonytones21 Alex: @Pxhellas Viron: @PXViron

Duration: 01:29:30

Episode 106 - Halloween 2017

The entire 4H Podcast crew was assembled for this Halloween spectacular! No credible psychic would join the team, so we improvised. Homer: @HomerK15 Poseidon: @tonytones21 Alex: @Pxhellas Pantelis: @BigP4H Viron: @PXViron

Duration: 01:42:26

Episode 105 - Hidden Faces

On this episode: - Hollywood elite implosion - Why the vatican cannot be trusted - Social media is spying on us - Barking sales on a street corner - And MORE!

Duration: 01:22:59

Episode 104 - Alien Trashmasters

Pantelis, Alex, Viron and Homer are reunited in this instant classic of an episode This week’s topics: - Harvey Weinstein looks like a thumb - Public pooping - What to do about the groing trash probelms - Was the moon landing faked? - No forgiveness for pedophiles - The blind can’t cross the street - What is a sneeze? - Are ghosts a thing now? AND MORE… Follow the gang on Twitter: Homer: @HomerK15 Poseidon: @tonytones21 Alex: @Pxhellas Pantelis: @BigP4H Viron: @PXViron

Duration: 01:49:27

Episode 103 - Media Fiction

Poseidon, Homer and Pantelis discuss the Vegas shooting, lies in the media, the new NHL season, a possible regime change in Montreal and MORE! Follow the gang on Twitter: Homer: @HomerK15 Poseidon: @tonytones21 Alex: @Pxhellas Pantelis: @BigP4H

Duration: 01:30:59

Episode 102 - Blind Fruits

Poseidon, Pantelis and Alex talk about birthdays, superman, wrestling, movies, world war 2 and more!

Duration: 02:09:50

Episode 101 - We All Float Down Here

Comedian Mike Meo joins us on this episode. Poseidon reviews IT, Alex talks about bombs in an alleyway.

Duration: 01:46:47

Episode 100 - Poseidon’s Rent-A-Car

It finally happened. We’ve produced a hundred of these. On this episode: Viron, Pantelis, Poseidon and Homer discuss hurricanes, explosions, prison breaks and run through the scenario of going to Poseidon’s Rent-A-Car

Duration: 01:56:54

Episode 99 - The Phallic Uber Ride

Vacation time is OVER! The gang gets together to discuss, North Korea, Poseidon finds a dildo in the back seat, The Trump legacy and MORE!

Duration: 01:20:09

Episode 98 - The Bastards

On this episode we’re joined by friend of the show Justyn Vynn (The Bastards Council). We discuss the state of videogames, current events and more!

Duration: 01:43:45

Episode 97 - Road Rash 3D

On this episode: Alex, Poseidon and Pantelis share road rage stories, discuss unplanned pregnancies and remind us why Poseidon is the most hated man in America; He makes OJ look like a Choir boy!

Duration: 01:29:40

Episode 96 - The Poseidon Podcast Massacre

On this episode: Pantelis and Viron listen to Poseidon EXPLODE on his enemies. After fighting with his trainer and taking in a weeks worth of text abuse from his cousin, Poseidon finally snaps. Also on this episode, would you pay to watch Poseidon fight a man for charity?

Duration: 01:04:29

Episode 95 - Smash Cakes

Alex, Poseidon and Pantelis sync up and talk about current events. From Omar Khadr to new video games. Also on this episode, what to get a year old kid.

Duration: 01:15:12

Episode 94 - Giant Lady Feet

On this episode: Pantelis, Viron, Alex and Poseidon discuss repressed childhood memories, why everyone hates banks and Men vs Woman: The Olympic event that doesn’t need to happen.

Duration: 01:43:45

Episode 93 - Killer Instinct

How much would you need to get paid in order to commit a murder? That’s just ONE of the subjects we tackle on this episode! Alex, Pantelis, Poseidon and Homer (comes in late) talk about E3, Mcgregor vs Mayweather and MORE!

Duration: 02:03:14

Episode 92 - Poseidon’s Android

Homer, Poseidon, Alex and Pantelis are in studio for this episode. The gang talk about Poseidon’s odd dream where he has a sexual encounter with a robot from the future. (He gets weirder every week). The difficult life of a combat athlete is also discussed on this episode.

Duration: 02:30:03

Episode 91 - Wrestling With Aliens

Creator of Jump Fox Jump, Don Oliveira (@DonOther) joins Alex, Pantelis and Poseidon in studio!On this episode: Alex’s wrestling addiction, Poseidon whipes himself standing up, Are social justice warriors ruining entertainment and what the hell is wrong with Nintendo? *Note: this episode is heavy on video games Follow the team at: @BigP4H @Pxhellas @TonyTones21

Duration: 02:00:52

Episode 90 - Banana Hammock

On this episode: Viron, Alex and Pantelis try to understand Poseidon’s complex job history, discuss the Chris Pratt apology and talk about the non-binary world.

Duration: 01:30:25

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