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Ch02.P03 Chum Ehelepola

This month on the podcast, Nick and Lauren turn their attention to the images we allow ourselves in pursuit of our dreams, and the way leadership defines our actions. Then they sit down for a fascinating conversation with actor, filmmaker and teacher, Chum Ehelopola, about the restrictions we place on ourselves when we aim for perfection, establishing boundaries as an artist, and the funny thing about failure in terms of success. Chum’s journey covers creativity in the aftermath of war, what...

Duration: 01:12:37

Ch02.P02 Budi Miller

The importance of self-nourishment as an artist comes into focus this month, as our fearless hosts share poetic verse and moments of vulnerability in a podcast equal parts intimacy and hilarity. Our charismatic guest, Mr. Budi Miller, takes us on a gripping journey through world culture and its influence on his art, in particular the artists’ search for the divine. The visionary teacher and change-maker also shares some intimate personal stories about art's ability to affect and shape our...

Duration: 01:00:28

Ch02.P01 Maysa Abouzeid

Welcome to Chapter 2 Podcast 1 and a shiny new version of The Act of Storytelling focussing on challenging the human experience by speaking to people who impact the world through art. And to do just that, this month we sit down with blind, Egyptian-Italian stand-up comedian, Maysa Abouzeid! Sharing stories from the New York stand up scene to creating her own shows for the Melbourne Fringe festival and the benefits her role as a social work lends to everything she does, this podcast...

Duration: 00:48:38

TAOS Chapter 2 - Theme

The Act of Storytelling, Chapter 2 begins in a couple of days... but right now, we are incredibly excited to share the new TAOS theme music, composed by magically talented musician and sound designer, Anita Quayle, and amazingly mixed and mastered by Winnie at Thirty Mill Studios. If, like us, you want to challenge the human experience, head over to, and share Nick and Lauren's journey as they talk to people who are impacting the world through art.

Duration: 00:01:15

Every Laneway has a Story - Hosier Lane excerpt

We collaborated with VoiceMap to create an immersive GPS tour of Melbourne's laneways! Every laneway has a story. So download VoiceMap on your phone at iOS: or Android: and listen to the audio tour on your phone. Here's an audio excerpt from "Every laneway has a story". Even if you can't physically do the tour, you can purchase the audio for $4.99AU and have Nick and Lauren take you on a storytelling journey!

Duration: 00:01:00

Podcast 28: Happy Holidays!

Like a bumper holiday sale, Podcast 28 delivers on both value and festive cheer. In an attempt to help you combat what can be a confusing time for artists, Nick and Lauren flipped back through the rolodex of storytelling alumni and asked some of the podcast's guests to share the gift of insight on how to deal with the holiday period as a creative. It's a bonanza of great advice packaged up into short, bite-sized snippets from the legends of podcasts past! As another year draws to a close,...

Duration: 00:34:21

Storyteller Snapshot 3: Anthony Scundi

This month Nick and Lauren sit down with Anthony Scundi, actor and General Manager, to discuss Q44 Theatre Company's upcoming production of Shining City by Conor McPherson, starringAnthony Scundi as Ian, Sebastian Gunner as John, Madeline Claire French as Neasa, Nick Cain as Laurence Set in Dublin, Conor McPherson’s Shining City tells the haunting and beautiful story of a grieving widower who claims to have been visited by the ghost of his recently deceased wife. Terrified and guilt...

Duration: 00:12:05

Podcast 26: Elke Berry

Due to some scheduling and sound issues we are a few weeks behind with Podcast 26 this month… but we promise you, it will have been worth the wait! This month Nick and Lauren are on a journey to live intentionally and align with their inner activists and Nick has a few ideas how to make it all happen. And to celebrate the end of winter here in Australia, they sit down over Skype with the sunny and superb, Elke Berry! In one half of her life Elke is an amazing and talented LA-based,...

Duration: 01:19:28

Podcast 8: Tom Meadmore

It's a worldly podcast via Skype this month, as we get an update from Lauren and Nick on their journey's this month through LA, London and Istanbul. They are lucky enough to sit down with London-based Australian documentary filmmaker Tom Meadmore to talk about the importance he places on honesty, his enthusiasm for the investigation of the “microcosm of the emotional experience” and his drive to continue as a storyteller.

Duration: 01:17:01

Podcast 7: Beau McCafferty

This month Nick and Lauren discuss the idea of what we reflect in the stories we tell and give a quick insight into the importance of mind and body health. They also sit down with the inimitable Beau McCafferty, as he gives us his unique perspective on his artistic pursuits and shares his valuable thoughts regarding his talents as a curator in the Australian arts scene.

Duration: 01:12:22