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The Acting Income Podcast with Ben Hauck delivers outstanding audio content on what so many people want to know: how to earn an income as an actor. Covering a wide range of topics related to acting, making money, and staying balanced, episodes of “AIP” include tips, insights, interviews, and resources for the professional actor, colored with Ben’s own journey in pursuing just that in an expensive city like New York City.




AIP035 | 5 Reasons Casting Directors Should Be Happy to See Workshops Go - with Anne DeAcetis

Show Notes: Actress and writer Anne DeAcetis is a guest contributor for this episode, reading from heressayon which lists fivereasonswhycasting directors should happily play a part in the disappearance of casting director workshops. Host Ben Hauckshares introductory content that motivated Anne's piece -- namely, an article fromThe Hollywood Reporter on the prevalenceof casting director workshops notoriously referred to as "pay-to-plays," the...

Duration: 00:06:25

AIP034 | Why You Should Vote No for the SAG-AFTRA Commercials Contract

Show notes: Host (and actor)Ben Hauckexplains in detail why SAG-AFTRA actors should vote no on the proposed 2016 Commercials Contract. In the episode, Ben outlines some of the important losses SAG-AFTRA actors will experience should they ratify this contract negotiated recently between the union and commercial producers. Namely, actors will lose use fees they typically get when their commercials are played. They'll lose these use fees (which could equal...

Duration: 00:10:48

AIP033 | How Podcasting Is Affecting My Acting Career

HostBen Hauckexplains the responsibility that comes with producing a weekly podcast, and how that responsibility overlaps with his acting career. The episode includes details on the goals he took on in starting the podcast, the kind of work involved in producing it, plus an important announcement on the next stage ofThe Acting Income Podcast.

Duration: 00:04:12

AIP032 | How to Act in New York City with No Income - with Mandy May Cheetham

Actor Mandy May Cheetham speaks with hostBen Hauckon how to act in New York City -- with little to no income. In this interview, Mandy shares what motivated her temporary move to New York City from Toronto, Canada, and how she quadrupled the length of her initial stay. Mandy divulges the sources of her funding that financed her stay in NYC and how she was able to cut down on housing costs. Faced with the threat of being homeless in a foreign country, Mandy details how she was able to find...

Duration: 00:13:42

AIP031 | What I've Learned about Fame - with Victoria Libertore

Actress Victoria Libertore talks with hostBen Hauckabout fame, and what she has learned about fame after years of pursuing it as an actor in New York City. In the interview, Victoria talks about her recent solo show My Last Attempt at Fame, as well aswhat fame was to her when she moved to NYC and why she believes she wanted it as an actor. She also speaks to the choices she has made in her life in the pursuit of fame, and how her age and experiences have influenced that pursuit. Victoria...

Duration: 00:12:25

AIP030 | My Recap of Episodes 21 through 29

HostBen Hauckrecaps Episodes 21 through 29 of The Acting Income Podcast. In this episode, in addition to summarizing the past nine episodes, Ben adds anecdotes about the episodesand explains what he's learned in the process of producing them. Ben concludes with comments onwhat these episodes reflect about his own acting career to date. Quick links to Episodes 21 through 29:

Duration: 00:05:42

AIP029 | How to Navigate Diversity Issues in Improv Communities to Increase Your Acting Opportunities - with Keisha Zollar

Actor-comedienne Keisha Zollar talks with host Ben Hauckabout diversity issues at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and in the improv world in general, and what actors can do to increase the population ofdiverse voices in performance. In this interview inspired by a Washington Post article on diversity issues at UCBT, Keisha explains her current relationship with UCBT as an improv teacher and formerly as its diversity coordinator. She details her activities and achievements as diversity...

Duration: 00:14:20

AIP028 | Why I Went from Non-Union, to Union, to Fi-Core All in One Summer - with Eric S. Robertson

ActorEric S. Robertsonreturns to talk with hostBen Hauckabout his personal journey from proudly being a non-union actor, to joining the union SAG-AFTRA, to declaring financial core status soon after joining SAG-AFTRA. In the interview (which serves as an addendum to his interview in Episode 9 titled "Why I Choose to Stay a Non-Union Actor"), Eric explains how he was positioned to join the union as an actor and why he intended to immediatelygo financial core upon becoming a member. He...

Duration: 00:11:37

AIP027 | How to Work as a Stand-In and Not Lose Sight of Your Acting Goals - with Alanna Blair

Actor Alanna Blair talks with hostBen Hauckabout pursuing her acting career while also taking work as the lead stand-in on two television series. In this interview, Alanna describes what a stand-in does, and she goes into the benefits of standing in for the income and the tremendous filmmaking education it provides the actor. She also goes intothe drawbacks of standing in, including long hours that may limit the ability to audition. Alanna shares how she adjusted her expectations as an...

Duration: 00:11:25

AIP026 | How Self-Sabotage Affects the Actor and What to Do about It - with Jenn Lederer

Life and careercoach Jenn Lederer talks with host Ben Hauck about self-sabotage and how it affects actors and their career pursuits. In the interview, Jenn explains what self-sabotage is and its psychological origins, offering up overt and subtle examples of self-sabotage especially as they relate to the actor. When it comes to finding what goals you really want to pursue,Jenn goes into the negative results of self-sabotage, but she also details some of the benefits of self-sabotage....

Duration: 00:09:10

AIP025 | How to Make Money Using Your Acting Skills as a Brand Ambassador - with Rachel Venokur

Rachel Venokur of Productions Plus–The Talent Shop talks with hostBen Hauckabout using your skills as an actor to generate an income as a brand ambassador. In the interview, Rachel explains what Productions Plus–The Talent Shop does and how it uses brand ambassadors for a wide range of events it staffs all around the country. She goes into detail about what a brand ambassador does, what skills make for great brand ambassadors, what pay range a brand ambassador might expect, and how special...

Duration: 00:07:08

AIP024 | How to Be a Person First and an Actor Second - with Aleisha Force

Actor Aleisha Force talks with hostBen Hauckabout how being a person first and an actor second helps toorganize her life and finances as an actor. In the interview, Aleisha shares how she categorizes and organizes her various "person" and "actor" expenses, as well as how she prioritizes what categories she spends her money on. She also explains how keeping her financial situation in order primes her for promoting her acting work. Aleishagives advice on when to spend on luxury items or...

Duration: 00:10:03

AIP023 | How the Word "Professional" Applies to You as an Actor

HostBen Hauckwas called "professional" on a set -- but what did it mean? In this episode, Ben covers several meanings of the term "professional" when it comes to your acting career, contrasting dictionary and union definitions of the term with his own personal definition which has nothing to do with compensation or union membership.

Duration: 00:06:23

AIP022 | How to Strategize Workshops with Casting Directors, Agents, and Ma

Actor Gianmarco Soresi talks with hostBen Hauckabout his incredible year of paying forworkshops with casting directors, agents, and managers. In the interview, Gianmarco shares what strategies he usedas he spent a large amount of money onworkshops and how those strategies evolved as he figured out their function in his acting career. His goals evolved too, and Gianmarco walks Ben through his evolution from focusing on legit theatrical workto focusing oncommercials, and from focusing on...

Duration: 00:13:03

AIP021 | How Network Marketing for Arbonne Funds My Acting Career - with Sa

Actor Sarah Ittner talks with hostBen Hauckabout how her work as a network marketer for Arbonne funds her acting career. In the interview, Sarah explains Arbonne and the range of health and wellness products it offers, and what makes network marketing a great business for actors. She details how her sales -- seeming more like product recommendations -- lead to commissions and additionalcompensation, and what those commissions and additional compensation are. Sarah alsoshares the financial...

Duration: 00:09:14

AIP020 | My Recap of Episodes 11 through 19

HostBen Hauckrecaps Episodes 11 through 19 of The Acting Income Podcast. In the episode, in addition to summarizing each episode, Ben adds anecdotes about the episodesand explains what he's learned in the process of producing them. Ben concludes with insights about acting and his transformation as an actor that came over these past episodes.

Duration: 00:06:43

AIP019 | Why I Went Fi-Core

Host Ben Hauckopens up about his personal decision as an actor to declare financial core status within his union,SAG-AFTRA. In the episode, Ben describes his journey to becoming fi-core, his process in determining whether fi-core was right for him as an actor, and whyhe made the difficult choice. He also shareswhat SAG-AFTRA might do to better prevent its members from resigning their union membership and exercising their financial core rights. Concluding the episode,Ben introducesThe...

Duration: 00:11:01

AIP018 | How to Work as a Hotel Concierge to Supplement Your Acting Career

Actor Tom Coll talks withBen Hauckabout supplementing his acting careerwith work as a hotel concierge. In the interview, Tom liststhe range of taskshe managesas a hotel concierge in New York City. He also narrates his history in the hotel industryand his route to landing workas a concierge at the same time he started his acting career. As Tom explains, many entertainers work as concierges and the job is flexible, so concierge work is well suited for actors. Tom reveals why he chose the...

Duration: 00:05:56

AIP017 | How to Define Your Relationship with Money to Better Finance Your

Life and careercoach Jenn Lederer talks with Ben Hauckabout money. In the interview, Jenn reveals whatshe learned about her relationship with money whenworking as the weekend nanny for a famous real-estate mogul (and U.S. Presidential candidate!), and also when working as a talent manager. Jenn has seenboth extremes when it comes to people's relationships with money, and she details how she arrived at having a neutral perspective about money in order to experience happiness, relax, and even...

Duration: 00:10:22

AIP016 | Nannying, Sketching, and Singing Backup to Fund My Acting and Musi

Actor and singer Angie Atkinson talks with Ben Hauck abouthow she supports her dual careers in acting and singing with income from nannying, sketching, and singing backup. In the interview, Angiedescribes her jobs, their responsibilities, and the kinds of money they provide. For nannying, she details how she balances nannying with her life and other work, and she also details how she negotiated a better wage for herself. For sketching, Angie explains how she accidentally fell into it as an...

Duration: 00:11:44

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