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Arming advisors with the info necessary to manage risk.

Arming advisors with the info necessary to manage risk.
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Arming advisors with the info necessary to manage risk.




Advisors Option 64: Looking Back on the Apocalypse

The Buzz: VIX Inventor Discusses the Dangers of Inverse, Leveraged VIX IndexesDid VIX Manipulation Cause the Massive Surge Last Week - as Alleged by Bloomberg?Last Week's Volatility Cost Options Traders Over a Billion in Slippage


Advisors Option 63: Using Options in IRAs

Tricks of the Trade: Using options in retirement accounts. The Buzz: What do informed advisors need to know? 2017 turned out to be a pretty good year for options2017 Fidelity RIA Benchmarking Study Office Hours: Listener questions and comments 2017 was the "Year that Volatility Died". So our first question of the week for 2018 is a puzzler. Quite simply: where do you think $VIX will close at the end of the year? Listener questions: What's on your mind?


Advisors Option 62: The Problems with Expiration

Options 101: Exploring Expiration Myths & Misconceptions The Buzz: Looking back on 2017: The year without volatility. Stealth hedging"


Advisors Option 61: Exploring Volatility in the Age of Trump

Tricks of the Trade: The Buzz Volatility and Market History in the Age of TrumpThe Rise and Fall of Modern Portfolio Theory Office Hours: Listeners have their say this article Options question of the week: Bitcoin just blew past $100B in "market cap." If options were available how would you trade them?


Advisors Option 60: Exploring the Hidden Nuances of VIX

Tricks of the Trade: An overview of VIX settlement. How does it work? Can it be manipulated? The Buzz: FINRA Orders Wells Fargo to Pay $3.4M Over Volatility-Linked ETPs. Office Hours: Listener questions and comments Refers to article: The Best Options Trading Advice: Don’t


Advisors Option 59: Using Options as a Passive Investor

Today's co-hosts are Marc Odo, Director of Investment Solutions, Swan Global Investments and Matt Amberson, Principal, Option Research & Technology Services. Tricks of the Trade: How do options fit into the active vs. passive debate? Active vs. Passive? It Doesn’t Matter, by Marc Odo. How do you incorporate options into a "passive" portfolio? The Buzz: Advisors Sticking With Active Investments: Practical Perspectives. ETF Use Keeps Growing (and Growing). An update on the ongoing DOL...


Advisors Option 58: Bringing Women Into The Options Fold

Co-Hosts: THE BUZZ Bringing women and advisors into the options fold - a look at IMCA, Boston Options Exchnage & Dymnd’S upcoming "All Women Want Options" webinar. A new report on the "typical" advisor from Investment Advisor Association - All advisors should pay attention to Amazon after their multibillion acquisition of Whole...


Advisors Option 57: Beware of Gamma and Flying Deltas

Options 101: Gamma: Measuring the Changes in Delta The Buzz: The low volatility regime continues: 7 of the 11 days in the past 20 years where VIX has been below 10% have occurred since mid-May 2017. Two studies, two different conclusion about alts & hedge funds. Office Hours: Listener questions and comments: Advisors Option Flash Poll. With $VIX hitting new lows and $SPX new highs, what is your financial advisor telling you about using #Options? Listner Questions:


Advisors Option 56: How to Sell Options When VIX is Low

In this episode Mark is joined by co-hosts: Tricks of the Trade: Selling options in a low volatility environment. What are some ways that advisors/asset managers can maintain the income component of their portfolios, without taking unnecessary risks? Options 101: Information advisors need to know Rho: Interest Rates Impact on Option Pricing The Buzz: What is happening in the industry? Why Volatility Is an Investor’s Worst Enemy: Searching for Alpha Office Hours: Question from Ian...


Advisors Option 55: The Truth About Options Backtesting

In this episode, Mark is joined by co-hosts: Tricks of the Trade: Looking at Options Backtesting The Buzz: A recap of the 2017 OIC Conference. Cerulli study says financial advisors who currently use options expect to increase use of options by 30% in three years. Office Hours: Options Question of the week This volatility implosion is starting to make people nervous. It's VIX limbo time: How Low Can It Go in 2017? Currently: Listener Questions:


The Advisors Option 54: Live from the Swan CIO Summit

Recorded live at the Swan CIO summit, Mark is joined by: They discuss: Office Hours: Listener questions and comments


Advisors Option 53: What Do Advisors Think About Volatility?

In this episode, Mark is joined by co-hosts: The Buzz: What are the hot topics in the world of financial advisors? OCC Educating Lawmakers on Potential Impact on Tax Reform on Listed Equity Options Market Office Hours: Answering listener questions and comments


Advisors Option 51: Trump, ETFs, Covered Calls and More

Today, Mark is joined by co-hosts Chris Hausman and Aash Vyas from Swan Global Investments and Russell Rhoads from the CBOE Options Institute. The Buzz: The Dawn of a New Regime - how will it impact the markets? An overview of the STAC Regulatory Reform Session: the Choice Act, the Volcker Rule, migration of OTC derivates and DOL fiduciary rule. A breakdown of Inside ETFs Conference: A preview of the CBOE RMC Conference: A new paper from Swan Global Investments: What Return Are You...


The Advisors Option 49: Analyzing the Impact of Post-Election Volatility

Options 101: Looking back at post-election volatility. How has it impacted the options market and your current trade style or outlook? Takeaways: The Buzz: What do busy advisors need to know? Straight Talk on Put OptionsFunds go exotic with put-write options to stem volatility Office Hours: Taking listener questions and comments Options#QuestionOfTheWeek: Commodities are capturing a lot of attention and generating a lot of #Volatility. What's your option of choice?


Advisors Option 48: Elections And Volatility

The Buzz: What are the hot breaking topics in the world of options? Presidential Elections and Option Implied VolatilityVIX in October in election years


Advisors Option 47: Collars Revisisted

Options 101: Collars Revisited. Inspired by a listener question, we review the collar strategy Question from Talos - I enjoyed your panel presentation on The Holy Grail of the financial markets with Randy Swan and Mike Cavanaugh. I realize this panel was from a few years ago. Have there been any updates with regards to data on collars? Are they still effective tools for advisors looking to mitigate portfolio risk? On a specific note are they applicable to concentrated equity positions? I...


Advisors Option 46: Futures Options Revisited plus the 60-40 Debate

Options 101: Futues Options Strategies Other topics: The Buzz: With experts questioning the 60/40 rule, advisors should consider incorporating alternatives.


Advisors Option 44: John Oliver and the Hunt for Yield

Tricks of the Trade: Today's guest co-hosts are Chris Hausman, Portfolio & Chief Technical Strategist, Swan Global Investments and David Beth, Co-founder, Wallacbeth Capital. They discuss: Options 101: The topic of this segment today comes to us courtesy of a listener question. Adjustments are where the rubber meets the road from an options perspective: Office Hours: Listener questions and comments


Advisors Option 43: Financial Advisors Vs. Hairdressers

The Buss: Looking back at the Swan Advisor Conference Swan Conferences websiteSwan Global Investments website The ugly from the Swan April newsletter: Office Hours: Listener questions and comments


Advisors Option 42: Live from the Swan Global CIO Conference

In this episode, Mark is joined by Marc Odo, Micah Wakefield, and Chris Hausman. They discuss their big take-aways from the conference, including: Good reception to the thoughts on the retirement conundrum Using options for safety and income generation The importance of discipline in risk management. (Have a plan!) How options have become more mainstream The importance of education Fragmentation and the proliferation of options exchanges Inside, outside, and outer rim markets How to get...


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