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Ep 231 - Horrotober '17 No.3 - Blood Games/The Catcher/Billy Club

Jon Cross is joined by the "Captain of the Keys" Dr. Nick Consol to discuss not one but three baseball themed horror films - Blood Games - Baseball chicks versus bearded hicks in the southern backwoods! The Catcher - Daddy issues lead to gory slasher violence in a baseball stadium after hours!! Billy Club - Bullying, daddy issues and betrayal by a girl lead to a slasher villain reeking his revenge 15 years after there was death on the little league field!!! We also discuss the mystery that...

Duration: 02:00:15

Ep 230 - Horrotober '17 No.2 - Terror at London Bridge/Edge of Sanity/Bad Karma

Episode AKA Yank The Ripper This week it's back to some old school diner length and rambling madness as Jon Cross is joined by Moe e of No Budget Nightmares and Dee Shaw of The 3 Black Geeks to discuss a trilogy of American takes on the Jack The Ripper legend - Terror at London Bridge, starring The Hoff! Edge of Sanity with everyone's favourite sweaty, sexually repressed, murderous nut job Anthony Perkins and Bad Karma which stars queen of the 'how does she have a career' clan, Patsy Kensit....

Duration: 02:30:03

Ep 229 - Horrotober '17 No.1 - Tobe Hooper's The Funhouse

Wedged between Salem's Lot and Poltergeist lies Tobe Hooper's The Funhouse. For our first Horrotober episode of 2017, Jim Wallace and Jon Cross sit down to discuss two headed cows, creepy carni barkers, drooling monsters, old machinery and more! We also talk the continuing themes throughout Hooper's work, what we would've done differently given the chance and why you should all email us, even if it's just to state the overrated nature of knees! Things get scary in the Diner in October for...

Duration: 01:27:19

Ep 228 - Blade Runner

Jon Cross has returned from his break in England and Paris an engaged and happy man. Jim Wallace has been sitting around waiting for him to get back so they can hunch over some more Diner grub and discuss more movies. This week they got together to watch the one-night-only IMAX screening of the final cut of Ridley Scott's renowned Sci-Fi classic, Blade Runner from 1982. Hear their thoughts on the film, their history with the film and a lot more silliness on this week's weirdly French...

Duration: 01:35:22

Ep 227 - Atomic Blonde

Jim Wallace and Jon Cross discuss the latest action film/comic book movie Atomic Blonde starring Charlize Theron and James McAvoy. Did they enjoy it? Did a modern movie finally live up to the hype? Or did Hollywood balls it all up again? They also make up a new Mike Leigh film about avocadoes, Jim makes some weird jokes about waffles and a crazy cat lady interrupts the recording briefly. Enjoy!

Duration: 02:02:01

Ep 226 - The Dark Tower

Adrift in a Gilliam like wilderness on the lower west side of Manhattan, Battery Park City, our heroes Jim Wallace and Jon Cross take in the latest Stephen King adaptation, the long time coming, The Dark Tower starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey . Do they find it to be a faithful adaption? a good adaption? do they like it? do they hate it? You have to listen to find out. We talk about different directors, trying to find the good, Hollywood style 80s story out of chaos, the acting,...

Duration: 01:32:59

Ep 225 - Scarecrow (1973)

After a recent screening at the Metrograph cinema in NYC, Jon Cross and regular co-host Jim Wallace discuss the 1973 film Scarecrow starring Gene Hackman and Al Pacino. They also talk about the acting, the direction, the photography, the film's influences, other similar works, the nature of male friendships and characters on film and why, sadly, there are too few female examples of the same kind of tale. Also we heavily pimp Jon's favourite soda, Boylans and munch our way through some...

Duration: 01:20:08

Ep 224 - Musical Sequels - Grease 2 & Shock Treatment

We are back, after a summer hiatus during which we definitely did some soul searching, rum drinking and badger punching, back to make weird comedic sketches, talk movies and, hopefully, somewhere along the line, entertain you wonderful monkeys. On this, our return episode, fantastic guest and all round swell gentleman, Moeseph, joins Jon Cross to discuss musical sequels, that may actually be better than the originals: Grease 2 and "not a sequel, not a prequel but an EQUAL" to the Rocky...

Duration: 02:07:52

Ep 223 - Storyville - A Sleazy Spader Springtime! 2: "The Sleazening" No.4

In this, the last Sleazy Spader Springtime episode, Jon Cross and co-host Jim Wallace discuss Storyville, a southern, swampy and sleazy courtroom drama starring our man James Spades and Joanne Whalley-Kilmer, written and directed by Twin Peaks co-creator, Mark Frost. We discuss plot holes, mad hairstyles, the sleaziest of Spader stares, the fact he lives in a Flake advert, the sordid photography antics of the ginger biker and more! We also answer lots of questions from Andy "The Lunnster"...

Duration: 01:17:04

Ep 222 - The New Kids - A Sleazy Spader Springtime! 2: "The Sleazening" No.3

Jim Wallace joins Jon Cross again for their third wade through the strange and sleazy swamp of James Spader. This week they're discussing The New Kids in which Spader plays a flowery, western style blouse wearing cowboy villain in chic, grey boots and with bleached blonde surfer hair. It's most odd. He terrorises two orphaned army brats who live on their wheeling-dealing Uncle Charlie's Santa themed gas station-carnival-funfair-petting zoo until they can't take it no more and the tables...

Duration: 01:37:37

Ep 221 - Bad Influence - A Sleazy Spader Springtime! 2: "The Sleazening" No.2

For our second week of Sleazy Spader Springtime 2: The Sleazening, Jim Wallace joins Jon Cross to talk the early 90s thriller "Bad Influence" which, along with James Spader, co-stars Rob Lowe and Billy Zane's sister. Bad Influence is an early script by David Koepp and directed by Curtis Hanson. We also answer your Spader questions, dispense useless movie trivia, dive through and splash around in the massive plot holes and discuss what sleazy momentos Spader took from the set for his...

Duration: 01:41:47

Ep 220 - White Palace - A Sleazy Spader Springtime! 2: "The Sleazening" No.1

AKA "THe perpetual waft of the sex sandwich" That time of year has rolled around again. Bunny rabbits are getting sexy, allergies are causing sneazes and James Spader is getting sleazy! It's A Sleazy Spader Springtime! 2: The Sleazening Yes, that's right, Jim Wallace and Jon Cross are back in the world of James Spader for another 4 shows and we kick it off with this year's first Spader-centric episode and the romantic drama White Palace, co-starring Susan Sarandon. Does the film live up to...

Duration: 01:24:37

Ep 219 - Herschell Gordon Lewis' BloodMania with Producer James Saito

We are very happy to welcome dear friend of the show, writer & producer James Saito back to the show on the eve of the release of Herschell Gordon Lewis' BloodMania. James and, the godfather of gore, Herschell Gordon Lewis were great friends and creative collaborators on BloodMania, the film that, tragically and sadly, became Herschell's last. We talk about making the indie movie in Calgary, Canada, the special effects, the actors, the inspiration, the music and much, much more. We also...

Duration: 01:13:11

Ep 213 - Black Belt Jones and Black Gunn

Friend of the show, Scott Toomey, joins us to discuss Black Belt Jones and Black Gunn, two excellent and very different examples of the Blaxploitation era. There's a catch though, these are the first two he's ever seen!! With the help of host Jon Cross, who's seen many many of the era's finest (and not so finest) films, they take each film step by step from the light, chop socky, Bruce Lee inspired, fun of Black Belt Jones into the harder, grittier and a little slower, Black Gunn. We also...

Duration: 01:27:57

Ep 211 - Scream Blacula Scream

To try and celebrate both Black History Month and Women of Horror Month, Doug Tilley joins Jon Cross to talk about 1973's Scream Blacula Scream which turns out to be a lot more socially aware and serious than you might think! We also talk about Pam Grier and the whole Blaxploitation era. There's also the usual comedy, music and trailers for Ice and the Face & Netflix and Swill You can find Doug Tilley on the No-Budget Nightmares Podcast and Eric Roberts is the Fucking Man

Duration: 01:16:11

Ep 210 - 48hrs & Another 48hrs (So 96hrs really)

The boys are back in town! Yes, that's right, beardy wonder Moe and your host, Jon are, this week, discussing the Walter Hill, Eddie Murphy & Nick Nolte buddy cop, action films 48hrs and Another 48hrs. We also discuss Eddie Murphy's meteroic rise to superstardom and pretty catastrophic collapse into awful crap, we both do imitations of what Nick Nolte sounds like when he's trying to think and Jon comes up with the best description of how Nick Nolte moves about San Francisco which makes Moe...

Duration: 01:22:44

Ep 209 - Getting Lucky

Jon Cross is joined by podcaster extraordinaire, carpenter, stand-up comedian, american free liver and local legend, Jay Mayo to discuss the indie, weird, sometimes creepy, late 80s/early 90s supernatural sex romp comedy, Getting Lucky that found distribution through those bastions of bad taste and mad fun Troma. Yes it's the usual tale of nerd wants cheerleader but cheerleader's with a dumb jock, except that this nerd has a leprechaun in a beer bottle and a best friend who plays saxaphone...

Duration: 01:25:09

Ep 208 - The Man From Hong Kong/Brian Trenchard-Smith Special

It was our great pleasure to speak to the world renowned cult filmmaker and thoroughly decent chap, Brian Trenchard-Smith all about his first cinematic feature, The Man From Hong Kong. The film was also the first Australian/Hong Kong co-production with the famous Golden Harvest studios co-producing with Trenchard-Smith, who also wrote, directed and has a stunt cameo in the film. The film, along with 5 other BT-S early works are available on an Umbrella Blu-Ray release. Pick up The Man From...

Duration: 02:33:14

Ep 207 - A New Year's "Before He Was Famous" George Clooney-o-rama

Every New Year we assemble the same group of podcasting veterans: Moe e, Matt Payne, Doc Paul Crowson and Jon Cross to discuss a specific film series and/or actor and to make lots of crude but necessary jokes. This year, due to 2016 being such a massive flaming bag of horse effluent, it was even more important that we were as silly and irreverant as possible. So, laughs will be had and sensibilities will be offended! We have a lot of sun chatting about these four early George Clooney...

Duration: 02:41:01

Ep 206 - A MARVELous Christmas - Ant-Man & Dr. Strange

For those who have listened a while, you'll know that David DeMoss and Jon Cross have been covering the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other comic book movies for some time. After a break for quite a while David is back and discussing two of the most recent origin stories in the MCU, Ant-Man and Dr. Strange. We read out listeners comments, we discuss the troubles behind Ant-Man and director Edgar Wright, the whitewashing claims against Tilda Swinton in Dr. Strange, come up with multiple...

Duration: 02:26:43

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