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How to Handle your Emotions- An Excerpt from All Inclusive Diet

In this show, we explore Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle and more importantly – you. That’s where I’m going to be taking you today as we explore our psychology and how that translates into the lifestyles we live. Now, why do we need to explore ourselves to better ourselves and our lifestyles? Why can’t we just learn more about the science of food and fitness? Well, let’s face it, many times it wasn’t our bodies that let us down when we’re trying to make changes in our lifestyle, it...


The Food Facet - An excerpt from the All Inclusive Diet

Today’s topic is what sustains us but sometimes pains us. FOOD. In my world, it’s by far the most debated topic, and as a result, in many of your world’s, I’m sure it’s a confusing topic too. It’s the first of what I call the five facets of lifestyle for a reason; arguably it will make or break you. Either food will be the primary source of your physical power, or it will be the primary cause of your broken health. I discuss the food facet in detail within my book the all inclusive diet. I...


How I Overcame Addiction

There was a time that my life was an absolute mess!!! It led to three breakdowns over a three year period: #1 – Health Breakdown: I was 50 pounds overweight and dealing with a severe medical problem, all caused by an underlying addiction to drugs and alcohol. #2 – Career Breakdown: My business went into a state of bankruptcy. #3 – Relationship Breakdown: My marriage broke down and I went through a divorce. But I am grateful for my most significant challenges in life. That’s because I...


An Interview wirth Gillian Mandich

Hi Y’all, welcome to the All Inclusive Lifestyle show. Mandy and I will be interviewing a special guest named Gillian Mandich. Gillian is a Holistic Health Promoter and her personal mission is to educate people about evidence-based health information so they can lead a happy, healthy life. She is a teacher and the world is her classroom as she teaches health and wellness on a variety of platforms (university classrooms, TV, radio, podcasts, magazines, online, video, documentaries, etc.)....


An Interview with Dr. Stephanie Estima

An Interview with Dr. Stephanie Estima Dr. Stephanie is a big-hearted, energetic, and compassionate healer dedicated to changing lives through chiropractic. She studied Neuroscience and Psychology and received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto. She then went on to complete her Doctorate of Chiropractic at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. She is a former fitness champion, placing 3rd in the New York Regional Division of the prestigious National Physique...


Tracy's Success Story - All Inclusive Lifestyle Academy Graduate

Learn how Tracy, an All Inclusive Lifestyle Academy graduate, loses 52 pounds and 7 dress sizes! I interviewed Tracy on the AILA show because she has this incredible story of weight loss transformation! Tracy has been trying to lose weight for the past 20 years but it wasn’t until 18 months ago that Tracy decided to make some changes. She was 52 pounds heavier and felt the pressure to lose the weight for her cousin’s wedding. She wanted to look as good as she could for the wedding yet she...


Guess my top health podcast in 2017 – here’s a hint (-, - )…zzzZZZ

After 50 posts published this year on my All Inclusive Lifestyle Blog, Podcast, and YouTube channel, what do you think was the most popular post? It was… drumroll please (not too loud - I didn’t get much sleep last night) Top post for 2017: “Why am I so tired?” This must have been a question that many people pondered as they trudged through their days in a grumpy haze. One thing I have learned; if we’re not sleeping we’re not healing, and if we’re not...


7 things that happened to me when I tried intermittent fasting

Let me tell you the 7 things that happened to me when I tried intermittent fasting: 1. Coffee consumption increased: I typically drink coffee on a daily basis but while intermittent fasting, I needed more coffee to sustain my energy (30% more). 2. Hunger pangs: I experienced numerous hunger pangs throughout the day. To combat my hunger, I added MCT in my coffee. This was a temporary fix. 3. Increased mental alertness: Since I was fasting, I experienced an increase in mental alertness;...


The Mask of Masculinity

Let Kris Simpson, Karlyn Percil, Ricardo McRae, and Roger Dundas teach you about the Mask of Masculinity. It is a conversation that will go in-depth and will explore the overarching experiences on the vulnerability, joy and triumph around lived experiences relating to parenting, success, love, relationships and what it really takes to be successful in life & in love. The idiom is well known but are you aware of what your elephant is & it's impact on your life? Join us for a conversation on...


Emotional and physical injury | My funny BMX story

Let Kris J Simpson tell you about his rise and fall over the past weekend. I'm still smiling, but I had fallen, and I have gotten up. Got some R.I.C.E going on here. That's Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. So here's what happened, I brought my son and his friend to the skate park. My son just got a BMX bike, and he's getting into it. My son wanted to show me the skate park, so I said, “okay, sure whatever.” I got on my son’s bike to see why the front wheel was making a funny noise. I...


How To Drink More Water

I will ask you five questions to see if you’re suffering from symptoms of dehydration. When I was a professional bodybuilder, I had to learn how to drink things that I didn't like, like protein powders that didn’t taste all that great and of course I wanted to put them down as quickly as possible to reap the benefits. By doing this, I learned all these other cool tricks of how to ensure we receive the nutrients from what we drink. The following are questions I want you to ask yourself if...


Should you switch to a Plant-Based Diet? - 3 Shocking Things I Discovered

Should you switch to a Plant-Based Diet? - 3 Shocking Things I Discovered by Kris J. Simpson


A meet up with UJ Ramdas | Co-Creator of the Five Minute Journal

My special guest today is a behavioral scientist specializing in the science of gratitude and human habits. In this interview, he reveals the three secrets to cultivating more gratitude into your life and achieving more success. He’s also the co-creator of the incredibly popular Five Minute Journal - UJ Ramdas!


3 Reasons Why You Are Waiting to Keep the Weight Off

Have you ever asked yourself what you are waiting for to lose those unwanted pounds? Before you blurt out, "I've been too busy, the kids come first, or now isn't the right time," let me tell you that NOW is indeed the right time! The right time to ditch the excuses and make yourself a priority. Here is why most people are holding onto the stubborn excess weight: 1. IT’S JUST ENERGY: extra body weight is just collected energy which hangs around until you decide to do something with it –...


How To Let Go Of The Past

Hey friend, KJ Simpson here, author of the Amazon number one bestseller, The All-Inclusive Diet. I help people cultivate energy, restore balance, and keep the weight off. Have you ever wondered how much your childhood has affected your adulthood? So, the way that you were brought up, the way that your parents brought you up, how much does that play out in your life today and how much does it affect you, sort of what happened or maybe what didn't happen?


An Interview with Dr. Jeff Spencer | The Champions Blueprint

LEARN HOW TO WIN... BEFORE YOU BEGIN - WITH MY SPECIAL GUEST DR. JEFF SPENCER who is also known as "The Cornerman". Dr. Jeff Spencer from Los Angeles California, is at The Forefront Of Human Performance And Achievement. For Over 40 Years he has coached, mentored and been the Cornerman to some of the world’s highest achievers from Fortune 500 leaders to Gold Medal Olympians. We will be discussing the secrets for success in the areas of health and wealth. Learn more here ==>...


Understanding Food Labels

Learning how to read and understand food labels can help you make healthier choices. Let Kris J. Simpson, author of All Inclusive Diet, train you on how to buy the healthiest food by understanding the nutrition on food labels. Three steps to understanding the Nutrition Facts on Food Labels: serving size, daily value and ingredients. 1. Serving Size Serving sizes are standardized to make it easier to compare similar foods; they are provided in familiar units, such as cups or pieces,...


How to stop procrastinating

S.M.A.R.T. SHIFT! Introducing the 7 Day S.M.A.R.T. SHIFT, this is an unconventional approach to goal setting and achieving consistent wins. When we accumulate wins and continually achieve the goals that we set for ourselves, it keeps us in positive momentum. Simple/Stupid - overly realistic goals. Measurable - make it super specific so you can measure your success over a seven-day period. Accessible - you have everything you need to get started today. Rewardable - we typically forget to...


The Five Facets of Health

Blogger Paul Minors interviews Kris J. Simpson Welcome to Productive People, my blog and podcast series dedicated to learning from productive people who are smashing their goals and getting stuff done. In this episode of the Productivity Podcast, I talk to Kris J. Simpson who is a weight-loss, fitness and rehabilitation expert. Kris delivers a TONNE of value in this episode and walks us through the 5 facets of health and fitness (food, emotions, activity, relaxing, sleeping) and how they...


How To Forgive Others

Have you ever had somebody that you felt lied to you, cheated on you, stole from you, or said something really bad about you to others? Which in turn, made you look really bad in front of those people? What happened next? Did you argue and try to prove you were right? Or did you try to bottle it up inside?Typically, we feel it in our stomach first where it starts to do somersaults and then it works its way up to the heart; the heart starts beating a little bit faster and by the time it...


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