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Episode 50: #ATFKOneYear Live from &bar

One year of podcasts in the bag! &pizza gave us access to its Chinatown location in DC for the night to celebrate our first year in the game. We took the celebration upstairs to vibe out at &bar, the first of two bar concepts &pizza has launched in the city. We brought in a friend of the show, writer/journalist Marcus K. Dowling, to co-host this episode and had some great conversations with former guests: Chris Bradshaw - Founder/Executive Director of Dreaming Out Loud Inc. Vickey Ford -...

Duration: 01:23:17

Episode 49: OktoberFresh Live from Blind Whino

As we prepare for our one year anniversary episode, this week we're giving you a sorta kinda throwback from last month's OktoberFresh event. We collaborated with Dreaming Out Loud and the good brothers of The Wayfarer Study who host Help The Pour (available on SoundCloud and Apple Podcasts)on this event. We also linked up with The Wayfarer Study to do our first live show together. Lots of beer and plenty of laughs. Our guests this episode were: Zachary Curtis - Founder and Owner, Good Sense...

Duration: 01:41:09

Episode 48: "Fresh Code" with Malik Jarrett and Doyle Song

The Eat vs Enemies: Battle to Uplift the City Pop-Up is just five days away so of course we had to get friend of the show, Doyle Song of Enemies Forever, and Malik Jarrett of EAT. to give us the breakdown on the event. We get a few details from Malik on his background leading up to creating one of the most recognizable brands coming out of DC. Both guys also go into the importance of maintaining DC's identity through street fashion, why hate and exclusion are more disrespectful to the city...

Duration: 01:18:10

Episode 47: "One for the City" with Morgan Hungerford-West

Sending out well-wishes to one of our inspirations to do this show, the OG Reggie Ossé aka Combat Jack, as he battles stage 4 colon cancer. May all the love and effort you've put into the craft be shown to you as you return to good health. Three interviews away from our 50th - Woot Woot! *In our Juggalo voice* Today's episode also marks our final at Impact Hub DC. It has been a great run but we're now taking our act on the road and across the city for a while. To close out things out, we...

Duration: 01:09:38

Episode 46: "Make 'em Highlight My Simplest Lines" with Imani K. Brown

Backpack Matt returns! This episode, we talk to tattoo artist, illustrator and entrepreneur Imani K. Brown about her artistic roots, being an unconventional person in a mostly conventional environments like Clark-Atlanta University and a Zeta Phi Beta line, her love for Kawaii culture and twice annual Japan trips, the legendary and recently closed Pinz-N-Needles tattoo shop in DC and how Kendrick Lamar really wants to be Isaiah Rashad. Plenty of unpopular opinions discussed on this one....

Duration: 01:51:04

Episode 45: "The Get Back" with Ricky Dreamer

Ricky Dreamer is a father, husband, educator, entrepreneur and creative director. He is the founder of Dream for Purpose, "a creative house based in East America" and one of the most driven, ambitious guests we've had. We get into the mechanics of DFP and also discuss his start in the music industry, working with his friend and mentor Kenny Burns at Studio 43, what happens when you lack humility, falling off and then getting back, the Richmond music scene and what lies ahead for Ricky...

Duration: 01:31:11

Episode 44: "Tapes and Beat Breaks" with Judah

Our apologies for the sound issues last week. We're good money now. Geronimo Knows sat down with music producer and creative, Judah, in studio this week. They covered everything from his start as a music producer, DMV Hip-Hop and still being only one generation in with its rap scene, having a successful career independent of the music industry, buying watches as investments, Critical Place Theory and much more. #NecessaryListening Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on...

Duration: 01:21:00

Episode 43: "Photo, Flash, Focus, Record" with Kate Warren

Kate Warren, aka GoKateShoot, is a photographer and creative entrepreneur whose work has been featured in The Washington Post, The New York Times, Playboy Magazine to name a few. This week's convo covered everything from pushing creative boundaries and making the art you want to see in DC, the #PussyGrabsBack and Impolite Company photo series, working with the first hijabi woman to pose for Playboy Magazine, her upcoming projects with the Hirshhorn Museum and FotoweekDC, what's good on TV...

Duration: 01:25:25

Episode 42: "Cuttin' Up a Storm" with Dexter Fields

Master barber, florist and entrepreneur Dexter Fields joined us in studio last week. This episode, we talk about his move to DC from Georgia in the late 80s, the grind changing but never stopping, how detail and style play a major role in his work as a barber and florist, black men embracing the grooming lounge experience and how the barber shop can be a place to diffuse unnecessary stereotypes of masculinity. We also learned Geronimo likes flowers. Critical Place Theory was super honest...

Duration: 01:20:56

Episode 41: "Be a 'G', Follow My Lead" with Shelly Bell

This week's guest is creative entrepreneur and digital coach, Shelly Bell. We kinda went off script and talked about everything from being a mother of three, a computer scientist, an owner of multiple businesses, a Google Digital Coach, dating and marriage, and much more. Critical Place Theory got a little real, too. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Links: [at]iamshellybell on Social Media

Duration: 01:01:20

Episode 40: "Photoshoot Fresh" with Donald Stevenson

This week's episode, Geronimo and Matt talk to youth advocate and photo activist Donald Stevenson. The Harlem native and longtime DC resident gives us more insight to how the trials and tribulations of his childhood led to community work, and later photography, as an adult. We cover a lot of ground - Mass Incarceration's negative impact on the Black community, Critical Place Theory, the #WhyFearMe Photo Project and Dream Big youth career exploration trips, and so much more. Spread the word...

Duration: 01:50:24

Episode 39: "Dress it Up and Make it Real" with Anika Hobbs of Nubian Hueman

We're back in studio this week! DC has numerous independently-owned apparel stores throughout the city. One store in particular has not only helped add a little more "fly" to people's wardrobes and homes, but has also shown many the creativity and beauty which exists on the east side of the Anacostia River. Anika Hobbs is the owner of Nubian Hueman, a retail store featuring products and designs reflective of Black Culture, located inside the Anacostia Arts Center. We talked about Anika...

Duration: 01:01:38

Episode 38: "Laced Up, Dripped Up" with Tarik "Star" Baker of Aglit Italy

We round out our NYC episodes with Tarik "Star" Baker, accessories designer and owner of premium shoe lace brand Aglit Italy. We talk Star's come up from Hempstead, Long Island to making a mark in the city, being part of the legendary Lo-Lifes, prior business ventures, creating opportunity vs waiting for opportunity, taking L's and rebuilding, creating the first premium shoe lace brand in the world and a whole lot more. A necessary listen for aspiring and current creative entrepreneurs....

Duration: 00:48:31

Episode 37: "6PM in New York" with Jamila Galloway of G-Star RAW

Most of us love fashion and have our favorite brands we've been loyal fans of for years. On the flip side, most of us don't know about what goes on behind-the-scenes at these brands. Geronimo talks with his friend Jamila Galloway who works as Marketing Manager for G-Star Raw (US & Canada) about working on the corporate side of fashion, moving to and becoming an adult in New York City, and what it takes to make it in the industry. We also take a Critical Place Theory break. Plenty of cloth...

Duration: 01:07:26

Episode 36: "The World is Yours" with Amon Focus of New York Said

This week's episode is the first of three out of town joints we'll be hitting you with. Host Geronimo Knows interviews Amon Focus - an interviewer who is also a South Jamaica Queens native, travel photographer, creative director and founder of New York Said - A global documentary initiative. We talk about his years before realizing he was a creative, working in the travel industry, personal style, why New York Said is bigger than NYC along with the first out-of-town edition of Critical...

Duration: 01:15:16

Episode 35: The Grove with Craig Daly and Charlie Louis

We skipped a week and an episode on purpose. There's always a method to the madness of The All the Fly Kids Show. Since we like to focus on the present, we're back! Craig and Charlie are owners of The Grove - "An innovative service that delivers high-quality, organic teas paired with a free cannabis gift." We talk about The Grove, DC's recreational legalizing Initiative 71 and the cannabis industry at-large, growing up in DC and PG County, each of their West Indian heritages, designing the...

Duration: 01:11:51

Episode 33: Shaolin Jazz with Gerald Watson and DJ 2-Tone Jones

We love lifestyle events at All The Fly Kids which is why we invite the producers of some of the best to come through. Shaolin Jazz, made up of Gerald Watson and DJ 2-Tone Jones, has given DC and some other cities across the globe incredible events infused with the four elements of hip-hop and all of the culture’s influences. We talk about the beginnings of each man’s career, how they came up with the name Shaolin Jazz, the decrease in the number of experiential/lifestyle events in DC, and...

Duration: 01:30:26

Episode 32: Writer's Block with Briana Younger

If you're a music lover who occasionally clicks on a link to an artist interview or album review in a major music publication, chances are you've read word written by Briana Younger. The North Carolina native and Howard alum was gracious enough to let us in on her life, how she got started writing, why Gucci Mane is her favorite rapper and that one time she met him, what it's like working as a SiriusXM music programmer and her takes on the being a music journalist in today's music...

Duration: 01:21:04

Episode 31: "Untitled" with Ari Theresa, Esq.

We chopped it up with community activist, attorney, and owner of Stoop Law Firm Ari Theresa for this week's episode. This one goes untitled because we thought it would be unfair attempting to condense the invaluable work Ari does everyday. Oftentimes, the most influential among us aren't poppin' on the 'gram. We covered everything from being a fourth generation Washingtonian, why he started Stoop Law in DC's Historic Anacostia neighborhood, representing the Barry Farm Tenants and Allies...

Duration: 01:04:35

Episode 30: "4:44 on a Sleepless Morning" with Marcus K. Dowling

Late but still great. No BBQ invite? Our favorite cultural agitator and friend of the show, Marcus K. Dowling joins us for an impromptu discussion on Jay Z's latest release. With critics and fans alike calling this his best work, it's also his most polarizing. Social media has been abuzz (read: a mess) since Friday. We break down the most discussed opinions on the album - #MenAreTrash, what Black Empowerment means to black nationalists & black socialists (and everyone in between), Apathy...

Duration: 01:28:28

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