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Ep. 042 Keyword Podcast: Expanding to other Marketplaces

One of the biggest ways to grow your Amazon business is by expanding off of Amazon to other marketplaces. There are several marketplaces you can and should be selling on. In this episode former Amazonian Peter Kearns tells us which marketplaces you should be selling on and steps you can follow to expand.

Duration: 00:11:20

Ep. 041 Keyword Podcast: What's Your Product Review Number?

It’s been nearly a year since Amazon made a major change when it comes to reviews. They banned Incentivized Review Clubs, disrupting a major go-to strategy for many Amazon merchants. In this episode we’re looking at reviews and the importance both positive and negative reviews have on sales and ranking. Plus, our Amazon Insider, Andrea Leigh, shares how you can figure out how many reviews your product needs.

Duration: 00:12:43

Ep. 040 Keyword Podcast: Improving Customer Service

Good customer service is key to being successful on Amazon. Customer service is one of the biggest things that customers will notice about your brand and it can set you apart from other sellers. Former Amazonian Emily Murray joins us to talk about how you can improve your own customer service. Emily’s template to respond to negative reviews: “Dear Client, We’re really sorry that you don’t like the {product here}, but we’re here to help you. Here’s my phone number {or} Please contact us...

Duration: 00:15:07

Ep. 039 Keyword Podcast: Three Amazon Tools to Help Brand Owners

The Amazon Marketplace was initially created for resellers. In recent years, the Marketplace has shifted to a place where small businesses can launch their own brands and build them up using the platform. Amazon has embraced this shift and has been creating tools to help brand owners. In this episode, we’re talking about three tools Amazon has created to help brand owners. We’ll be talking about Early Reviews, Amazon Insights and Transparency with former Amazonian Peter Kearns from...

Duration: 00:16:54

Ep. 038 Keyword Podcast: Getting Money to Grow Your Amazon Business

Running an Amazon business requires capital. Sellers need money to start and then they have to decide if they’ll try to bootstrap growth or go get a loan. In this episode, we’re talking about Kabbage, a company that’s changing how small businesses get access to money.

Duration: 00:14:57

Ep. 037 Keyword Podcast: Competing in a Competitive Sponsored Products Space

Amazon Sponsored Products is getting more and more competitive. Sellers can no longer let ads just run on auto-pilot. There are things Sellers can do to help be more competitive with the Sponsored Ads that they are running. Former Amazonian Mike Ziegler used to work on the Sponsored Products team at Amazon and he shares several ways the Sellers can stay competitive in a competitive Sponsored Products space.

Duration: 00:13:05

Ep. 036 Keyword Podcast: Does it Matter where Products are Made?

This week’s Amazon Insider, Eric Heller, recruited some of the first sellers to the Amazon Marketplace. In this episode, we discuss manufacturing in the United States or other countries and whether that makes products sell better.

Duration: 00:11:24

Ep. 035 Keyword Podcast - Sales Tax Amnesty


Duration: 00:10:59

Ep. 034 Keyword Podcast: What is Transparency?

Former Amazon Employee Peter Kearns talks with us about the new Amazon Program Transparency. It’s a way for Amazon to try to prevent counterfeit products from being sold on the marketplace. It’s another tool for Brand Owners.

Duration: 00:11:24

Ep. 033 Keyword Podcast: Creating a Holiday Plan

Eric Heller with Marketplace Ignition talks with us preparing for the Holiday shopping season, why it’s important and the most important thing to focus on.

Duration: 00:09:17

Ep. 032 Keyword Podcast: Sponsored Products

Sponsored products, it’s a relatively new part of the amazon marketplace, it’s only five years old. Sponsored products was launched in 2012. In 2013 Mike Ziegler joined the sponsored products team at Amazon and this week Mike joins us as our Amazon insider. You can contact him at Marketplace Clicks -

Duration: 00:07:41

Ep. 031 Keyword Podcast: Keywords

Keywords are one of the many back end components that have to be properly optimized or else customers won’t be able to find your products. The most important thing when it comes to keywords is to think like a shopper. Eric Heller of Marketplace Ignition is the episode's Amazon "Insider." Eric recruited some of the first sellers to the Amazon Marketplace. Now he helps some of the biggest brands grow their brands on Amazon. One of the things he helps his customer with is keywords.

Duration: 00:09:38

Ep. 030 Keyword Podcast: Amazon Handmade

Amazon wants to be a platform for everyone and that includes people who make their own products. Things like custom woodworking, purses, jewelry and more. The popularity of Etsy proved there was demand. That’s why Amazon launched a competitor to Etsy called Amazon Handmade.It’s a marketplace for those kinds of sellers, Amazon calls them Artisans. “Senior leadership has always seen Etsy as an opportunity for Amazon that had never been explored,” says former Amazonian Marell Morel. Marell...

Duration: 00:08:59

Ep. 029 Keyword Podcast: Prime Day Prep

Amazon’s Prime Day is back and set for the second week of July. Sellers need to be preparing now to take advantage of one of the biggest shopping days on Amazon each year.

Duration: 00:10:14

Ep. 028 Keyword Podcast: Amazon Local Love

Amazon is back on the podcast talking about a program they’ve started to help sellers give back to their own communities. It’s called Local Love: Sellers interested in being involved with Local Love can contact the team at: Erica Takeuchi, Senior Marketing Manager, and Amy Scott, Marketing Specialist, are this week's "Amazon insiders."

Duration: 00:07:22

Ep. 027 Keyword Podcast: Head of Prime Now Shares what Sellers Need to Know

The head and vice president of amazon’s Prime Now, Stephenie Landry, tells us three things Amazon merchants should know about Prime Now.

Duration: 00:09:43

Ep. 026 Keyword Podcast: Five Ways to Grow your Brand from Head of Amazon Marketplace

This week we have something special. You’ll hear from the Vice President of the Amazon Marketplace, Peter Faricy. He’s the most senior executive at Amazon directly involved with the Marketplace and has run the business since 2009. “I think every day about how can I help these small/medium businesses be successful all over the world,” says Peter, “We think about what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and how we can help them be successful.” Peter was recently at the Shoptalk Conference...

Duration: 00:09:27

Ep. 025 Keyword Podcast: Updates to Brand Registry Coming

Brand Registry is expanding to provide more tools to help sellers dealing with counterfeit products. Peter Kearns with eGrowth Partners joins us. He’s talked with Amazon about the updates and he tells us what we can expect.

Duration: 00:10:41

Ep. 024 Keyword Podcast: Buyer Seller Messaging Changes

This is a breaking news episode. Amazon has made changes to Buyer Seller Messages and now shoppers can opt out of receiving messages from sellers. We’ve reached out to Amazon and haven’t heard from them yet so we don’t when this update was rolled out. Sellers started telling me about it on Tuesday, March 28th.

Duration: 00:20:28

Ep. 023 Keyword Podcast: New Things at Amazon

Description: Amazon is constantly testing new and innovative ways to get products to consumers in Seattle. Programs that work well in Seattle will be expanded. In this episode, we take a look at some of those programs and how they might impact third party sellers. Have you ever heard of the Amazon Treasure Truck? The truck is covered with flashy signs and billboards and drives around Seattle carrying a limited amount of flash deals. You can buy them in advance or have a notification sent...

Duration: 00:08:51

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