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The Amy Guth Podcast from Chicago's Very Own 720 WGN

The Amy Guth Podcast from Chicago's Very Own 720 WGN
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Chicago, IL


The Amy Guth Podcast from Chicago's Very Own 720 WGN




Amy Guth and Rex Huppke Full Show Podcast 11.10.17

Amy Guth and Rex Huppke fill in for John Williams today, as they discuss what makes it hard for victims of sexual assault to come out and talk about it, and what made it perhaps easier for Louis C.K. to admit to his actions. Comedian Michael Ian Black talks about the role of Twitter and its influence on the comedy community. Hope for the Day Founder Jonny Boucher lists the different ways that his organization facilitates a dialogue on mental […]

Duration: 01:10:51

Hope for the Day Founder Jonny Boucher: “Where tragedy lies, opportunity exists”

It all started with a passion for ice cream. Rex Huppke and Amy Guth welcome Hope for the Day Founder Jonny Boucher into the studio. He talks about talking about mental health issues. Join the cause to prevent suicide Sunday at the Dairy Queen on Wehrli Road.

Duration: 00:17:35

Comedian Michael Ian Black: “There’s an expectation for us to always be ‘on'”

Comedian Michael Ian Black tells Amy Guth and Rex Huppke what Twitter as a social platform, and sexual assault allegations, have done to the world of comedy. Then, Michael talks about his book, A Child’s First Book of Trump. Check out his podcast, “How to be Amazing with Michael Ian Black”!

Duration: 00:11:35

Saturday Night Special | No Coast Cinema & Cinepocalypse

On this special edition of the Saturday Night Special, host Amy Guth teams up with Tom Hush and Conor Cornelius from No Coast Cinema on WGN Plus to talk all about horror and other genre film. They preview the upcoming Cinepocalypse film festival at the Music Box Theatre with the festival’s artistic director, Josh Goldbloom, and also discuss the popularity and deeply committed community behind horror cinema.

Duration: 01:11:22

Saturday Night Special 10.20.17 | Online Privacy

On this special online edition of the Saturday Night Special, host Amy Guth takes a look at the complicated nature of online privacy and what it means when you skim past that annoying Terms of Service contract and hit “agree” without a second thought. Amy talks with Jacob Silverman and B.J. Mendelson, two authors that have been exploring this topic in-depth and have come to some concerning conclusions. They both give their individual take on social media, data breaches and […]

Duration: 01:04:02

Saturday Night Special 9.16.17 | Behind the Scenes

In this special podcast, host Amy Guth and producer Tom Hush sit down to discuss the making of the show as well as the course of the Saturday Night Special over the next few months.

Duration: 00:26:38

Saturday Night Special 9/10/17 | Climate and Weather

This week on the Saturday Night Special, host Amy Guth welcomes a series of guests to discuss the current state of our planet’s climate and what we can expect from our weather in the future. Dr. Stephen Strader, Derpartment of Geography & Environment at Villanova d talks about the role of population and infrastructure in environmental disasters and what we might be able to do in the future to minimize damage. Daniel Horton, assistant professor at Northwestern University explains […]

Duration: 01:17:38

Amy Guth and Jen Bosworth 9.4.17 | Lady Killers: Deadly Women Throughout History

Amy Guth and Jen Bosworth are back to fill in for the first half of The Download! This time, they welcome writer Tori Telfer to the studio to talk about her upcoming true crime book “Lady Killers: Deadly Women Throughout History”. They discuss some of the femme fatales Telfer has written about and explore some of our preconceived notions about serial killers, women and the nature of our own violent tendencies. We also get an update on iGrow Chicago’s Peace […]

Duration: 01:20:23

Saturday Night Special 9.2.17 | Board Games

This week on the Saturday Night Special, host Amy Guth takes a look at the deceptively simple world of board games. Not just well known favorites like Monopoly and Risk, but also complex modern games of great skill and strategy that have grown the tabletop gaming business into an over $9 billion industry. Amy talks with Erin LaFlamme, writer for Cardboard Republic and co-host of the Greatway Games Podcast, about the long history of board games in human societies. LaFlamme […]

Duration: 01:21:30

Wil Wheaton talks board games, the gaming community and webseries “Tabletop”

Actor, writer, podcaster and professional geek Wil Wheaton joins host Amy Guth on the Saturday Night Special this week to talk about the deceptively simple topic of board games. A lifelong gamer, Wheaton discusses the recent resurgence in the popularity of board games, the rich diversity in the gaming community and why tabletop gaming might just be the breath of relief that we need from our hectic everyday lives.

Duration: 00:19:46

Saturday Night Special 8.26.17 | Space

This week, millions across the U.S. came together to view a total solar eclipse that captivated witnesses and inspired a renewed interest in our cosmos. Which begs the question, what is it about space that captures our imagination? How has the study of our universe affected our past and what lies ahead as we inch closer to expanded space travel? As ever, host Amy Guth welcomes a group of experts to help us explore the final frontier. Author Alex Salkever […]

Duration: 01:18:00

Wintrust Business Lunch 8/26/2017: Gabriela Barkho, Ira Boudway & Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz

Amy starts things off by talking to writer Gabriela Barkho about her recent piece in Bloomberg about Blue Apron’s recent struggles and why it’s becoming difficult for subscription box services recently. Then, Amy talks about how Whole Foods prices are going to be dropping now that Amazon’s in charge. Bloomberg’s Ira Boudway Ira told Amy about his article on basketball stars after their NBA careers, investing in startups, instead of more traditional post-NBA career professional paths. Last...

Duration: 00:37:05

Saturday Night Special 8.19.17 | Sleep

This week on the Saturday Night Special, host Amy Guth takes a look at the thing that everyone needs but never seems to get enough of: sleep! She talks with Dr. Bharati Prasad, Director of the UIC Sleep Center about the science behind bedtime and how sleep (or the lack thereof) can have a direct and measurable affect on your health. Next, Amy chats anthropologist Melissa Melby who has studied the cultural influences and norms surrounding humans and sleep. She […]

Duration: 01:17:14

Amy Guth and Jen Bosworth | 8.15.17

Amy Guth and Jen Bosworth finish their two-night residency on The Download with celebrity sightings, weird dreams and a little dive into DNA and family ancestry. Amy and Jen talk with listeners about their encounters with the stars, including chance encounters with the likes of Tom Hanks, Julie Haggerty and WGN’s own Walter Jacobson. Next, they recount some of their own strange recurring dreams featuring visits from beyond the grave and ninja fantasies. Finally, Amy discusses her recent...

Duration: 01:14:58

Amy Guth and Jen Bosworth 8/14/17

Amy Guth and Jen Bosworth are back at it again filling in for Justin Kaufman on The Download! Amy, Jen talk about Amy’s recent experience skydiving with the Golden Knights), running marathons and rescue animals. Plus, we hear from listeners about their own adventures, some tips on getting ready to run a marathon and the finer points of hedgehog ownership.

Duration: 01:19:59

Saturday Night Special 8.12.2017 | Adrenaline

This week on the Saturday Night Special, Amy examines the fascinating world of adrenaline. She talks about her recent experience sky-diving for the first time and then invites experts from a variety of fields to help her pin down some scientific and social details on adrenaline and how it has effected humans through time. First, she’s joined by Dr. Kristin Kreuger from Loyola, who talks about the evolutionary role of adrenaline and its differing patterns through the ages and even […]

Duration: 01:23:40

Business Lunch with Amy Guth 8/12/2017

Amy Guth talks with Washington Post’s Silicon Valley correspondent, Elizabeth Dwoskin, to discuss Facebook’s willingness to copy technology and design from other apps and platforms, and how it might be hurting innovation. Then, Ally Marotti, business reporter at Chicago Tribune, talks about the city’s plan to issue Airbnb registrations and how it will affect the industry in Chicago. Amy also shares her skydiving experience and the music playlist that helped her prepare for the giant leap.

Duration: 00:34:32

Saturday Night Special 8.5.2017 | Sex

On this edition of the Saturday Night Special, host Amy Guth talks about sex. She welcomes an array of “sexperts,” from a clinical psychologist to educators to a sex shop owner to attempt to break down the awkwardness that usually surrounds the taboo topic. To begin, Dr. John Duffy joins Amy in the studio. They talk about the psychology of sex and how it varies culturally and from generation to generation. They also answer listener questions on how to talk […]

Duration: 01:25:30

Business Lunch with Amy Guth 8/5/2017

Amy talks with Adrienne Roberts from The Wall Street Journal to discuss the joint venture of Mazda and Toyota to build a billion dollar plant in the U.S. Then, Frank Devincentis, Senior Vice President and Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley in Chicago, joins Amy in studio to discuss the latest release of the Job Report. Next, Lauren Zumbach from Chicago Tribune then shares information on Illinois companies mobilizing in the wake of the news of Foxconn moving to Wisconsin. Lastly, […]

Duration: 00:40:59

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