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Anthill 17: Science by the seaside

shutterstockThere aren’t many places you can find musical robots, an Arctic smellscape and an art gallery for babies. But for one week in September, all of these and more were in Brighton for the annual British Science Festival. Naturally curious, The Conversation went along. Our team of editors spoke to many of the academics appearing at the festival – and in this episode of The Anthill, we’ll bring you the highlights. First up, the mind-bending project of Winfried Hensinger, a quantum...

Duration: 00:38:41

Anthill 16: Humour me

via shutterstock.comAugust is known as silly season in the news trade – it’s the time of year that you get stories about animals doing stupid things on the evening news (as opposed to just in internet memes). So we thought we’d embrace this and try to tickle you pink in this August episode of The Anthill podcast. As well as a few bad jokes, we investigate how our humour develops as we grow up. And we also look at the more serious side of being funny. First up, we delve into a bit of the...

Duration: 01:55:47

Anthill 15: Unexplored places

Into the unknown.pixabay.comIn this episode of The Anthill podcast, we are off exploring. Our theme is unexplored places and we speak to academics who research remote corners of land, sea and space. First, we go for a plunge into the ocean. The deep sea is often called the final frontier, a wild region we know less about than the surface of the moon. But is that really true? And what’s it actually like diving among the weird and wonderful creatures that exist thousands of metres below the...

Duration: 00:34:37

Anthill 14: Music on the mind

via shutterstock.comWe’ve got music on our minds in this episode of The Anthill podcast. We talked to psychologists, cultural historians, classical pianists and neuroscientists to find out more about what music does to our brains, and how it moves us. If you’ve ever had a song stuck in your head, playing on a loop, that you just can’t shift, you might find our first interview useful. We spoke to music psychologist Kelly Jakubowski at Durham University who researches the phenomena known as...

Duration: 00:40:13

Anthill 13: All the world's a game

shutterstock.comOn this month’s episode of The Anthill we are playing games – computer games, grammar games and real life games too. We speak to a researcher who’s fascinated by what happens to people who turn game playing into a career. And we’ll look at whether we can make education more engaging by turning it into a competition. First we talk to an expert in game theory. Abhinay Muthoo is an economist at the University of Warwick who specialises in one of game theory’s key concerns:...

Duration: 00:23:49

Anthill 12: Don't remember this

shutterstock.comIn this episode of The Anthill podcast we delve into the world of memory. We talk to psychologists, historians and political scientists about how and why we remember some things and forget others. First up, our science editor, Miriam Frankel, finds out why people are susceptible to remembering things that didn’t actually happen to them. Psychologists Martin Conway, a professor at City University, and Sue Sherman, a senior lecturer at Keele University, describe some of the...

Duration: 00:31:47

Anthill 9: When scientists experiment on themselves

shutterstock.comSelf-experimentation is something scientists have done since, well, science began. Throughout history, testing a theory on one’s own body was the easiest route to getting an answer. You may be forgiven for thinking that this is a thing of the past. For starters, a sample size of one is rarely conclusive. Then there are pesky ethical review boards that need to be cleared. But it turns out self-experimentation is alive and well and the ninth episode of The Anthill features...

Duration: 00:25:38