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Tweaked Your Back Eh? Happy Sunday!

Matt talks about the weather again, his tweaked lower back, and works being a gym guy into another sentence. He considers forming a cross country intramural league but fears being the only one who would show up. There is also yoga and thanksgiving talk, a letter from Australia, and Matt making himself laugh, again. Apologies in advance.

Duration: 00:12:52

Family Not Listening? Welcome to Our World!

Of all the things that I am, a bikini model is not one of them, and you’re welcome in advance for that. You’re also welcome for this second TAVPC interview, where I sit and talk with fitness expert \ lifestyle coach, model, and all around Healthinista Marzia Prince. Both her and TAV’s philosophy’s are in sync for sure, however that doesn’t include hyper hand gestures.

Duration: 00:34:37

My Unnamed Wife and I Won’t Starve!

There’s nothing like Matt’s third solo attempt at being informative and comedic, not exactly excelling but not not excelling either… So there’s that. He talks about Halloween, answers a question about calcium replacements, struggles to say some of those replacements, and addresses how he can be such a non foodie but run a recipe site and blog. Also 5th Avenue bars are mentioned more than they should be.

Duration: 00:12:05

Balance Your Chakras, W\ Apple Cider Vinegar

So just to play it safe, one of the main reasons to go V is to protect animals, as Matt had to explain to a listener. Going solo this week, he at least doesn’t have to deal with hygiene questions, so you’re welcome in advance. He does touch on the logic behind cycling off certain foods, as well as the frustration with swallowing a pill and coughing up it’s contents an hour later. His IT guy also makes fun of his laugh, so there's that too.

Duration: 00:08:09

TAV Mails It In

Sometimes in life it helps to sit back and get a refresher, but quicker! Which is what Catherine and Matt do in recounting what led them down this path. From family who doesn’t understand what kale does for the world, to coworkers who think yoga for guys is code for gay, they get into that and more for this special TAVPC. Also the upward bow still isn't the wheelbarrow pose, so there's that too!

Duration: 00:25:11

Are Smoothies Awesome? Without Question Yes

It was only a matter of time before smoothies were a full topic as opposed to a drive by mention. We get into being that guy or gal in the family, whether it’s better to make a smoothie or just buy it, and how apple cider vinegar is the seeming elixir to all things in life. Matt also hopes it’s possible to just drink the food you would eat while Catherine shakes her head.

Duration: 00:15:15

Meat Free Meat? Just Add Chipotle!

So is the future Vegan? Seriously I’m asking, because today’s technology is only making it easier. We also discuss enriched semolina flour, something I thought Catherine was making up; different categories of green focused eating, and how today’s food supply is shored up with fortified X Y and Z... Honestly it's the Z that worries me, but Monsanto *cough Umbrella* says stop asking questions!

Duration: 00:20:06

Skinny White Vegan Women: A Win Win Squared?

So evidently vegan clothing is thing, an awesome thing. From vegan apparel becoming more mainstream to non V sites selling them, Catherine goes on to talk about handbags as Matt nods his head with a blank expression. She also mentions how not all sites cater to racial demographics, and something about consignment and higher end shops; where by that point Matt had checked out of the podcast.

Duration: 00:24:59

Beware of Vegan Acne: Sponsored by Dairy Propaganda

Well, nothing like revisiting an awkward topic from before, and this time with someone else! We discuss vegan feminine hygiene, the general kind as well, where and what cruelty free emblems to look for, and also talk about the benefits of going with smaller companies. Matt also gets Kat Von D confused with Sandra Bullock for some reason and hilarity ensues.

Duration: 00:29:38

Lactose Intolerant? There’s a Reason For That

They say you never forget your first time, and Matt’s was embarrassingly in his mid-30’s, when he finally gave up milk. They go on to talk about humans being the only species that drink another animal’s milk and how you lose nothing with alternatives. Catherine also helps Matt in dealing with green tea beginning to stain his teeth, as his squirreliness about his oral hygiene annoys and unites the nation.

Duration: 00:29:33

The Squirrely Among Us

Matt has allergies but still gives about 83 percent, while Catherine is back helping him advice a friend on what supplements she should take. They also talk about the difference in men and women’s bodies, as evidently that’s controversial for some reason. Not controversial though is debunking snake oil, bugging family for advice, and how you shouldn’t just rely on burgers for calories.

Duration: 00:29:36

Vegan Feminine Hygiene and Other Awkwardness

Matt riffs for a quick bit sans Catherine on dating while V focused, relationships outside of your lifestyle, and vegan porn bots. He also answers questions on animal free clothing, get’s a ‘someone like you’ question, and has google auto correct him into discomfort as he looks up vegan female hygiene products; clearly dealing with subjects relevant to his day to day life, or not that at all.

Duration: 00:12:32

Fun With Insulin Resistance

In the mood to pull your hair out? You should probably work with people in a retail setting too! We get into that and contradicting people’s sacred cows, fact checking popular information, and bulletproof coffee, which is a thing I’m told. Matt also tries to be clever, again, and Catherine vents her frustrations with the medical community.

Duration: 00:29:18

If V Eating is An Allergy: Just Kill Me Now

Have a hard time telling if someone with already dark skin got a tan on vacation? You’re not alone, trust me. You can also trust me, well Catherine, that when you go out to eat it’s probably okay to ask the chef or cook to modify the meal. We also talk about dining while V in Disney, wearing a shirt at a pool, and how vegan tamales are evidently a thing.

Duration: 00:29:46

Tennessee Chia Seeds: A Contradiction in Logic

If you’ve ever been in the deep south and found Subway is you’re only V eating option, at least half us has been there. The other half has been in Mexico, afraid he would drink the water and or lose a kidney. While we talk about traveling while V, we also hit returning food that hopefully doesn’t come back with extra saliva, that Thailand is surprisingly known for other things, and all things California style.

Duration: 00:28:34

Smoking Cessation: Sponsored by Virginia Slims

Ever hear of the International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine? In some quarters it’s considered more fun than a weekend in Vegas, minus the clap. Catherine talks about that blast while I wonder how clean the hotel rooms were. We also talk about physicians lack of nutritional education, biased sponsors, preventive care instead of popping pills, and how to avoid eating yourself into an early grave.

Duration: 00:29:39

Skittle Tasting Milk; The New Awesome?

So as the last of five kids, I can tell you I had it far easier than the older four in eating elaborate dinners, and by that I mean corn and green beans. Lesson learned, as well as understanding we’re not born liking cookies, breast milk doesn’t taste like skittles apparently, and I learned a new term this week called hyper palatable… Which evidently isn’t me running around holding wooden palates.

Duration: 00:29:35

Easy Now, There’s a Label For That

So there’s pretty much a label for everything and one, but if you actually use them you suck. Well you can suck with us as we explore Vegan labeling and what to look for and avoid. We also briefly talk about honey, manure (honey manure?) making this lifestyle simple and how it’s as easy to go V today as it’s ever been.

Duration: 00:29:46

Vegan Breakups: A National Disgrace

What, you think you can just walk away from V eating?! Well I mean you could and all, but might roll a few eyes on the way out. Which is to say we talk about people who leave the lifestyle, while dealing with those still in and the one’s who said you’d be back. Also Catherine tells me there are more spices than salt and pepper, to which I laugh and then furiously google her words to confirm such heresy.

Duration: 00:29:52

Chicken Caser Salad: Hold the Chicken

So this week is our first ITFPC, that’s In The Field Podcast for people who don’t like acronyms. In it I talk with my niece, who is apparently 14 and not 10, though I can’t be blamed as I have more than one! Either way we both went vegetarian for three days and lived to talk about it. Truth be told it was somewhat stacked against her, as I could have had an all liquid diet, whereas she’s normal and actually had to work at it.

Duration: 00:19:49

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