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A Non Foodie V Eater? Done and Done!

Part two of the interview with The Chick Peeps Evanna Lynch is here, where Matt remembers not liking canned vegges as a kid and Evanna wonders if it’s easier for non foodies to go V. (The answer is YES!) They also talk approaching life and food positively, how V eaters will be on the right side of history, and how to talk to kids about going green. There’s also talk of dating while green, with ensuing awkward examples.


When Vegan Podcasters Meet: Part 1

Activist actress and all around awesome (that’s triple A where I come from!) person Evanna Lynch is the TAV’s latest interview. A fellow green podcaster, we start with how important healthy sleeping habits are, something that puzzles Matt greatly. Evanna also talks about her journey and how she’s learned veganism is not just for the body but the heart. And from avoiding the negative in life to how meat eaters can surprise us, we talk about that and more about becoming more conscious on...


V Is For Vegan: No, Seriously

Nothing like a guy who isn’t into sports talking about sports. Matt goes into semi depth about the Eagles VS Patriots, how he can’t get through the chant, and the Superbowl snacks he’ll be having. A new mom also reaches out w\ some thoughts, Matt deals with his recipes and humor, and how V doesn’t always stand for Vegan.


But In Philly Talk: Eagles Is Spelled W\ An I

Hi, it's me, Matt... More accurately Matt in rush mode, more so. Later tonight this will be changed, but for now I'm just typing this quickly to get the TAVPC up before I fine tune and tweak and what not. Anyway, that's all I can think of at the moment. Oh and hi, also hi.


Near Term Horizon? Yep, That's A Thing Now!

Nothing like a third helping of mailing it in, as this week got away quick; which is easily demonstrated with Matt displaying the walking contradiction he is in any number of ways. And going along with that theme we talk Christians hippies, cleansers that don’t really cleanse, and something about androids not needing to do things that humans do.


The Toned Guy's Plight, and Fun!

Matt's in a rush this week but will update this in a gif! Or is that jif? No I'm not plugging Jif PB, but honestly it's the bee's knees.


A Jersey Girl Mantra

Nothing like starting the year off with a hyper dude from Jersey interviewing a low key Jersey gal in Costa Rica. Kelly Elizabeth Behrend is a yoga practitioner and teacher living in Central America. She shares what led her down her path and what these practices can do for everyone, and that there’s also hope for someone like me. We also talk energies, getting to your center holistically, and how a lot of people are sleep walking through life without truly being aware. Matt also wonders if...


Iced Teas From Long Island New York

The post office must be open on New Year’s day because Matt mail’s another one in! He very briefly talks about being the kind of drunk who would sing if he actually got drunk, next week’s really cool interview with a Reiki master, and a few other things. We then go from that to a shortened TAVPC from a year gone by, but not really that far gone, by.


Placebo You Say? I’ll Take Two!

From the tropics to the tundra, Matt talks with Lenny Gale who along with his family, recently moved from Hawaii to Minneapolis. They discuss how he and his wife Shalva attempt to get people to eat as healthy as possible, and their journey to where they are today. Lenny also goes through his meal planning, soups and queso, and other aspects to eating that leaves Matt wondering why he even bothers. They also touch on a piecemeal approach to V eating, the placebo affect, and the benefits of...


Everyone Poops? Not Androids!

Could long term V eating drive you nuts or give you the shakes; maybe mess with your digestion? Are those Christian hippies in Southern California (a place called Loma Linda apparently) onto something with their holy yet far out health focused thinking? What about digestive kidney and liver cleansers, what’s their deal? And how's about power washing your insides once in a while. All those awesome questions and more will be answered on this edition of the TAVANGPC!


Eating Bad Feeling Bad; Good!

Well nothing like an “uptight hippy” talking about supplementing his lack of eating and how to bulk up with various powders. Episode three of the TAVANGPC covers which brands are good and why, avoiding over medicating and supplementation, along with the struggles of putting on muscle weight and eating crappy and feeling worse; which can be a great sign if you think about it!


Dude; Just Be The Change

Welp, we're back for our second TAVANGPC! From hot bloods to hot yoga, we get into how to approach people on your radar when going V. And also how it's a good idea to know your audience, and as Catherine said; "Be the change you want to see in the world." Which is to say she was quoting Gandhi, not me. If she was quoting me, she'd make that 'yuck' sound I make when wondering just how hot yoga classes deal with the ambient environment.


That's Not the Wheelbarrow Pose

Okay everyone, sit back and enjoy The Apathetic Vegan's first PC. In it we include the right amount of information and awkward to help you learn and laugh. Both Catherine and Matt go through their backgrounds and what led them down their respective paths. You'll learn quickly how the former uses her knowledge to help people live healthier, and how the latter gets a NSFW yoga pose confused with a mainstream one.