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29: Daniel Holtzclaw

Daniel Holtzclaw seemed like a great guy. He was an OKC police officer with a bright future, but this persona would be destroyed in an instant. After only a few years on the force - Daniel was accused of abusing his status and power as a police officer to sexually assault women he carefully selected while on his patrol. ---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email: Website:...

Duration: 00:50:35

Chasm Ep.3 - Brenda Spencer

Brenda Spencer lived across the street from the Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, CA. One day when she was just 16 years old...Brenda opened fired on the school from a window in her home because, she would later claim, she didn't like Mondays. ---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email: Website:...

Duration: 00:06:07

28: Sylvie Cachay

33 year old Sylvie Cachay was a young and driven fashion designer. One day, in December of 2010, Sylvie was found strangled in a bathtub at the elite SoHo House in NY. ---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email: Website: ---- Links: ---- Music: Chris Zabriskie - Cylinder Nine Ars Sonor - Efterdyningen Broke For Free -...

Duration: 00:24:25

27: Amityville Massacre

In 1974, Ronald Defeo Jr. quietly walked through his home in Amityville, Long Island, NY at around 3am in the morning. Ronald Jr. gazed upon his parents and 4 siblings as they slept. He could see the rise and fall of their breath, but what they couldn't see was that their son....their brother...was gripping his rifle and he was pointing it right at them. ---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email: Website:...

Duration: 00:29:17

Chasm Ep.2 - Kobe Child Murders

In Kobe, Japan children are being murdered and attacked. Police were able to close in on the attacker fairly quickly...who it turns out to be will is shocking...---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email: Website: ---- Links: ---- Music: Matt Clarke - Conspirators Ars Sonor - Efterdyningen Podington Bear - No Solace

Duration: 00:06:24

Chasm - Ep.1: The Disappearance of Chip Michael Campbell

Chip Michael Campbell walked out of Circle K on March 8, 2016 and was never seen again. Where did he go? What events lead to his last known moments? ---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email: Website: ---- Links: ---- Music: Matt Clarke - Conspirators Ars Sonor - Efterdyningen Kai Engel - Silence

Duration: 00:09:25

26: The Zodiac

A serial killer who seems to be targeting young couples is on the loose in CA. This unknown man will send letters and ciphers to news outlets and police taunting their efforts to try and catch him. Will they ever discover who this man is or will his identity forever remain a mystery? ---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email: Website:...

Duration: 00:48:00

25: Robert Hansen - The Butcher Baker

Robert Hansen was a quiet yet well known man in his quaint town in Alaska. He was nicknamed Baker Bob by the locals because of the delicious goods he would make in his bakery. He was also an avid and skilled hunter. No game was too little or too big for him. He would hunt sheep, wolves, bears and even....people. ---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email: ---- Links:

Duration: 00:22:25

24: Edmund Kemper

Edmund Kemper was a troubled young man all of his life. He was severely abused mentally and emotionally at the hands of his mother causing him to bottle his rage. Until one day...he snapped... ---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email: ---- Links: ---- Music: Kai Engel - Back to the Lighted Streets Ars Sonor -...

Duration: 00:30:24

23: Skylar Neese

Skylar Neese snuck out of her house at midnight one night to go joyriding with her two best friends, Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf. This late night cruise would be a front for an unthinkable crime. ---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email: ---- Links: ---- Music: Kai Engel - Pass the Lanterns Ars Sonor - Efterdyningen Scott Gratton -...

Duration: 00:36:17