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The Arbitrary Podcast Season 2 #EP04 - Tinder talk with Bob

Bob talks about his online dating experience and how its affected his life. Its deep. Balls deep. We strut into a "What would you rather" session like no other. Additionally we examine the rules of social media, what we love and hate about it. Its a roller coaster.

Duration: 01:07:47

The Arbitrary Podcast Season 2 #EP03 - Lotan Carter and Bob talk to a fat South African

We're back with our good friend Lotan Carter, we dive into this podcast with some live questions via Instagram that could have ruined everyone's career, but we managed to style it out. We talk about abortion, Hitler, Snapchat, Facebook and even a dash of politics. We kept the humour very close the bone. "What would you rather" questions hit some new lows and Lotan decided to bite back with some great replies. We had some goofs, some laughs, some tears, Bob loses his temper and Heinrich...

Duration: 02:58:50

Season 2 Live Episode 2

Live show where we talk about Jim Carrey and dive deep into "What would you rather" questions that will change your live...

Duration: 00:45:10

The Arbitrary Podcast Season 2 #EP02 - Talking to kids in a bar

This episode we discuss the culture of London and our home town of Braintree in Essex, is ok to talk to people? Should you talk to people? We also get deep with the best time travel film idea you will ever hear about. Donald Trump and North Korea also made the show. John Cena memes are included

Duration: 01:01:06

The Arbitrary Podcast Season 2 #EP01 - A New Beginning

Welcome to the new format! We talk to our good friend Bish about his thrifty purchasing habits, what would you rather and we review the worst song you will ever hear. Together we discover that we hate tourists and London is the greatest city ever.

Duration: 01:21:22

The Arbitrary Podcast - Conversations with a stripper

Heinrich sits down down with Lotan Carter on the pre big brother show where we dive into Lotans views and take on the world. Enjoy

Duration: 01:08:38

The Arbitrary Podcast - Politics

Ya bois, Heinrich and Bob get into the deep end of not knowing a single thing about politics. Join us on this pre general election podcast where we talk about Labour, the Torries and Trump. Heinrich tried to decide who to vote for and why he loves Trump, kinda.

Duration: 02:16:45

The Arbitrary Podcast - Simon Says

We sit down with an old chum, Simon. he loves chicken and physics and beer and airports and working at airports. We crack up the anger to level 1000 towards the tail end of this show. Enjoy.

Duration: 01:18:16

We Need To Talk ...

Announcing Season 2, we have been playing around with ideas and we will be making available a back catalogue of shows and ideas out of respect for those involved with them. Season 2 will be up and running end of Aug, follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more details.

Duration: 00:05:26

Live episode - Bob and Heinrich balls to the walls

What would you rather and story time enjoy

Duration: 00:43:44

The Arbitrary Podcast Episode 9 - Social Media kills and Bob uses Microsoft Access

Social Media is bad for you. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are all out to get you. Not really. We talk about what we love and hate about these platforms. And Bob uses Access ... Yes Access ... the same tool we used in high school ...

Duration: 01:02:20

The Arbitrary Podcast Episode 8 - Its All True

Bob and Heinrich sit down for another deep, meaningful conversation. We figure out nothing, we talk about everything. We put the world in its place. Sarcasm filled, swear words all over the place. You will learn nothing, yes, absolutely nothing on today's show. Enjoy.

Duration: 01:14:11

The Arbitrary Podcast Episode 7 - The Catholic Returns

Comedy punch in the face. The Catholic returns, its all about Katie Price, Martine Mccutcheon, Ireland, drink driving, would you roll it around for £500 and how Irish is James?

Duration: 01:09:16

The Arbitrary Podcast Episode 6 - Netflix knows who you're in bed with.

What does your online footprint say about you? Is it possible to ascertain someones sexual orientation based on their Netflix history and grocery shopping? We talk about this and other things. Many other things. Many indeed.

Duration: 01:03:46

Special Episode - The Arbitrary Podcast and Lotan Carter

We sat down with former Dreamboy and Big Brother UK housemate Lotan Carter in a special episode in order to shed light on his entrance and exit of the Big Brother house. Lotan also addresses how he got involved with Channel 5's Big Brother show, how not everything in the house is at it seems and he finally sets the record straight regarding the Dreamboys saga. Stay tuned to the end as Lotan gives us some exclusive news on his NEW SHOW, next moves and Love Island.

Duration: 00:55:09

The Arbitrary Podcast Episode 5 - North Korea, Trump and Working Harder.

We have a simple conversation about the state of play in the east with North Korea, Donald Trump and working harder. We share a few goofs some laughs and have an all round good time.

Duration: 01:11:23

The Arbitrary Podcast Episode 4 - A tea spoon of what?!

In this Arbitrary Podcast episode we talk to our good friend "Mallet" who has some fantastic ideas on how the world works, where he would hide a body and the perfect murder.

Duration: 01:14:33

The Arbitrary Podcast Episode 3 - William Marrion Branham and his cult

In this Arbitrary Podcast episode we talk about the time Heinrich was in a cult, "The Message", William Marrion Branham his rules for men and woman and why you can't eat eggs.

Duration: 01:22:53

The Arbitrary Podcast Episode 2 - Bob has a long lost brother?

Chicken smells funny on a Wednesday? Listen for details. There's a beer in it for you. In this Arbitrary Podcast episode we talk about family. Yes family. Bob had a brother he never knew about. We talk real, we talk deep, we talk YouTube and we talk annoying pranksters.

Duration: 01:05:46

The Arbitrary Podcast Episode 1 - The man who invaded himself

In this Arbitrary Podcast episode we talk about the man who invaded his own self, without consent. Why you shouldn't ask questions on the internet, what's funny and unfunny.

Duration: 01:56:40

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