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AI Show, Ep. 13: IBM Fellow Hillery Hunter on designing deep learning systems

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT AI Show, Hillery Hunter—IBM Fellow and director of the Accelerated Cognitive Infrastructure group at IBM Research—speaks about the state of the art in deep learning systems design. She discusses some record-breaking results that IBM recently achieved in distributed deep learning; ideal use cases for state-of-the-art image recognition; andthe pros, cons and advancements in everything from GPUs to cloud-specific hardware such as Google's TPUs. In the news...

Duration: 00:47:30

Ep. 36: Hilary Mason on the state of big data and AI in the enterprise

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, data scientist extraordinaire Hilary Mason covers a wide range of topics, including her path from Bitly to Cloudera—where she's now VP of research after the company acquired her applied research firm, Fast Forward Labs. Among other topics, Mason also discusses the state of AI readiness and adoption within large enterprises; the importance of getting "big data" pieces in place before jumping into AI; and who will actually do AI inside the companies that...

Duration: 00:41:20

Sponsored episode: ScaleFT CTO on global networks and zero-trust security

In this special, sponsored episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, ScaleFT co-founder and CTO Paul Querna discusses his company's unique approach to improving cybersecurity using the "zero trust" approach. Modeled after Google's BeyondCorp initiative and built with today's cloud computing models in mind, ScaleFT's platform takes the friction out of identity and access management for both users and security teams. You can find out more about the company at

Duration: 00:35:01

AI Show, Ep. 12: Savioke CEO on how robots are remaking room service


Duration: 00:35:23

Ep. 35: Packet CEO Zachary Smith on the business of a bare metal cloud


Duration: 01:00:16

AI Show, Ep. 11: SigOpt CEO on the art of model tuning and doing 'optimization as a service'

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT AI Show, SigOpt co-founder and CEO Scott talks about the how and why his company is delivering "optimization as a service" to machine learning models. While deep learning models are powerful, for example, achieving optimal performance can require tuning hundreds of hyperparameters—a time-consuming process when done manually. Clark also discusses the business of selling into the AI workflow; the very-necessary gap between academic research and production...

Duration: 00:56:05

Ep. 34: Usermind CEO on the still-rising cloud tide and the power of building for UX


Duration: 00:39:33

AI Show, Ep 10: Marynel Vazquez on social integration for robots and people

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT AI Show, Signe Brewster interviews Marynel Vaszquez—a recent Carnegie Mellon Ph.D student and soon-to-be Yale professor—about building robots that understand humans' social cues, and that give their own in return. Among other things, Vazquez discusses the importance of body language, facial expressions, and the promise of deep learning to teach robots about new environments and interactions. In the news segment, co-hosts Brewster, Derrick Harris and Chris...

Duration: 00:40:34

Ep. 33: Upskill CEO on the undying promise of Google Glass in industry


Duration: 00:57:30

AI Show, Ep. 9: Shaper founder Alec Rivers on building smart power tools


Duration: 00:43:29

Ep. 32: GitHub SRE on why the company moved to Kubernetes, and what it means for engineers

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, Derrick Harris speaks with Jesse Newland, principal site reliability engineer (SRE) at GitHub, about the company's recent move to re-platform one of its key pieces onto Kubernetes. Newland talks about why GitHub made the move; the benefits it has reaped in terms of flexibility and self-service; and how today's levels of automation and orchestration are streamlining processes from development to SRE. In the news segment, Derrick and co-host Barb Darrow...

Duration: 01:00:18

AI Show, Ep. 8: Jeremy Howard and Rachel Thomas (

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT AI Show, Derrick Harris speaks with Jeremy Howard and Rachel Thomas of, where they teach popular online courses aimed to get students up and running with deep learning. Among other things, Howard and Thomas discuss the promise of deep learning and early student successes (including Hot Dog, Not Hot Dog app from Silicon Valley), as well as the threat of job losses from AI and how seriously we should take Elon Musk's AI warnings. In the news segment,...

Duration: 01:09:19

Ep. 31: Elastic CEO Shay Banon on growing from side project to ubiquity

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, Elastic founder and CEO Shay Banon talks about the evolution of Elasticsearch—from an open source side project to popular big data tool to the core of a company worth nearly a billion dollars. He also shares his thoughts and strategies on the growth of Elastic, which, somewhat under the radar, has expanded to include multiple products and employ hundreds of people around the world. In the news segment, co-hosts Derrick Harris (ARCHITECHT) and Barb...

Duration: 01:11:12

AI and Robot Show, Ep. 7: Stephanie Tellex (Brown U.)

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT AI and Robot Show, Signe Brewster speaks with Brown University researcher Stephanie Tellex about the state of the art in human-robot interaction. Tellex explains recent advances in building robots that can better understand natural language and interact intelligently with people to accomplish tasks. She also shares a vision of a household-robot future, powered by current research in deep learning and robotic manipulation. In the news segment, co-hosts...

Duration: 00:43:04

Ep. 30: Ion Stoica on how RISELab is pushing the envelope on real-time data

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, Ion Stoica talks about the promise of real-time data and machine learning he's pursuing with the new RISELab project he directs at UC-Berkeley, along with some other big names in big data. Stoica previously was director of the university's AMPLab, which created and helped to mature technologies such as Apache Spark, Apache Mesos and Alluxio. Stoica is also co-founder and executive chairman of Apache Spark startup Databricks, and he shares some...

Duration: 01:06:21

AI and Robot Show, Ep. 6: Sharan Narang (Baidu)

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT AI and Robot Show, Derrick Harris interviews Baidu Research engineer Sharan Narang about the state of deep learning hardware performance. Narang discusses Baidu's DeepBench framework for benchmarking various Nvidia, Intel and ARM-based platforms on various workloads, and shares insights on how Baidu buys hardware and where the space is headed. In the news segment, co-hosts Derrick Harris, Signe Brewster and Chris Albrecht talk about the pros and cons of...

Duration: 00:58:37

Ep. 29: StackRox founders on making microservices secure

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, StackRox co-founders Sameer Bhalotra and Ali Golshan break down the state of container security and the new technology they have built to solve it. Bhalotra and Golshan have deep histories doing cybersecurity everywhere from startups to Google to the White House, which they draw on to discuss the security threats and opportunities that microservices present, as well as best practices for cybersecurity in general. This week, StackRox emerged from...

Duration: 00:41:48

AI & Robot Show, Ep. 5: Adam Gibson (Skymind)

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT AI and Robot Show, Derrick Harris interviews Skymind co-founder and CTO Adam Gibson about selling artificial intelligence to large enterprises. Gibson, who's based in Japan, also discusses, among other things, the differences between doing AI business in Asia and the United States; the popularity of industrial data among Skymind's customers; the necessity of working with existing data technologies and business processes; and why automation could be a good...

Duration: 01:08:21

Ep. 28: Buoyant CEO on building better applications, and conquering the fail whale, with microservices

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, Buoyant co-founder and CEO William Morgan talks about reasons for building cloud-native applications and how the barriers to adopting those technologies have fallen away over the past few years. He also discusses Linkerd, Buoyant's flagship technology; the company's recent $10.5 million funding round; his time helping scale Twitter to overcome its infrastructure woes; and how Buoyant plans to monetize its open source foundation. In the news segment,...

Duration: 00:57:26

AI & Robot Show, Ep. 4: Drone Racing League CEO on 'raising a generation of pilots'

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT AI and Robot Show, Signe Brewster speaks with Drone Racing League founder and CEO Nicholas Horbaczewski about the fast-growing sport he created, where pilots race drones at speeds up to 85 miles per hour. Among other things, Horbaczewski discusses the sport's evolution from idea to nationally televised event watched by 33 million people last year; how drone racing is pushing the industry to create better components for mainstream drones; and why he thinks...

Duration: 00:46:02

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