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29 – Work Is For Man, Not Man For Work

This week we welcome Ryan Pohl, brother of Mr. Craig Pohl to the show. Ryan is one of the founders of a new academy for the skilled trades which seeks to form the whole person and impart the Catholic understanding of the dignity of work. Ryan and his partners want men in the skilled trades … Continue reading "29 – Work Is For Man, Not Man For Work"


28 – Live Like No One Else So You Can Live Like No One Else

This week is all about finances. Even though we planned on talking about something completely different! The Borrower is Slave to the Lender – Proverbs 22:7 Owe no one anything – Romans 13:8 To learn more about Dave Ramsey, check out his website here You can watch this video about his car buying strategy here … Continue reading "28 – Live Like No One Else So You Can Live Like No One Else"


27 – Jerusalem Jones

This week we interview Steve Ray! Craig informs him of the upcoming Armchair Pilgrimage and Steve is all about it! We discuss his background and conversion, his film series, Footprints of God, his website, Catholic Convert, and the work he does evangelizing and bringing Christ to others. Steve is a high energy, fun, and engaging … Continue reading "27 – Jerusalem Jones"


26 – A Warm Bag Of Garbage

We return to a sort of grab bag episode of topics this week. Topics include: Craig’s recent trip to Hawaii Sean’s recent experience with Lenten penance The patronal feast of The Armchair Catholic – The Chair of St. Peter Having arguments on Facebook Also, several fans of the show have brought up the topic of what … Continue reading "26 – A Warm Bag Of Garbage"


25 – Cultivating Culture

This week we speak with Brian Fink, the Director of Catholic Culture at Church of the Resurrection parish in Lansing, MI. Brian speaks with us about the need to continue developing the intellectual life of faith and how ultimately this is a real and ultimate path to the love of God. He also gives some … Continue reading "25 – Cultivating Culture"


24 – Lent

Lent begins tomorrow! We talk about what the approach to Sundays during Lent should be, why we fast, and whether you should post your ashes on social media. To see what Craig was referencing from the USCCB check this link. To see what the Official Church regulations are concerning the Lent check this link. Specifically numbers … Continue reading "24 – Lent"


23 – Joe In Black

Fr. Joe Krupp is back for round two. In this episode, we ask him to riff on the daily life of a priest. He shares everything from his joy and awe at saying Mass and preaching to the struggles of sitting through finance council meetings. He speaks of the pain of walking with people who … Continue reading "23 – Joe In Black"


22 – Pilgrims Make Pilgrimages

Since Catholics care so much about the “stuff” of creation as a means of communicating God, pilgrimages are a classically Catholic things. They not only help us to “touch” moments of contact between the divine and human, the act of going on pilgrimage imitates the journey of life toward heaven. From today’s episode: Pilgrim comes … Continue reading "22 – Pilgrims Make Pilgrimages"


21 – In The Know With Fr. Joe

We interview Fr. Joe Krupp, a nationally syndicated columnist and pastor of Sacred Heart parish in Hudson, MI. Father speaks about how Jesus relentlessly pursued him on the path to the priesthood through the story of the multiplication of loaves and fish and how much God can do if we just offer him what little … Continue reading "21 – In The Know With Fr. Joe"


20 – Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

We open up a discussion about work on Sunday and quickly discover that there is more to this conversation than could be discussed in one episode. This might be a topic we come back to. Check out what the Catechism of the Catholic Church has to say about Sunday. You’ll find it in paragraphs 2168 … Continue reading "20 – Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!"


19 – Turn Around

Today’s topic is thanks to one of our listeners who sent us a list of topics he wanted to hear us discuss. One of those topics was a discussion of our personal conversion stories. We hope you enjoy and if you’d like to send us suggestions of your own for future podcasts, you can email … Continue reading "19 – Turn Around"


18 – Resolute Resolutions

Happy New Year! The guys talk about the annual ritual of making resolutions, the difficulty of keeping them, and what advice St. Ignatius of Loyola had to share about overcoming vices and establishing good habits. We also talk about distractions in prayer and how to handle them


17 – Wujek

Rich and his wife Maureen just had a baby boy they named John Paul Joseph. They named him John Paul because of the devotion Rich has to St. John Paul II. This leads to a conversation about the encounters and impacts St. John Paul had on the lives of the three guys. Merry Christmas…still!


16 – It’s An Armchair Christmas, Charlie Brown

Merry Christmas everyone! This week the guys talk about favorite Christmas movies, songs, etc. and talk about favorite Christmas traditions. We are so grateful for you, our listeners and wish you all a very Happy Feast of our Lord’s Birth.


15 – Thank God Ahead of Time

This week for the occasion of Our Lady of Guadalupe, we talk a bit about Our Lady’s apparition to Juan Diego in 1531 AD and the effect Our Lady’s intercession had on the evangelization of Mexico. The image is miraculous and we share a few facts about this amazing gift from God. To learn more … Continue reading "15 – Thank God Ahead of Time"


14 – Spiral Cut BethleHAM

Happy New Year! We discuss the new year in the Church’s liturgical calendar which begins with the first Sunday of Advent. We share traditions our families had when we were children and the ways we celebrate the season with our families now. This naturally flows into a conversation about Mary, the mother of Jesus, and her … Continue reading "14 – Spiral Cut BethleHAM"


13 – Healthy Cells

We reflect on the importance of being with the family as opposed to just trying to be busy and the problem of prioritizing work over family.


12 – Man Up

This week’s episode about masculine identity is inspired by the fact that Rich had just finished Bishop Olmsted’s exhortation to men, “Into the Breach.” We speak about the current state of religious practice among men, the way our culture portrays men in media, and discuss ways in which guys can recover a sense of true masculinity. … Continue reading "12 – Man Up"


11 – Bulldog Priest

On this episode of The Armchair Catholic, we interview Fr. Mike Schmitz, the chaplain of The University of Minnesota Duluth Newman Center – Bulldog Catholic. Fr. Mike tells us a bit about his conversion, his journey to the priesthood, and how his social media and speaking ministry began. He wraps up the conversation about his … Continue reading "11 – Bulldog Priest"


10 – Homecoming: An Interview With Katie Diller

We interview Katie Diller, the Director of Campus Ministry at Michigan State University and the Diocesan Coordinator for Campus Ministry for the Diocese of Lansing. Katie draws on her experience to provide great advice on preparing our sons and daughters for when they’ll leave home for college, how to help them once they’re there, and … Continue reading "10 – Homecoming: An Interview With Katie Diller"


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