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Episode 142: Goodfellas World Game Podcast - the Lionel Messi Red Suit Diaries edition

The Lionel Messi Red Suit Diaries edition of the Goodfellas Podcast, in which we revel in the mire that Manchester United find themselves in the EPL and all the A-League action that fits!

Duration: 00:59:56

Episode 114: Goodfellas: The World Game podcast - 'Ahoy Cap'n'

Our heroes review an outstanding week of A-League action and get stuck into the latest events and results in the EPL. We also raise the question; what would YOU do if Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson was captaining your flight from Singapore to London?

Episode 109: Goodfellas: The World Game podcast - 'Music and Soccer'

Vaughan and Steve discuss the opening round of the 2013-2014 Hyundai A League season, wrap up last week's EPL results, Dickie Rock opens up on a man-crush he has over a former Melbourne Heart Manager and Dr Cruel talks all things 80s Rockers; The Cult. Music and Soccer: That's the Goodfellas World Game Podcast.

Episode 107: Goodfellas: The World Game podcast - 'Def Leppard'

In this episode of the Goodfellas World Game podcast our heroes uncover some little known facts about 80's metal hair band Def Leppard and slaughter a Louis Suarez joke. Oh and there's some EPL talk as well. Bada-bing, bada-boom!

Episode 106: Studio 7 Melbourne podcast (ep 20) - Standard Definition

#20 Show dedications from us and our Twitter followers. We go Around the World to cover: Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Brownlow recap, AFL Grand Final, Dusty Martin, Buddy Franklin, Free Agency, Channel 7 Coverage, Cost of Living, The America’s Cup, NZ Choking, NRL Grand Final, Dally M Medal, Melbourne Storm, MLB Playoffs, Robbie Kruse, College Football, NFL, Rock, Paper, Scissors, David Nalbandian, Brian Scalabrine, Brian Lake, Mark Zanotti Medal & heaps more.

Episode 105: Cheap Seats podcast (ep 20) - Delving into history

Ryan O'Connell and Brett McKay are shown up to be hopeless punters, in a reflective Episode 20 of The Cheap Seats podcast. In this episode, the boys revisit some Episode 19 predictions that went less than well, Ryan tries to determine when a choke is not a choke, and Brett enters a dark place when talking about the Wallabies. Episode 20 talking points: Hawthorn's AFL Grand Final domination of Fremantle; the winners and losers of the NRL Preliminary finals, and a Grand Final preview; the...

Episode 104: The No Dickheads Policy (ep 15)- They're Back!

After a long work/ holiday break the boys are back. In this ep they chat with an Australian comedian about all the dickhead behaviour they've missed, and in a world exclusive Australian boxing champion Will Tomlinson talks about how he became caught up in an extortion attempt in Mexico whilst training. They also chat to NZ motivational expert for the America's Cup and Dickhead of the Week is back. Plus did you say there were spiders in the Nissan Pulsar???

Episode 102: Goodfellas: The World Game podcast - 'Gonzo'

Another week, another Goodfellas podcast, in which our heroes mourn the departure of "macchina eccitazione" Sunderland manager Paolo DiCanio, declare Alan Pardew 'gonzo' from Newcastle and manage a segue par excellence to adult entertainer Peter North in the podcast.

Episode 101: Cheap Seats podcast (ep 19) - Bugger me, that was Jeff Kennett

Brett McKay and Ryan O'Connell are deep in finals mode for Episode 19 of the Cheap Seats podcast. In this episode, the boys look at the AFL decider and examine Jeff Kennett's dodgy disguise, Brett tries to espouse the success of the AFL's expansion program while forgetting about Gold Coast and GWS, while Ryan tries and fails to "pronunciate" everything correctly. Episode 19 talking points: the AFL Prelim Finals wrap, and a look ahead at the Hawthorn-Fremantle GF; the NRL semi-finals wrap,...

Episode 100: Geek & Wilde (ep 27) - ODIs CLt20 And Other Acronyms

Peter Miller & Freddie Wilde discuss the England vs Australia ODI series, the Champions League T20 and Australian selections. Peter is so cynical that Freddie needs to step him to save him from himself.

Episode 99: Goodfellas: The World Game podcast -After A Week Off

After a week off for international friendlies, the lads return with a wrap of last week's EPL action and look ahead to this weekend's fixtures

Episode 98: S7 Melbourne (ep 19) - "Kennett vs Kerser"

Special announcement, we are LIVE commentating the Brownlow Medal on Monday night. Head to our Twitter @S7Melbourne for all the links and info! #19 Show dedications from us and our Twitter followers. We go Around the World to cover: Ricky Nixon, Top Sporting ‘Curses’, Dustin Martin, Mayweather, Bungy Brothers, Messi, AFL Finals, Prediction Recaps. Brownlow Medal, All-Australian Team, Outrage, MLB, Melbourne Storm Bandwagon, Clint McKay, Bernard Tomic, Peyton Manning, Joe Fernandez, NBA,...

Episode 97: Cheap Seats podcast (ep 18) - Donning the tinfoil hat

Sportswriters Ryan O'Connell and Brett McKay are back on the NASA moon landing sound stage for a conspiracy theory-laden Episode 18 of the Cheap Seats podcast. In this episode, Ryan accuses Brett of being a shameless Brumbies name-dropper, Brett seems to be welcoming Ricky Stuart and his underwhelming record to Raiders territory, and the boys celebrate the whole point of the Ashes Tour to England, with the 2-1 one-day series win. Oh, and Brett does drop another Brumbies name... Episode 18...

Episode 96: Geek & Wilde (ep 26) - England Selection Special

Peter "The Cricket Geek" Miller hates selection debates, but Freddie Wilde has talked him into having one. They choose their squad to go to Ashes in Australia with some help from Twitter legend Dave Tickner.

Episode 95: Cheap Seats podcast (ep 17) - A justified act of treachery

Episode 17: A justified act of treachery In another bumper edition of the Cheap Seats, Brett McKay is back in the host's chair as Ryan O'Connell can't be trusted with the technology required to welcome from Melbourne, AFL writer Cameron Rose. This week, Cam gives the run-down on why Eddie McGuire got a touch ahead of himself, and reacts beautifully to the fate of his beloved Richmond. Episode 17 talking points: all the ins and outs of the first week of the AFL Finals, plus what lies ahead...

Episode 94: Studio 7 Melbourne: Mad Monday

In this episode: Election News, Anti-Sport Loving, NFL Preview #3, AFL Finals Predictions, Jaeger, RIP Women’s Tennis, Bec Cartwright's missed career, Melbourne Storm & Brian Slater Gary Payton, Kobe Bryant, Gareth Bale is British now, St Kilda Culture, US Open, Lleyton, Mayweather, Freo, Bernard, Finchy, Essendon, Manziell, Kewell, Kosi, and many more!

Episode 93: Goodfellas: The World Game podcast - Hindsight

Our heroes cast their 20/20 hindsight upon Week 3 of the English Premier League and look to week four's matches.

Episode 92: Geek & Wilde England vs Australia ODI preview

Freddie Wilde is joined by Peter Miller to discuss the upcoming England vs Australia ODI series. Neither of them really care about it, but they have tried their best to sound enthusiastic

Episode 91: Cheap Seats podcast (ep 16) - Protecting the brand

Sportswriters Ryan O'Connell and Brett McKay are back from an unexpected break, for Episode 16 of the Cheap Seats podcast. In this episode, the boys try to make sense of the respective ASADA-related bombshells that blew up while they were off air, Captain Pronunciation strikes again, while Darren Lehmann's "we'll be more settled in Brisbane" comment is dissected. Episode 16 talking points: the ASADA investigations continue, the AFL comes down hard on Essendon, while the NRL plays 'wait &...

Episode 90: Geek & Wilde Oval Review - Extracting The Urine

Peter "The Cricket Geek" Miller and Freddie Wilde are joined by Dan Liebke and Sam Honywill to discuss the Oval Test and a contrived but exciting climax to the Ashes. This episode with no mention of urinating on grass in the middle of a field. Visit us
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