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Our ‘Art of Dying Well’ podcasts aim to make death and dying something we can talk about openly without discomfort or fear. Each month we interview a guest on a key topic, engage in a little ‘death chatter’ before getting the view from the ‘chaplain’s chair’.




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Episode 6: Funerals, Funeral Directors and Planning

Today's Art of Dying Well podcast looks at the world of the funeral director - looking after families and final wishes in the immediate aftermath of the death of a loved one. Not an easy job. Paul Allcock is our main studio guest. Paul's family-run independent business offers funeral services for the people of Norwich and the surrounding areas. We talk about the advantages of planning ahead, children at funerals, the pressures of the job and being buried in your football kit! 'Death Chatter'...

Duration: 01:19:52

Episode 5: Caring for the Elderly at the End of Life

An ageing population has a significant impact on care services, so for this month's 'Art of Dying Well' podcast, we're looking at how we care for elderly people nearing the end of life. To do this, we've brought in our guest reporter Nina Mattiello Azadeh. Nina visited The Charterhouse - a former Carthusian monastery in the heart of London, founded in 1611, that provides accommodation to a community of elderly residents known as 'Brothers'. Nina speaks to two Brothers and the Revd Robin...

Duration: 01:34:42

Episode 4: Art, Care and Accompaniment

Carolyne Barber's a very interesting lady. She has over 30 years of nursing experience caring for sick and dying people in many countries around the world. She's also a talented award-winning photographer who sees and captures all sorts of miracles of nature and uses her images to inspire those she cares for. In this podcast we also talk about sudden loss - particularly in light of the horrific Grenfell Tower fire and the tragic terror attacks in Manchester and London. Finally we conclude...

Duration: 01:19:04

Episode 2: Palliative Care

Thanks for checking out our second Art of Dying Well podcast. As ever, the aim's to make dying something we don't have to walk through alone. This month we're talking about palliative care with the wonderful and hugely experienced Dr Kathryn Mannix who has worked in palliative and end of life care for over 30 years. April's 'Death Chatter' looks at a subject we covered in our March podcast - children dealing with grief - focusing particularly on two programmes. The first, a BBC documentary...

Duration: 01:26:12

Episode 1: Child Bereavement

This is the first ever ‘Art of Dying Well’ podcast. What is it? Simply put it’s a monthly programme that aims to make death and dying something we can talk about openly without discomfort or fear. Dying well means different things to different people. Death is an individual experience, but a community of accompaniment on the journey can help us to prepare by bringing consolation and spiritual peace. In this podcast we cover child bereavement with Sue McDermott from the charity Rainbows GB,...

Duration: 01:26:30