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021: Dr. Heidi Roberts - Motion Therapy

Join me in conversation with Dr. Heidi Roberts, PT, DPT, author of Amazon-Kindle's newest #1 download (in 8 categories) last week - The Sitting Disease. She is helping people reduce pain every day and her methods can help all of us: 10 minutes to a better you. Heidi founded Motion Therapy in 2012 to bring physical therapy and injury prevention to athletes, professionals, and businesses in their everyday environments. She shares simple and affordable practices to help you reduce pain in...


020 Alex Brookings - bGood: Memorable Moments and Healthy Refueling

Alex Brookings, of bGood ( talks about the power of short interactions to grow customers and build culture. I met Alex as a happy customer of bGood a few years ago. In a fast world, they not only deliver delicious farm-to-table food for lunch and dinner, they create extraordinary and memorable service experiences with their customers. Given my passion around the power of one or two minutes to create positive change, I wanted to learn about the bGood formula and design behind...


018: Andrew Silsby: Secrets to Employee Wellness Engagement

Andrew Silsby shares the secret to engagement for wellness and business. It involves a tractor, a "dreadmill" and a few other ingredients for an award-winning wellness plan. Andrew E. Silsby is President and CEO of Kennebec Savings Bank, a $900 million mutual banking organization headquartered in Augusta Maine. Silsby started his career in banking as a summer teller in 1986 and joined Kennebec Savings Bank in 1993 where he steadily climbed the ranks to begin leading the organization as...


017: Julie Campilio: Teaching Children Self-Calm in an Anxious World

What if there was a simple and effective tool that could help children who suffer from trauma, kids who put too much pressure on themselves, those with special needs, and perhaps kids who have been bullied. Something that could help the child while also helping the teacher. Julie Campilio has created a simple and powerful solution and she has put it into practice for the past 10 years in schools, positively impacting students (3-18), teachers, and parents....


016: Solutions for Better Meetings

If you work with a phone or computer, chances are meetings are a regular part of your day. Many people I work with attend meetings for 6 to 7 hours each day; particularly those with national and global companies. Nearly everyone I interviewed told me that the meetings they attend are not very effective and the work could be handled in a better way. Several years ago, when working at a large global bank, I attended a training on better meetings which changed the way I manage meetings every...


015: John Moore: For Developers and Programmers - Breaks for Better Work

Join us for an interesting discussion especially for developers, programmers, and tech workers. This will also be of interest if you employ or work with technology experts. For the business owner, breaks are about productivity; for an individual, it is about feeling better at the end of your day. Are you filling your stress cup? Listen to our discussion to learn 1 important thing to do every day. John Moore has spent years in information technology, working with some of the largest...


014: Chris Kast: Engaging a Creative Team of Type A+ Workers

My guest this week is Chris Kast who tells us how thirty, Type A+ brand media strategists and creative professionals find time to connect and engage at work. Chris shares insights on employee empowerment with one of the busiest creative teams in Portland. Their work includes Maine Magazine, Old Port Magazine, Maine Home & Design, Kennebunkport Festival, Love Maine Radio, and Maine Live, just to name a few. Yet this group manages to connect with themselves and community; they support over...


013: Monica Worline - Awakening Compassion at Work - Why it Matters

Join me with Monica Worline for an informative and compelling conversation on the importance of compassion in the workplace. She talks about how fear can get in our way and gives us simple tools to demonstrate compassion in ways that are most meaningful. Did you know that practicing compassion at work is a successful business strategy? Compassionate workplaces have higher levels of service quality, increased retention of talented employees, better innovation, and collaboration. Monica C....


012: Laurie Mitchell - Unum - Making the Healthiest Choice the Easiest Choice

Laurie Mitchell, is AVP of Global Wellbeing and Health Management at Unum. I have known of Laurie for over a decade and have admired her ability to create healthy work programs and benefits that actually improve health. She talks about creating environments for employees that "make the healthiest choice the easiest choice," and works to support work/life integration for her employee population. She also values a good night's sleep - music to my ears!


011: Best Managers and Work Cultures - 6 Stories

What are the most positive management or work culture experiences from your career? Join me in 6 short interviews to learn about their experiences. I talk with Dan Sexton, Lauren Reid, Eli Dolloff, Gretchen Johnson, Laura Sprinkle, and Adrien Espinoza. This is a great reminder that the smallest example in management can influence someone for a lifetime.


010: Tara Healey – Mindfulness In the Workplace; Beyond the Myths and Misconceptions

Join our discussion and learn how to apply mindfulness in the workplace. Where else are you investing in an employee program with a 99.9% satisfaction rate? Tara Healey is the founder and director of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care’s Mind the Moment program. Tara initially joined Harvard Pilgrim as an health educator and organizational development professional in its HR department, a position which she occupied for over 20 years. She brought a mindfulness course to Harvard Pilgrim’s own...


009: For Writers and Illustrators: Jessica Sinsheimer and Julie Kingsley of The Manuscript Academy

Join Jessica Sinsheimer (Twitter: @jsinsheim)and Julie Kingsley(Twitter: @juliekingsley) as they share insights learned through their work as co-founders of There is no need to hate your Google Calendar or fight with your schedule. Learn tips to find balance in the world of writing and creative work. Jessica talks about creating macro impact with micro breaks and shares wisdom from one of her mentors. Julie has ideas to re-charge your perspective physically and...


008: Dr. Glenn Cummings - On Becoming a Best Place To Work - USM

Join me in conversation with Dr. Glenn Cummings, President of the University of Southern Maine. He talks about leading USM's efforts in becoming a Best Place to Work and ends our interview with a special story about Joshua Chamberlain. He touches on Macro Accountability and Micro Freedoms; and holding Administration accountable. USM is embracing diversity, customer service (student satisfaction), and leadership training. Glenn shares his views on the difference between a manager and a...


007: The Power of Mentoring and Karma Points with Dave Perron, ED, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Maine

Dave Perron, Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Maine ( talks about the power of mentoring; a beautiful way to take a break. With more organizations paying for employees to volunteer, being a mentor can change your life and theirs. As the Executive Director of a successful and demanding non-profit, he also shares ideas to reward your employees and how to recharge yourself.


006: 2016 Influencers and 2017 Request

Special Episode: To share a few lessons and influencers from 2016; and set 2017 with intention. We are on this journey to disrupt how many are working together. Send me your ideas for 2017 at Thank you for being part of this community! Elizabeth


005: Francesca Gino: Why should we support rebel workers?

What do 1,000 Employees have in common from CEO to laborer? Find out in a conversation with Francesca Gino, author of Sidetracked and the HBR Series: Rebel Talent. She shares surprising behavior observations, talks about how decisions get derailed, and how to be better in our work. Francesca is a behavioral scientist and a professor at Harvard Business School. You can learn more at


Episode 004: WTF and CAMP with Lisa Whited

Learn how WTF improves workplace environments, employee experience, and productivity. We also discover CAMP, a valuable acronym that describes our inner needs at work. Join me in conversation with Lisa Whited, Owner of WTF, Workplace Transformation Facilitation.


Episode 003: Creating Habits, Focus, Love, and Trusting Intuition with Fabienne Raphael

Fabienne talks with us about managing a busy life and staying focused on The One Thing that matters most. She weaves humor, energy, intuition, and love into a life filled with the essentials. Fabienne Raphael is an author, speaker, and CEO of Marketing To Crush Your Competitors. Learn more at


Episode 002: Reframing Your Break with Dawn Kotzer

Dawn brings thoughtful strategy to reframing breaks in our day as opportunitiy. Learn about thought habits, trust, and healthy responses to stressful environments. She discusses the importance of pauses, questions, and curiosity, as well as fun 5 second awareness practices. Dawn Kotzer is a Coach, Inner Wellness Guide and founder of The Mad Explorers Club. You can learn more about her work at


Episode 001: The Art of The Beak Intro

Launches Monday, December 19th. In this episode I talk about how The Art of The Break begins. We are working in increasingly stressful environments. I believe we need to have conversations and join together to change our work habits and improve work environments. Join me as we launch weekly discussions on this compelling topic. Leave a comment below or send private comments and questions, or recommendations for people to include on the show to