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Black Lightning

This week's episode is all about Black Lightning. In this episode we discuss his history, powers, and the parallels to the television series. Today's starting recommendations include Black Lightning: Year One (2018) and Black Lightning 1977.


Comic Book Noob: Black Lightning

This week's episode is all about Black Lightning. In this episode we discuss his history, powers, and the parallels to the television series. Today's starting recommendations include Black Lightning: Year One (2018) and Black Lightning 1977.


Geek Supreme Update

A quick update on Geek Supreme episodes.


The Gamer's Dominion: Omensight by Spearhead Games

Genese talks to two of her team members from Spearhead Games about their upcoming action/adventure/murder mystery game - Omensight.


Geek Culture Spotlight: The For The Win Project

The For The Win Project is an organization that gives kids who are going through challenging times a chance to be heroes. Jesse Wilson and Jaimie Trueblood are both in the Hollywood film industry, and they use their skills to create movie-themed experiences. Scott talks with them about how it all started, who they've helped and what's in store for the future.


Comic Book Noob: I Kill Giants

I Kill Giants is an award-winning comic series/graphic novel by Joe Kelly and J. M. Ken Niimura. Today we will discuss the story, as well as the upcoming film adaptation.


The Geek Supreme: Kitten Around With Black Panther

If you haven't seen Black Panther yet, the numbers indicate you might be one of the only ones. We've all seen it, so we discuss it in this week's episode. Don't worry, the cat themes don't stop there. They hang around as we discuss The Last Jedi deleted scenes, the early reviews of Jessica Jones, the future of the MCU and more. So join us as the cat gets petted and the Scott gets clawed in this week's Geek Supreme.


The Geek Supreme: Muppet Mating Calls and Cobra Kai Comebacks

The Muppets and The Cobra Kai are coming back, so we have to make it weird. We'll discuss the rumored Muppet return to television and decide which Muppets would merge to make scary offspring. Daniel and Johnny are back in a new YouTube Red series, and we figure out the best and worst things that could happen in the Cobra Kai show. Aquaman seems to have had a really good test screening. So, does that mean is character is "cinematic"? We'll discuss that, as well as some of the new details...


Superhero Therapy: The Psychology of The Good Place

Did you ever think you'd get to listen to a podcast about the psychology of The Afterlife? Well, welcome to this week's episode of Superhero Therapy. Today, Dustin and Dr. Scarlet discuss The Good Place.


The Geek Supreme: Evil Yoda's Toy Story Adventures

Last week, it was announced that the losing geeks would have to talk like Yoda during today's show. If they forget, it can cost them points. That can lead to anger, the anger leads to hate, and the hate leads to Yoda saying some evil things. Along the way, we'll discuss the Toy Story expansion at Disneyworld, plus, the good, bad and the smelly toys that came out of this year's Toy Fair. Plus, we'll pitch our own toy ideas. So, if you haven't guessed it yet, TOYS is the theme of the day. So,...


Comic Book Noob: Klaw & Erik Killmonger

The Black Panther movie debuts this week, and we've already discussed his comics. So, today we'll talk about the two villains in the film - Klaw and Erik Killmonger.


The Geek Supreme: Around the World in the 80s Days

People grew up watching Han Solo in the 1980s, and yet somehow we're going to see a younger version of him in 2018. The Solo trailer reactions kick-off our 1980s-themed show. A movie starring Han Solo isn't the only thing attempting a comeback. Kenneth Johnson is working on a movie trilogy based on the classic V series. The podcast is also loaded with flashbacks about Goonies, Bill and Ted, Spaceballs, The A-Team, Predator, Star Trek TNG, The Last Starfighter and more. So, put on your...


The Best of Geek Supreme: Scary Stories From The Sith Lord Spa

The show is off this week, but that doesn't mean there isn't something to hear. Check out some of the best segments from The Geek Supreme, featuring plugged up characters, lathered up Sith Lords, frightening childhood stories and more.


Comic Book Noob: Infinity War (Part 2)

Last week we discussed Thanos, the gems and the glove. Now it's time to talk about what happens in the war that followed. The recommended reading to get ready for the movie might surprise you. So, be sure to check out this discussion!


The Geek Supreme: Blockbuster Snubs & Muppet Scrubs

Jenn Murray steps in for Regina this week, and that means she's playing for her (No pressure). She'll step into a Geek Supreme game loaded with news quizzes, Muppet Babies, Oscars and a mini-store. First, we'll try to make sense of a new study that claims it determined why people like/dislike the MCU and the DCEU. In a retro part of the show, we'll discuss the new Muppet Babies cartoon and clear up Scott's Skeeter confusion. We'll also talk about a man's mini-model of an old video store....


Geek Supreme: All-Male, All-Female Han Solo Anxiety

We live in a world where people find it necessary to create all-male and all-female versions of Star Wars moves and declare unreleased films to be utter disasters before any footage has been seen. So, we need to have a podcast about it. Don't worry, we also talk about vampires in Law & Order and cardboard boxes that make great video games! So, there's some normalcy here. However, the geeks have to weather it all effectively because Darth Taxus is going to reward The Geek Supreme and...


Superhero Therapy: Doctor Who Psychology

Doctor Who began in November of 1963. After 54 years and 13 regenerations, the doctor has regenerated into a woman. Join Dustin McGinnis and Dr. Janina Scarlet, as well as special guests, Alan Kistler and Josué Cardona in discussing the psychology behind the Doctor's compassion, emotional connection and losses, as well as the importance of diversity and representation. They'll also dive into the psychology of the most terrifying monsters of the show.


Comic Book Noob: Infinity War (Part 1)

If your only reference to "Infinity War" is the movie trailer, you're probably wondering why so many comic book geeks are stoked to see it on the big screen later this year. Join us for part one of our discussion as we talk about the gauntlet, the gems and Thanos!


The Geek Supreme: Cartoon Crossovers and Batgirl Hangovers

Today's episode was originally supposed to air on January 9th. In it, you'll hear how everyone is feeling about The Last Jedi one month later. Also, the DCEU is making more changes behind the scenes, all while Lindsay Lohan starts her online campaign to be Batgirl. Can either of those things turn into anything good...or disastrous? The Orville has been renewed for another season, and some are hearing rumors about a Family Guy crossover. Can a live action/cartoon crossover ever be a cool...


Programming Update

New information about upcoming episodes of The Geek Supreme, Comic Book Noob, Superhero Therapy and The Gamer's Dominion.


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