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The Atomic Show Podcast includes interviews, roundtable discussions and atomic geeks all centered around the idea that nuclear energy is an amazing boon for human society.






Atomic Show #258 – Energy and the Modern State With Professor George Gonzales

Dr. George Gonzales is an energy-focused political scientist and professor at the University of Miami. He has written a number of books about the relationships between energy, the environment, international relations, and political decision making. His upcoming work is titled Energy and the Modern State; it is scheduled to be published in 2018. On this […] The post Atomic Show #258 – Energy and the Modern State With Professor George Gonzales appeared first on Atomic Insights.

Duration: 01:40:36

Atomic Show #257 – Rich Powell, Managing Director Policy and Strategy ClearPath Foundation

ClearPath Foundation has established a new niche; it is an unabashedly conservative organization that believes that clean energy is an important issue. It is taking aggressive action to seize the initiative. It asserts that the definition of "clean" energy should not be left in the hands of people who do not like material prosperity and prefer to emphasize limits to growth over technology developments that enable more people to live with access to abundant power. Here is a brief...

Duration: 00:59:11

Atomic Show #256 – Tom Turner Talks About David Brower

David Brower had a profound influence on the Environmental Movement and its gradual transition from groups of outdoors enthusiasts and conservationists who focused on protecting public lands and establishing national parks to a powerful political movement with major influences on a variety of important industrial, economic and international policy arenas. The Movement has had a huge impact on the world's energy industry and helped to pick winners and losers among the various fuel and non...

Atomic Show # 255 – Powerful fuels lead to human freedom and prosperity

Some people who are not well versed in human history believe that fossil fuels are inherently evil, costly and harmful to human health. They ignore the side of the accounting ledger that documents the incredibly beneficial effects concentrated fuels have provided to overall human freedom, happiness, self actualization and reduction of dependence on nature. Kathleen Hartnett-White, one of the co-authors of Fueling Freedom: Exposing the Mad War on Energy, is fully aware of the beneficial...

Duration: 00:41:34

Atomic Show #254 – Don’t let a crisis go to waste

Rachel Pritzker and Ben Heard, two skilled communicators that have recognized the immense gift to humanity represented by the tightly packed power inside uranium and thorium nuclei, joined me in a terrific discussion about effectively communicating the awesome story of nuclear energy. It should be apparent by now that the US nuclear industry is facing a situation difficult enough to qualify as a crisis. We must seize the attention grabbing opportunity that briefly accompanies such a...

Duration: 01:16:55

Atomic Show #253 – Delivering the Nuclear Promise

The US nuclear industry has decided that it's time to take aggressive action to improve its operational efficiency. Leaders have looked hard at the competitive landscape. They've clearly recognized that while they produce a valuable, desirable commodity, their production costs are not competitive. Many of them aren't willing to give up their markets and valuable assets without a fight. In the fall of 2015, they decided to focus on eliminating wasteful efforts and begin prioritizing...

Duration: 00:34:45

Atomic Show #252 – Security, Future of Energy, HEU

On the evening of April 10, 2016, I met with two good friends and fellow nuclear energy bloggers for a wide ranging discussion about nuclear energy. We talked about the following topics: Nuclear energy's role in the future of energy supplies Impact of the Nuclear Security Summits initiated by President Obama Demonization campaign being waged against the use of refined uranium (aka highly enriched uranium or HEU) Murky future of the US's plutonium disposition program in light of the DOE's...

Duration: 01:21:46

Atomic Show #251 – SA Royal Commission, Diablo Canyon, Trivial Tritium, DOE budget priorities

It's not often that the Atomic Show has the chance to be a source of breaking news, but this show includes a timely report from Ben Heard in Adelaide, South Australia. Just an hour before our show began, the South Australia Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission issued the tentative findings from the investigative effort begun in March 2015. Ben wasn't available when the show first started due to fielding inquiries from interested media outlets, but he was able to join us about 8 minutes into...

Duration: 01:25:38

Jump on the Advanced Reactor development and deployment bandwagon

On February 10-11, 2016, the U.S. Nuclear Infrastructure Council (USNIC) sponsored the 3rd annual Advanced Reactor Technical Summit. Oak Ridge National Laboratory provided the venue for the event. Though he wasn't the first speaker, I'd like to begin my reports from the event with Jeffery Merrifield's stage setting talk. Merrifield is a man with a long resume in nuclear energy that includes an Atomic Show interview for show #167. He was a two-term commissioner on the NRC, serving from...

Duration: 00:28:45

Atomic Show #250 – Being nice nukes

On Sunday January 24, I invited some of my pronuclear colleagues to chat about the building phenomenon of people outside of the nuclear industry becoming more interested in its advantages and advocating for its increased use. We discussed Meredith's book project, Gwyneth's recent speaking engagement at NC State, organized events at COP21, the increasing interest in new nuclear plants in Saudi Arabia and South Africa, and the importance of being nice human beings when engaging people who...

Duration: 01:16:22

Atomic Show #249 – All-Electric America by Freeman and Parks

S. David Freeman and Leah Y Parks have published a book titled All-Electric America: A Climate Solution and the Hopeful Future. There are a number of visionary sections of the book that appeal to me. However, I was not surprised to find out that the book takes a strong position in opposition to nuclear energy. I've long been aware of S. David Freeman, his career in the electricity production enterprise, and his forty-fifty year old position on nuclear energy. With the help of the book's...

Duration: 01:00:18

Atomic Show #248 – Dr. Pete Pappano, VP Fuel Production X-Energy

On Thursday, November 19, 2015, I interviewed Dr. Pete Pappano, vice president of fuel development for X-Energy. As described in X-Energy introduced its company and first product to Virginia chapter of ANS, X-Energy is a start-up company based in Maryland that is developing a modular high temperature gas cooled reactor. Each module will produce 50 […] The post Atomic Show #248 – Dr. Pete Pappano, VP Fuel Production X-Energy appeared first on Atomic Insights.

Duration: 00:41:18

Atomic Show #247 – Jigar Shah, founder SunEdison and Generate Capital

Jigar Shah is the founder of SunEdison, a former CEO of the Carbon War Room, and is currently the President of Generate Capital. He is also a member of The Energy Gang on Greentech Media. Jigar and I have been engaged in some lively discussions on Twitter about the future of solar and nuclear energy […] The post Atomic Show #247 – Jigar Shah, founder SunEdison and Generate Capital appeared first on Atomic Insights.

Duration: 01:20:05

Atomic Show #246 – Carmen Bigles, Coqui Pharmaceuticals Update

In November 2014, I spoke with Carmen Bigles, the founder of Coqui Pharmaceuticals, a company that is preparing to build a $330 million medical isotope production facility near Gainesville, FL. Since that discussion 11 months ago, Coqui has made steady progress in completing their construction and operating license application to the NRC for a class […] The post Atomic Show #246 – Carmen Bigles, Coqui Pharmaceuticals Update appeared first on Atomic Insights.

Duration: 00:31:44

Atomic Show #245 – Building a prosperity program on used nuclear fuel foundation

I applaud reasoned, long term thinking that aims to use science, technology and deep understanding of human wants and needs — aka politics — to set a course for success. You can find one of my favorite current examples of an effort that meets my criteria in the expansive, lightly populated, rather dry state of […] The post Atomic Show #245 – Building a prosperity program on used nuclear fuel foundation appeared first on Atomic Insights.

Duration: 00:47:57

Atomic Show #244 – September 2015 atomic update

For the first time in several months, I gathered a group of nuclear energy experts to chat about recent events and announcements in nuclear energy. Participants in this episode include: Meredith Angwin who blogs at Yes Vermont Yankee and Northwest Clean Energy Steve Aplin who blogs at Canadian Energy Issues Les Corrice who blogs at […] The post Atomic Show #244 – September 2015 atomic update appeared first on Atomic Insights.

Duration: 01:35:25

Atomic Show #243 – Cara Santa Maria

Cara Santa Maria is an Emmy award-winning journalist who studied and taught neuroscience and psychology before deciding that her primary interest was in communicating about science. She was born and raised in Texas, but now lives in Los Angeles. She told me that she has found a terrific community of scientists, communicators, and other creative […] The post Atomic Show #243 – Cara Santa Maria appeared first on Atomic Insights.

Duration: 01:11:29

Atomic Show #242 – Moltex Energy – Ian Scott and John Durham

Molten Energy has developed a unique conceptual design for a molten salt reactor called the Stable Salt Reactor. In this design, the fuel salt is loaded into tubes that resemble the standard cladding tubes into which solid pellets are loaded in a conventional water cooled reactor. The tubes are arranged into assemblies that resemble the […] The post Atomic Show #242 – Moltex Energy – Ian Scott and John Durham appeared first on Atomic Insights.

Duration: 00:48:32

Atomic Show #241 – Rachel Pritzker, philanthropic problem solver

Rachel Pritzker is a philanthropist motivated to solve problems, even if they require rethinking long held notions. She is the founder and chairman of the Pritzker Innovation Fund, which she operates along with her brother, Roland. The tagline used by her organization is “Supporting the development and advancement of paradigm-shifting ideas to address the world’s […] The post Atomic Show #241 – Rachel Pritzker, philanthropic problem solver appeared first on Atomic Insights.

Duration: 01:12:58

Atomic Show #240 – Prof Gerry Thomas radiation health effects

Gerry Thomas, Professor of Molecular Pathology of the Imperial College of London, has a subspecialty in the study of the health effects of radiation. She strongly believes that “public involvement and information is a key part of academic research,” and she is “actively involved in the public communication of research, particularly with respect to radiation […] The post Atomic Show #240 – Prof Gerry Thomas radiation health effects appeared first on Atomic Insights.

Duration: 00:49:19

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