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"The Attraction Factor" - we all have it and it’s not what people see on the outside, but what comes from the inside. This show is here to support you in amping up your own attraction factor by blasting to bits the “not enough” messages, helping you to claim or re-claim your own personal power, joining with you to kick fear and negative thoughts to the curb. Join us each week for practical tips, ideas, insights that you can put into use right away!




I Have What I Want and I'm Miserable

We all have amazing gifts and when we are not in connection with those gifts, no matter what we have in our life or how wonderful it may seem from the outside, there is a deep disconnect or a feeling of longing....longing for something better, something more fulfilling. Cue the question, "What do I want?" and the response..."I don't know." Join Pam as she interviews transformation coach and lifestyle expert Eva Werk and as they discuss how to stop the wondering and begin to explore your...

Duration: 00:25:59

When Life Throws A Curve Ball

Sometimes life throws us curve balls and we either get pelted in the head, duck, or have the strength and insight to catch that ball and throw it right back. Join Pam and share in some ways she has learned to take those curve balls and just chuck them. No more bruises and bumps!

Duration: 00:25:22

Connecting With Spirit, Connecting With You

What does being connected with Spirit have to do with a connection to ourselves? Join Pam, as she interviews premier psychic medium and spiritual teacher Steffany Barton, RN and find out how you can enrich your life and increase your clarity by getting connected to Spirit.

Duration: 00:25:24

Creating Spiritual Health with Jan Lundy

How many times have you worried about what other people thought of you? During this show, we will be exploring how external factors, such as other people's thoughts of us, hold us hostage from being and doing the things we love. Pam will also provide you with some easy to use tips to let go of the worry and concern once and for all.

Duration: 00:26:24

I Don't Give A Flying Fig

How many times have you worried about what other people thought of you? During this show we will be exploring how external factors, such as other people's thoughts of us, hold us hostage from being and doing the things we love. Pam will also provide you with some easy to use tips to let go of the worry and concern once and for all.

Duration: 00:25:48

Remove the Funk From Your Life

We all have them, days that totally suck lemons. While the funk is part of life, it doesn't have to be a long lasting part. It can be dealt with and even leveraged. Join Pam and find out how to kick funk to the curb like yesterday's garbage.

Duration: 00:25:59

Light Drives Out the Darkness

Martin Luther King said it best “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” This show is in honor of all the people who choose love over hate during the darkest of times. It's in honor of the men and women who serve our country and those that lend a helping hand in times of despair and devastation. Join Pam as she talks about ways to choose love during the painful and bleak moments.

Duration: 00:25:44

You Attract What You Are

"We don't attract what we want. We attract what we are." What are you attracting? Join Pam as she shares tips for amping up your attraction factor! Time to bring in the good stuff!

Duration: 00:25:56

Are You Good Enough?

We are bombarded by messages of "not enough" to the point of saturation until we begin to feel that we aren't good enough. Join Pam as she shares insights, practical experience for overcoming a multitude of "not enough" messages. YES! You are good enough!!!

Duration: 00:25:57

Healing With Positive Energy

Everything in the Universe is energy that vibrates at varying levels, and that includes all of us. When we are feeling down or in a negative space our energy is lower and we are susceptible to other forms of negativity. Join Pam and her guest Deborah Lewis as they discuss the topic of energy, the ways to focus and clear your own.

Duration: 00:25:59

There Is Life After Loss

When we lose someone we love it can sometimes feel like the rug has been ripped out from underneath our feet. Others tell us that time will heal the hurt, but what about in the moment? What can we do to start moving past the loss and to ease the pain? Join Pam as she talks with John James one of the authors of the book "Moving Beyond Loss" to learn some key tips for overcoming the pain of loss.

Duration: 00:25:52

"Madly In Love With Me" with Guest Christine Arylo

One of the greatest love affairs we could ever have is with ourselves, but sadly many of us don't. Limiting beliefs, fears, other people's thoughts often come into play. For just a moment, imagine what your world would be like if you made yourself your own best friend. Imagine all the more comparisons, being able to kick self doubt and limiting beliefs to the curb. Join Pam and Christine Arylo the author of the book "Madly In Love With Me: The Daring Adventure of...

Duration: 00:25:22

Beauty - It's Heart Deep

According to the Beauty Company in 2011, the beauty and personal industry sold approximately $426 billion in product and that number is continuing to climb. This isn't surprising since a great deal of emphasis is placed on how we look on the outside. Today's show is dedicated to inner beauty, because no matter what product the beauty industry tries to sell us, it's what's on the inside that truly makes us beautiful! Join Pam as she shares some ideas on how to maximize on what you already...

Duration: 00:25:33

10 Ways To De-Stress

The kids are driving you up the wall. A deadline for a project is looming right behind you. Everybody wants a piece of you, but all the pieces are becoming frayed around the edges. Inclination may be to climb under a rock or curl up in the fetal position, but before you turn yourself into a ball tune in and join Pam as she shares 10 ways to de-stress.

Duration: 00:24:50

The 12 Steps to Peace

Imagine living in a world where war wasn't prevalent and violence wasn't an every day occurrence. Can you picture it? Join Pam as she interviews Johnny F, the author of the book "The 12 Steps to Peace" and find out how a 12-step program similar to Alcoholics Anonymous can help to change the world one step at a time.

Duration: 00:25:09

You've Got the Power

Yes, that's right you've got it, as a matter of fact we all have it....the power to choose. Join Pam and her guest professional life coach, Jenny Drescher as they talk about ways to invoke your power. Super heroes beware this show is sure to pack a powerful, choice-making punch!!

Duration: 00:23:19

When Some Days Just Plain Suck

We've all had them....days when nothing felt in sync and anything that could go wrong did. You know, those days when you'd rather just stay in bed with the covers wrapped tightly over your head. What do you do? Join Pam as she shares some ideas on what to do when some days just suck!

Duration: 00:25:16

Dr. Seuss' Life Lessons

If there ever was a self-help guru, it was Dr. Seuss. He was ahead of his time with his playful quips and colorful rhymes. Inside each of his silly stories and imagination filled lines, holds a golden nugget, a word to live by, or an a-ha to behold. Join Pam as she shares some uplifting lessons from the legend himself, The Cat In the Hat.

Duration: 00:24:16

"What's In Your Joy Tool Box" with Guest Kenny Brixey

Wouldn't it be great if you had tools at your disposal that you could access any time to create more joy in your life? Well, you can have such a tool box. Join Pam when she talks with seasoned coach and radio of host the new show on Empower Radio Life's Tool Box Kenny Brixey as they share ideas and tips for creating your joy tool box.

Duration: 00:24:32

Kimberly Riggins on Attraction Factor

Kimberly Riggins is a body image & self-love expert. She is the CEO of Kimberly Riggins International, the author of the inspirational book, Love Your Naked Ass, and the creator of the program, The Ravishing Renegade, where she helps women slash through their "jungle" to DISCOVER self-love. She is also currently working on her first philanthropy mission called “The Watch Her Thrive Project,” where she will publish a collaborative book and hold a wine + chocolate soiree in honor of Women for...

Duration: 00:24:54

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