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Two guys with a ton of problems try to sort through addiction, relationships, and the rest of life's pitfalls while also attempting to revive a 30 year friendship. Oh, and it's funny (sometimes).






Ep 167. "Flat Earth and Favril"

It's been 2 years since AHi5 started and no one noticed but Daily. We discuss choosing not to vote, Baby Driver, 90's nostalgia, an Avril Lavigne death theory, violence over garlic knots, a clown mask wearing dad, and drunk lonely breaking and entering.

Duration: 01:31:43

Ep 166. "Dev's Diagnosis and Billionaire Vampires"

Daily's job is in jeopardy. We discuss using soundboards to talk to women, Dev's diagnosis, people talking in movie theaters, fake news, billionaires who want to use young people's blood to stay alive, parents who flew overseas to help beat their son's wife, and a Donald Trump shaped ecstasy raid.

Duration: 01:45:03

Ep 165. "Daily Returns and Clitoral Stimulation"

Daily's back from saving racist statues. We discuss overprotective dads, Daily's Kentucky trip, the Seinfeld Effect, clitoral stimulation, and an Australian artist who is growing an ear on his arm.

Duration: 01:18:11

Ep 164. "Serial Killer Obsession and Stealing From Work"

Daily's still in Kentucky or the Ukraine or something. We discuss Faul dining out in Asbury Park, Tom's weird food hangups, the heaven that is sour cream, Hurricane Irma, why people are obsessed with serial killers, why employees steal from work, and Chewbacca getting arrested in the Ukraine.

Duration: 01:25:01

Ep 163. "Float Tanks and Racial Appropriation"

Is that?.... a baby?! We discuss Daily's whereabouts, Dev's first float tank experience, Prince's favorite color, racial appropriation in movie roles, Narcos season 3, Dev's Halloween costume getting Tom out of a DWI, a family of murderers, and Bill Nye the Science Guy style names for other celebrities.

Duration: 01:23:01

Ep 162. "Tasty Stigmatas and A Daily Packet"

Yesssssss Cuban D. We discuss Dev's first doctor's appointment in 3 years, Daily's first packet, the big fight last Saturday, Daily's hate for recently deceased Jerry Lewis, dyslexia, Hurricane Harvey, Outback's satanic ties, a Disney film could be mistaken for porn, and a woman who fired a missile at a car.

Duration: 01:51:59

Ep 161. "Float Tanks and Your Phone Really Is Spying On You"

We're waiting for the Andy Kaufman vs Jerry Lawler fight tonight, we discuss lead singer's custom mic stands, getting beat by your parents, DMT, sensory deprivation tanks, being an over-sexualized teenager, tropical storms, proof that your cell phone is spying on you, and a guy who shot his sister in the ass with a bb gun.

Duration: 01:37:58

Ep 158. "Wawa Hoagies and CRISPR"

Daily broke through to another dimension. We discuss Daily's hemorrhoids aftermath, our favorite Wawa hoagies, Daily smoking so much weed that he opened a rift in to another dimension, a Florida woman who shoved hot peppers up a homewrecker's vagina, the Virginia Nazi protest, and CRISPR technology.

Duration: 01:33:01

Ep 157. "Butt Explosions and Other Bodily Functions"

Daily's butt hole exploded. We discuss Daily's hemorrhoids, how bad Dev is at being a friend, the all star cast of The Flinstones movie, the aftermath of Daily's unexpected mushroom trip, The Grateful Dead, and another Producer Dave bodily function quiz.

Duration: 02:02:59

Ep 156. "Walks of Shame and a Daily Dose"

Don't be ashamed of your one night stands ladies. We discuss people who get too excited over fast food, a jazz show Dev and Producer Dave saw, a pastafarian's license photo, the best moment of Dev's life, turning walks of shame to walks of pride, and Daily's special tea.

Duration: 01:50:56

Ep 155. "Head Trauma and Transgender Reveal Parties"

Dev doesn't recognize feet. We discuss at what age you should give up grooming, Producer Dave hooking up with a club-footed girl, whether or not marijuana should be considered a performance enhancing drug, Chris Christie's nachos, concussions, transgender reveal parties, a Japanese gentleman who married an anime character, a poop burglar, and Producer Dave's bodily function quiz.

Duration: 01:49:35

Ep 154. "Yo Sperm and Lyft Tacos"

I'm not hopeless, helpless or begging you to stay it's just turning out that way. We discuss Dev's new fav band, Dev and Producer Dave painting the town red, hobo humpin' slobo babes, a Steve Jobs musical, a low sperm count pandemic spreading across the world, Yo Sperm, Darth Vadar robbing a convenience store, and getting free Taco Bell with Lyft rides.

Duration: 01:16:18

Ep 153. "Breakfast Meats and a Cannibal Game"

What's your favorite breakfast meat? We discuss the Netflix show Ozark, sausage falling from the sky, an old man shooting AT&T trucks, a girl who lit her boyfriend on fire then put it out with a bucket of pee, Daily's wild accusations, the US's first serial killer, a vagina kayak, and Producer Dave's Cannibal game.

Duration: 01:35:52

Ep 152. "Touching the Death Snail"

Daily wears Axe Body Spray. We discuss Dev boo'ing Chris Christie at a Mets game, Producer Dave getting some free boob at a Phish show, how we would kill ourselves, Michael Phelps racing a shark, carrying swords in Texas, getting followed by a death snail, and Daily shitting his pants at work.

Duration: 01:52:59

Ep 151. "Daily's Pornstar Panties"

Daily bought a pornstar's panties. We discuss how Eminem got discovered, Kid Rock's new place in the Zeitgeist, Pokemon porn, Daily purchasing a pornstar's panties, Daily courting a woman in Detroit, a UFC fighter who shit her pants, a drunk woman who molested someone on a plane, and a new installment of "That You Daily?".

Duration: 01:58:53

Ep 150. "Porkins"

Daily has a new ironic hipster shirt. We discuss Amazon hopefully ending Black Friday, Daily's Porkins shirt, Dr. Dre loving Nirvana, The Monkey Trial, tv theme songs that make you change the channel, Live Aid, and a way to test your sperm count with your phone.

Duration: 01:34:18

Ep 149. "Demonyms and Exhuming Salvador Dali"

Daily got kicked out of a museum for taking his pants off once. We discuss men's rights lawyers, digging up Salvador Dali's corpse for a paternity test, a roman candle battle gone wrong, a demonym quiz, and the morality of making sex robots for pedophiles.

Duration: 01:24:33

Ep 148. "Freedom Songs, Hymens, and Munchie Mouths"

Producer Dave is back from Harry Potter Land, yet wand-less. We discuss Producer Dave's Cliff Claven-esque recap of his Florida trip, people who don't walk on escalators, the high quality dumpers of Universal Studios, a list of essential 4th of July songs, Mr M's sleazy theme song, Uncle Sam's meat, a girl who pulled a handgun on a fast food employee over a missing chicken nugget, getting injured by fireworks, and the new triple butt graffiti that is taking the country by storm.

Duration: 01:57:24

Ep 147. "Disneyland and The Most Eventful Four Days Ever"

The Daily paduss hunt continues. We discuss all the unbelievable events that occurred since our last show, Daily's new diet, Brendan Dassey's impending freedom, Dev's disdain for police officers, a man who went to Disneyland two thousand days in a row, a kid Dev knew who moved to Disneyland, and a Pakastani man who got sentenced to death because of a Facebook post.

Duration: 01:21:23

Ep 146. "Parisia and Ogtha the Cockroach"

Dev just figured out that Parisian means from Paris. We discuss John Wick 2, the death of John Smith, Dev geographical stupidity, the Stonewall riots, racial sensitivity, a man who fantasizes about having sex with a giant roach named Ogtha, a fitness model who was killed by a whipped cream dispenser, and a Florida man who legally can't order pizza anymore.

Duration: 01:33:13

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