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Two guys with a ton of problems try to sort through addiction, relationships, and the rest of life's pitfalls while also attempting to revive a 30 year friendship. Oh, and it's funny (sometimes).

Two guys with a ton of problems try to sort through addiction, relationships, and the rest of life's pitfalls while also attempting to revive a 30 year friendship. Oh, and it's funny (sometimes).
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Two guys with a ton of problems try to sort through addiction, relationships, and the rest of life's pitfalls while also attempting to revive a 30 year friendship. Oh, and it's funny (sometimes).






Ep 194. "Lady Boys and Tide Pods"

It's the first show of 2018, two weeks late. We discuss Producer Dave's Thailand adventure, lady boys, an overseas Topanga sighting, Dev getting fat, and America's new snack food... Tide Pods.

Duration: 01:20:17

Ep 193. "Scab Show 5: Carbon, Connery, and Chiffon"

Happy New Year Everyone! We wanted to do our first show of 2018 tonight but Producer Dave keeps telling me he's somewhere he's calling "Tie Land". I Google'd it and it looks like it's off 495 in Ronkonkoma. Say what you will about the man but he sure does care about his formal neckwear. Anyway, in the meantime here's an unaired scab show to wet your whistle, which is a pretty gross expression when you think about it.

Duration: 01:01:45

Ep 192. "Sensual Allegations and The Last Show of the Year"

2017. Good? Bad? Sensual? We discuss our respective single Maxim magazine purchases, why porn penises have to be so big, the latest sexual predator accusation, Apple slowing down old phones, a surgeon who branded his initials on his patients' livers, an elderly couple busted with 60 pounds of weed, another Cheetos bandit, and personal opinions of 2017.

Duration: 01:57:00

Ep 191. "California Burning and Relationship Farts"

It's marathon day at AHi5 studios. We discuss stylish mugshots, Dev's movie theater ritual, the California fire, Amazon vs Google, farting in relationships, a Saint Nicholas bone, and life in your 30's.

Duration: 01:41:30

Ep 190. "Yan Can Cook and Normal Nudes"

Producer Dave has a loooooong list of inappropriate Reddit pages he follows. We discuss buying fireworks in New Jersey, how to pronounce Mario, realizing your not special, Producer Marie's take on the whole sexual predator situation, Producer Dave's list of Reddit pages, Brendan Dassey not being released from prison, and a woman who has sex with ghosts.

Duration: 01:39:37

Ep 189. "NJ's Legal Weed and Alternate Dimension Beatles"

Apparently the Beatles are still making music in another dimension. We discuss the love and/or hate of shopping, Al Franken's resignation, the California fires, Daily playing video games like he lives life, legal marijuana coming to New Jersey, a porn star suicide, The Beatles from another dimension, and a man who shot up herion during a police chase.

Duration: 01:10:32

Ep 188. "Sporks and the Cheetos Bandit"

What will we ever do without The Ranch? We discuss our celebrity impressions, the new batch of sexual predators which includes a woman, the origin of the word spork, a ethic dilemma over a "do not resuscitate" tattoo, a drunk guy who cooked his own meal at Waffle House, Daily's friend who is known as The Cheetos Bandit, and a guy who killed his own dad and put it on Facebook.

Duration: 01:11:45

Ep 187. "Massage Parlors and Through The Teddy Bear's Eye"

Do you know how much you get for $15 at Taco Bell? We discuss Dev being too old for back to back punk rock shows, nose sucking porn, the new tax reform bill, our newest sexual predators Matt Lauer and Jeffrey Tambor, the joy of eating Taco Bell, a risk taking Message Envy employee, and a prostitution ring operating out of an senior living facility.

Duration: 01:26:44

Ep 186. "Spielberg and Handys"

Producer Dave is really trying to sell hand jobs. Take that however you'd like. We discuss the new Steven Spielberg documentary, our favorite Spielberg films, a mind-bending question from a listener, a woman who married her mom, Producer Dave's reasons hand jobs are underrated, and a $10,000 KFC tent that blocks wifi, I don't know that last thing is still confusing me.

Duration: 01:42:12

Ep 185. "Black Friday and Pheromones"

Does anyone think Black Friday is fun? We discuss Dev's seasonal depression, Daily's new custom Xbox controller, our Thanksgiving festivities, how much talking on the phone sucks, an unusually tame 2017 Black Friday, and a woman who stole Daily's pheromone perfume idea.

Duration: 01:28:10

Ep 184. "Vajayjay's and You Guessed It, More Sexual Predators"

Julie Brown or Downtown Julie Brown? We discuss autocorrect not helping when you need it, the origin of the word vajayjay, dumb stuff Dev did while drunk, yet another celebrity outed as a sexual predator, STD's, Dev's nun on a bus joke, and a man who hired prostitutes for his neighbors for four years.

Duration: 01:27:20

Ep 183. "Hair Metal and a Horse Outside"

Daily likes shaking up lava lamps. We discuss Dev's first time on stage, Henry Rollins, Malcom Young, more sexual predator allegations, the sequence of genitals, Al Franken, one of Dev's biggest embarrassments, a prostitute who shot a guy for giving bad oral sex, and a woman who got a DWI on a horse.

Duration: 01:59:40

Ep 182. "Daily Knows What Michael Jackson Did, UFO's, and Colorado Grinds"

Here it is folks, the last scab show. Well for a while anyway. Hope you enjoyed them. Apparently Daily knows something about MJ that we don't. Can't wait to find out.

Duration: 01:04:10

Ep. 181 "Ronkonkoma and The Newer Sexual Predator"

There's no heat in AHi5 studios. We discuss Dev's trip, shedding balls, what piece of his body Producer Dave chews on, Veteran's Day, a politician accused of sexual misconduct, and the newest sexual predator Louis C.K.

Duration: 01:46:52

Ep 180. "Proper Ghandi and The Nex Sexual Predator"

We tried to be better people but we failed. We discuss Daily's attempt to stop drinking, Dev's attempt to stop eating meat, our drunken mess of a Halloween party, how creepy our friend Tom is, Kevin Spacey's accusations, and an airplane BJ.

Duration: 01:09:22

Ep 179. "Scab Show 3: Gruesome Murders and Genitals for Dummies"

The third scab show. Kinda snuck up on you huh? Producer Marie is in the studio I know that much. Let's listen together, shall we?

Duration: 01:40:13

Ep 178. "Unbeatable NES Games and Keep Walking New Jersey"

No one has ever beaten the original TMNT NES game. We discuss the video games of our youth, AHi5's two year anniversary, the worst billboard ad ever, why we care about famous peoples' children, the new richest man in the US, the released JFK files, and a man locked in a beer cooler.

Duration: 01:36:46

Ep 177. "Scab Show Part 2: Cultural Appropriation Costumes and Amazon Gets Me Lifted"

Dev's away again on super secret business so we present to you... Scab Show Part 2. I guess it's meant to be like a when someone crosses a picket line but I just keep picturing that time I scraped my knee really bad when I was kid while trying to get rad on my Diamondback Tailwhip BMX bike and spent the next week and a half resisting the urge to pick at the impressive amount of coagulated platelets that tempted me every hour and every minute of the day. Oh hey it's Dev again with another...

Duration: 01:19:16

Ep 176. "The Devil's Threeway and Daily's Special Cologne"

Dev's back from his super secret assignment, but for how long? We discuss Dev's opinion of the scab show, exaggerating stories, a murder house, texting while driving, Daily's special cologne, and Producer Dave and Daily's dinner date.

Duration: 01:25:32

Ep 175. "Scab Edition"

While Dev was away on super secret business Producer Dave and Daily took over. I don't know what they discussed because I haven't listened to it yet. But I'm sure it's good. This is Devin by the way. Sorry about the 3rd to 1st person change. I'm lazy. I'll come back and update this once I listen.

Duration: 01:09:02

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