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The Bachelorette "JoJo" S12e10: The Men Tell All AKA Chad Still Sucks

"The Men Tell All" is ALWAYS one of our favs... because who doesn't love a room full of guys who are full of shit!? Their own shit, mind you. For the guys, they've now made fools of themselves on National TV and have had some time to think about it/experienced the social media backlash, so this night means second chances and showing America -- hey, I'm not that guy. But the Men hardly ever tell anything, and in this case, Chad told most of the telling. And as Wells sternly/lamely told...

Duration: 00:26:13

The Bachelorette S12e9 - The Fantasy Suite of Tears

We were BLINDSIDED with Jojo's choices in the airplane hanger and things only got more exciting as she took us on a magical trip to Thailand. Where sex is cheap and talk is cheaper. Join us! For our most UNspectacular episode yet!

Duration: 00:28:51

The Bachelorette S12ep7 - Gaucho Libre

Berets never looked worse, and skeet shooting never looked so good - thanks to Luke. Is it us, or are his forehead creases getting dreamier? I don't know who was more shocked and disappointed that Jordan Andrews is NOT close with Aaron - America or Jojo? Just kidding, it was totally Jojo. Join us as we discuss every unspectacular moment of The Bachelorette!

Duration: 00:31:43

The Bachelorette S12e6 - Don't Cry For Me Derek-tina

You guys we got a guest! Twitter fave Chris Handsome Harrison (not to be mistaken with host Chris Harrison) joins us for our MOST unspectacular episode yet! We rehash every moment of Jojo's trip to Argentina - from Wells' kiss to Jordan's aggressive wine swirl to the most DRAMATIC departure we've seen this week! And who else is excited to see Alex in a beret next week! We love you guys. Join us!

Duration: 00:46:06

JoJo ep 1 - The Bachelorette Meets a Bunch of Boring Men

Wow - what a way to kick off what is sure to be a push-up filled season of The Bachelorette. Joelle Fletcher - aka JoJo from K-Ci & Jojo (congrats if you got that lame joke you're officially old!) met 24 (or possibly more) of the world's most desperate men, and wow - we can NOT wait to see which quarterback's brother she will choose to marry! The suspense is killing us! Join us for the most UN-spectacular podcast about The Bachelorette ever!

Duration: 00:43:57

Bachelor S20e11 Season Finale + After the Final Rose

Bachelor Ben's Season Finale was a rollercoaster of UNSPECTACULAR emotions, and we're just glad we were tall enough to RIDE! Join us as we recap Season 20 Episode 11 (AKA the season finale you guys!!!) We're talkin Proposals, Bitchy Moms, Neil Lane's and Awkward Pastors... and don't think we're not gonna get After that Final Rose... the only thing that's missing is YOU and Jojo's bros. Let's do this.

Bachelor S20e7 Ben's Hometown

Average Wife, Average Life. The girls get to visit Warsaw, Indiana - the Orthopedic Capital of the world! And it's just as unspectacular as it sounds! Some get one on one dates - and some completely BLOW their shot with Ben by revealing that they want to be an NFL cheerleader - WOW - we are here to make fun of every stupid moment of this amazing show - join us!

Bachelor S20e6 Bae of Pigs

We were BLINDSIDED this week by Leah, swimming pigs, and the fact that Olivia likes to sit and think and talk smart! So much to discuss about Season 20 Episode 6 of The Bachelor - and BOY DO WE EVER! Join us in the most BLINDSIDING episode of The Bachelor Unspectacular ever!!!!

Bachelor S20e3

Tattoo Tears and Big Toe Fears. Jessie and Elena can NOT believe how much flying Ben did this week! And we get why Olivia was left at home - the weight of her ENORMOUS toes would've probably brought the plane down! A lot happens in this episode and we discuss every UNspectacular moment with WAY more detail than is needed - join us!

Bachelor S20e2

Bobbing for Ben's Apple. Jessie and Elena are back for our second episode and we promise it will be even more UNspectacular than the last! The girls get demoralized by being sniffed by Ben Higgins AND then get told they smell sour! Oh it's a hoot AND a step in the completely WRONG direction for WOMEN! Join us for our most UNspectacular episode thus far!

Bachelor S20e1

Put a Rose on my Head. The most UNspectacular podcast about The Bachelor that you'll ever hear! Good friends Elena Crevello and Jessie Schneiderman get down and dirty and dish on every episode of The Bachelor as it unfolds... kinda. Do they sometimes get confused and think a contestant was kicked off when in fact she wasn't?! Sure! But that's what makes them SO UNspectacular! Now YOU can be unspectacular too - join us!