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The BackPorch with Jason and Amy

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A West Tennesee couple that interviews Songwriters and have them play their original music.

A West Tennesee couple that interviews Songwriters and have them play their original music.
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Jackson, TN


A West Tennesee couple that interviews Songwriters and have them play their original music.






S3 Ep 3 The Kernal “Sing Me Back Home”

In this 3rd episode of season 3 the Back Porch brings you The Kernal. We sit down with Joe Garner, the man behind the red suit, to discuss his inspirations, his goings on and his latest release “Light Country”. If you haven’t heard of him and you are the type of country music fan I am, older country, you’ll want to give this episode a good listen. While it is country music at it’s core, his sound shows influences of americana, rock and gospel. Give your ears a break from all that’s heavy...

Duration: 01:15:48

Farewell Mourning

Christina Warren and Jesse Joyner known as Farewell Mourning join the Back Porch to kick of the 3rd season with some beautiful Americana and talk to us about their coming together and things to come. This duo will put chills down your spine with harmony. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:03:25

S2 Ep 19 North Star Studios “Magic in the Making”

North Star Studios is a great recording studio located in Jackson, Tennessee. It is where The BackPorch with Jason and Amy now calls home. Josh and Steven Stewart tells us the story on how two brothers ended up with a recording studio. They play us a few songs that has been recorded with them. These two brothers has some great stories to tell and they talk about the services North Star offers. This is a great way to end Season 2!

Duration: 02:00:38

S2 Ep.8 Euphonic “End of the Drive”

Grant Newsom and Dalton Bartley joins us on the BackPorch and talks about their band Euphonic.Euphonic is a local punk rock band based out of Jackson, Tn. In this episode, you will hear acoustic versions of their favorite songs.

Duration: 00:35:12

S2 Ep1. Water The Buffalo “The Rider of Lost Creek”

We start up season 2 with Water the Buffalo. A band based out of Milan, Tn, we talk about their unique sound and how the band started. We have some great music in this episode. The band consists of Wade Mathias, Travis Kernodle and Levi Little.

Duration: 05:31:24

Episode 21..Derrick Brantley and Scotty McKnight “The Missing Three-Quarter

We had a great time with this episode. If you want to have a good time, go hang out with these two. So many random topics down to Snickers and a Red Caboose. Derrick and Scotty play us some great music and tell us the stories behind the songs. You don’t want to miss this episode. It will bring you a lot of laughs. So grab your sweet tea or lemonade and sit on The BackPorch with us

Duration: 04:44:55

Episode 17…Chloe Lawson and The Adventure of the Three Students

This show is packed with Great music and even a few jokes. Chloe is from Trenton, Tennessee and has an amazing voice. Chloe tells us the stories about her music, her inspirations and goals. Chloe can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Her music is available on iTunes. This is one great episode you do not want to miss.

Duration: 00:49:34

Episode 13….Kyle Cox and The Adventures of The Speckled Band

In this episode, you will hear about how Kyle Cox got associated with Mike Marsh, former band member of Dashboard Confessional and current member of the Avett Brothers. Kyle’s new album, The Plan, The Messwas produced by Mike Marsh. Kyle is originally from Orlando, FL and currently lives in Nashville, TN. Join us as we hear the stories behind the songs, as well as the great music from Kyle Cox.

Duration: 00:48:53

Episode 12…Brandon “Cotton” Cliffton and The Problem of Thor Bridge

Join us as we talk to one of the Biggest names on the Jackson music scene Brandon Cliffton. Brandon has a different sound being that he is from Louisiana but in this episode you will find out what brought him to Tennessee. Brandon has a little bit of folk mixed with country sound. His music is great. He did not make the top Exit 82 performers for no reason. So tune in and hear some sad and happy songs with Brandon.

Duration: 00:41:31

Episode 10..The Kimberlie Helton Band and A Study in Scarlet

Listen in and find out why the Kimberlie Helton Band won the Jackson Sun Readers Choice Award for best entertainer. We talk to Kimberlie and Eric Wood about their music, goals and clothes. Yes I said clothes. You will have to listen to find out the whole story. This episode is packed with great music.

Duration: 00:47:04

Episode 9. Little Boys Blue and the Case of the Reigate Squire

Join us as we talk to J.D Taylor and Steve Patterson from Little Boys Blue. LBB is the hottest Blues band from Jackson to Memphis. Listen as we discuss how the band came about and the stories behind the songs. They are being played across the country on internet radio. There is a lot of great music and stories in this episode. You can purchase their music on iTunes as well as other digital media outlets.

Duration: 00:48:11

Episode 8. Brandon Lay and the Silver Blaze……….

Brandon Lay is from the Jackson Tn area. He currently has a Artist Development contract with Warner Bros. Chappell. He is currently touring the country and opening up for various country music acts. Join us as we discuss Brandon’s music and the success he has had. Brandon will tell us the stories about his muisic.

Duration: 00:41:55

Episode 7. Jeremy McEwen and The Baker Street Irregulars……

Join us on The Backporch with Jeremy McEwen as our featured guest. Jeremy has a song “Mississippii Free” that currently is ranked #2on the Roots Music Report chart.It is #2 on Acoustic Blues Songs Chart AND #2 on Acoustic Blues Albums. For anyone of you that has heard of Keb Mo, Jeremy is now 1 spot above Keb Mo. That is huge…. So listen to this episode to find out why his original sound is climbing up the charts as we speak.

Duration: 00:52:38

Episode 6. Blaizin Blair and The Adventure of the Cardboard Box

Join us with Blazin Blair, a local singer songwriter with very powerful words and vocals.This is the very first female on The Backporch and man are we glad she came. Blair has this great rock and blues sound in her very distinct voice. Just about everyone can relate to her songs. Blair was ranked #5 on the top ten list of Exit 82 episodes. If you listen to this show you will understand why. You can contact Blair on Facebook, she is listed under Blazin Blair and Blair Pinson.

Duration: 00:45:56

Episode 5. Jesse Mullins and The Reigate Puzzle……

Join us as we talk to Jesse Mullins the former lead man of the band As Follows. Listen as he talks about his songs, and sings live in the Studio. Jesse currently resides in Medina, Tennessee. If you like voices like Gin Blossoms,Train,or Green Day then you are in for a treat. Also Michael King is back filling in for Brandon in the episode. Great Music, Great Show… Join us on The Backporch..

Duration: 00:49:43

Episode 3 Josh Smith and The Adventure of the Veiled Lodger….

Join us as we talk to the great Josh Smith on The BackPorch. Listen as we discuss with Josh about the “new sound” of country music verses the “old style of country music. Also in this episode, you will hear recordings from Josh as well as live recordings. If you are ever in the Jackson, Tn area, you may catch Josh at The Downtown Tavern. Please support your local musicians, they have more talent than you think. You can buy music from Josh’s band ”Rev. Jessie & The Holy Smokes” on iTunes.

Duration: 00:41:19