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Chuck and Brian bring you The Bad Feeling Podcast! Two guys in Austin, TX that are pretty much addicted to Star Wars: The Old Republic. While far from experts, we know a little bit and have fun with the game. We hope to bring some of that joy to your ear-holes. Please enjoy! We play on the Shadowlands server PVE. Come join our guilds! (Has A Bad Feeling) Imperial side and (Loves Twi'Leks and Spice) on the Republic side. Join in the chat channel with /cjoin BadFeeling






Episode 172 - Small Things and Big Changes

Did you ever notice that one thing that's bugged you for so long? What about that other thing? There's a lot of little things in Swtor that could stand to be cleaned up. We know the devs are busy doing big dev things, but a little more polish here and there would go a long way! One of those big dev things is class changes. They seem to be hitting pretty hard and folks are leaving the game because of them. What is going on? This week's Outro Music: Victory Celebration Remix by MasterLagger

Duration: 00:36:25

Episode 171 - F Your Squeaky Wheel

The servers are back online, and calm has been restored to the land of Swtor. Let's discuss what happened. The daily areas that aren't Iokath are still giving out oodles of CXP. This is such a wonderful development, that we never want it to change! But what about the other daily CXP bonus activities? Is there a good way to make this bug a feature? Is it a payoff for having half a day of downtime during the patch that went awry? After the failed deployment of game update 5.4a, the servers...

Duration: 00:35:50

Episode 170 - March of the Conquest Trolls!

Hey everyone! We're staying dry and our thoughts are with the people down on the Texas coast. It would appear, however that the flood waters washed all the bridge trolls to Austin! The Umbara stronghold remains unavailable for some players. There's been some ongoing discussion about the connection between stronghold completion and conquest bonus. Why? What's the point of getting conquest bonus or completing conquest? This week's outro music Ookay Star Wars

Duration: 00:41:49

Episode 169 - Buvette on Belsavis

Hey Friends! Make sure you tune in to a special Bad Feeling twitch stream on Thursday August 31st! We'll be hosting Eric Musco and Charles Boyd in the first ever Bad Feeling Buvette! This episode we talk about game update 5.4 the Crisis on Umbara. What went wrong? Why the anguish? Listen in. What is your ranked PVPness worth? We get rank!

Duration: 00:36:49

Episode 168 - Wishing on a PVPNess

If your PVPNess stays hard for more than 4 weeks, you may have a problem. Again there's drama with the proposed changes to the PVP system. Now there's anger about how many unassembled components are granted for weekly and daily missions. What the heck, bro? We wish things were different and we list off some of our guildies' wishes too! Wish wish wish! This week's outro music: Get Low Cantina by Boa

Duration: 00:50:49

Episode 167 - Haters and Players and Producers Oh My!

Haters and players and producers! Oh My! There's been some hate thrown around our beloved community of content creators. Let's discuss. Not everyone has the same tastes, but that's okay. This is the same argument a lot of folks use against Bioware for not producing the content they like best. Remember folks, we're all in this together - so we might as well make some dick jokes! This week's outro music: Imperial March by Dirt Monkey

Duration: 00:44:02

Episode 166 - Topic Talk!

We're quickly moving in slow-motion! Chuck can't wait to be off to the happiest place on Earth. No really. That's not what he calls bedtime, he's headed to Disney World - the home of all the Star Wars things! So, let's have a discussion. What should we discuss? That's what. This week on the DevTracker, Musco asked the community what they'd like to discuss. We took on a couple of the key talking points and gave our perspectives. This week's outro music: Lapti Nek by Meco

Duration: 00:39:10

Episode 165 - Manaan and On and On

The Sisters of Carnage have arrived! Brian really wanted them to be characters on GLOW, but instead they are the new Operations boss encounter. SWTOR update 5.3 brings us a new boss encounter, a new stronghold on the water world of Manaan and the removal of legacy smuggling tunings and crystals. Also included: So much Internet rage! This week's outro music: Cantina Band by Jason Hernandez

Duration: 00:40:51

Episode 164 - Strong Cartel Holds!

When update 5.3 comes to us next week, we'll see a new stronghold! Brian is holding out for the Oricon ocean of lava stronghold, but the smart money is on Swtor taking their talents to Manaan. A Deep Water Sanctuary might be a slight clue. While looking at the dev post, we noticed that the cartel coin to credit ratio seems a bit skewed. What's that all about? While we're at it, let's talk about the cartel market changes and what we'd like to see with new packs and combo packs! This...

Duration: 00:35:45

Episode 163 - Unbolstered, Naked and Classless

Let's take a look at the community topics that our friends at Bioware have posted. There's the issue of Master Mode Operations Loot Drops - not gonna touch that one. Cartel Market packs are changing - hard pass. Bolster - Chuck will Rage! Class Changes - Everyone will Rage! Listen to the disaster that is Episode 163! This week's outro music: Lapti Nek dub remix by Imma

Duration: 00:40:57

Episode 162 - Keith Said What?!!?

We're here and we're alive! There's been a lot going on over the past couple of weeks. Chuck has expanded his Legacy to include some Indianers. He also brought home a gnarly Indiana cough. In the time since our last episode, Brian had a chance to sit down with the new lead producer, Mr. Keith Kanneg. We got to talk about a wide variety of topics that have been of concern for the playerbase. Server merges, class changes and more are inside! This week's outro music: Cantina Band Remix by...

Duration: 00:56:47

Episode 161 - Road Map To Hell

It looks like Keith came through for us in the end! Our first road map was delivered in the month of May. As was expected, the community was typically negative. Listen to our thoughts on the near term goals for SWTOR and what we're looking forward to the most!

Duration: 00:39:32

Episode 160 - Slapped in the Face by the PVPNess

We took a week off the get riled up! Chuck is mad as hell and he's gonna take it some more. There's so much confusion about gearing up for end game, that we had to take a segment about it. Swtor is going to have maintenance on May 25th. Some people call this Ascension Day and were hoping to play swtor. Public outcry ensues for all of Europe. Why does PVP gear make Chuck mad? There's a variety of reasons. Listen to them all!

Duration: 00:47:32

Episode 158 - The Future of What

Let's do this! Bad Feeling Podcast number 158! We talk about what we'd like to see from the upcoming road map. We also talk about some other nonsense. Star Wars trivia is another thing we're bad at. Did you know Porkins had a first and middle name?

Duration: 00:31:43

Episode 155 - Rumors, Delays and Cigarettes

It looks like game update 5.2 has been delayed. That's a big 'womp womp' for the whole player base. So what do we think caused the delay? It could be striving for quality or something more sinister... There was also a rumor about the Bioware studio working on a remake of the original Knights of the Old Republic. Should this happen?

Duration: 00:34:50

Episode 154 - New To Ops and Faction Story Matters!

There's a new operation coming! Holy crap! What do we do? What should you do if you've never been in an operation before? Don't panic, the Bad Feeling Podcast is here to help. Listen to our simple steps for operation success! The new daily area on Iokath will allow players to switch their factions to complete different quests and bash opposing players in PVP. Why should/ shouldn't we be allowed to switch? Story choices matter, don't they?

Duration: 00:45:41

Episode 153 - A World Full of PvPNess

Bioware is bringing back Open World PVP! When the new planet Iokath comes to the game, we've learned that there will be open world PVP. We've also learned the requirements to enter this magical death zone. As we look over across the landscape, World of Warcraft is adding a new feature in game update 7.2. Its very similar to SWTOR's level sync, with much the same complaints. Discuss Level Sync!

Duration: 00:38:04

Episode 152 - Cartel it Alone

In our quest to find Swtor news, we found quite a lot to talk about. If this were a Mass Effect podcast, we'd be set! So, what should you do while the rest of your friends are playing a different game? There's a whole lot of fun activities to complete and titles to earn solo. Time to dust off those exploration achievements! Also, Bioware has added a new pack to the cartel market. Its the Agent's bundle. Are bundled packs a good way to go? What's in your bundle?

Duration: 00:41:14

Episode 151 - Sounding Our Roots

We made it to another milestone. Episode 151! For no other reason than we forgot that we made 150 of these! Let's talk about how we got here. There's a lot of new players coming to the game, and its up to the Bad Feeling Podcast to give them some bad examples not to follow. First up: Our PvPNess! Listen for a few early tips and tricks if you're starting to get into warzones.

Duration: 00:38:32

Episode 150 - Proceeding Backwards

We're back and Brian has sobered up (somewhat). We return from Mardi Gras break to find a whole crap load of dev posts! Gear is coming back! More command ranks! Less command ranks! Things are for sale! What the hell is going on?

Duration: 00:45:10

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