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Big Al, Andy and Liam talk about stuff




060 - Japanese vending machines (with Tom Stapledon remix)


Duration: 00:28:45



Duration: 00:03:38

051 - SwapCast with the Attitude Consultant

We were special guests on the Attitude Consultant podcast with Rohan Harry. It was craaazzzyyyyy!

Duration: 00:09:15

050 - We made it to 50 episodes!

The 50th episode! Liam's still a sloth, well dressed dudes, The Elephant British pub, getting kicked out of pubs, Big Al's comedy segway, the Arkaba, Big Al gigs, spit roast, meat eaters, Carl the bar fly, we talk about the time he lost his virginity, brothel, prostitute studying to be a lawyer, any other ladies for car, how much for brothel visits, prepping to go to a brothel, creepy, Andys birthday, what Mum and Dad didn't know that we let out of the bad during, big fan Craig joins us, his...

Duration: 00:31:06

Bonus content: Big Al tells a joke.

Is this the best or worst joke? Let us know on our facebook page..

Duration: 00:02:41

049 - pt2 - Badcast marketing meeting, fidget spinners and popballs

Liam is a sloth again, the slug and lettuce, the principal at Andys primary school, Big Al's friend found something hilarious, misspelt, Badcast flyers, Badcast stickers, Mousetrap the board game, rats, The Badcast stubby holders, get incontact with us, how to win our merchandise, Big Brother, Merlin, Fidget Spinners, pop ball, fidget spinner injuries, fidget spinner sex toy, batteries in a dudes bum, ring of fire, dooms day prepping, coolest things for dooms day prepping, faraday cage,...

Duration: 00:36:31

Special Episode! Big Al's beer chug training (part 2)

Will Big Al scull 6 stubbies of beer in under a minute? He will conquer this challenge in front of 100 fans in our 50th episode coming up.. But this mini episode is all about the training... Let's see how he goes!

Duration: 00:08:28

049 - pt1 - Police lockdown and Chimeras

Big al had his house surrounded by cops, we speak to him while it's happening, comedian Rohan harry joins us, Rohan Harry's not in the best shape, we talk about the Attitude Consultant, Tony Robbins, what is life advice, Rohan Harry records the podcast at 3am in the morning, sing star microphones, sick on first weekend off, tested for std's, crabs, blue swimmer crab, what Liam did on the weekend, kids birthday, Sesame Street theme, Elmo, ADHD podcast, Eddie Ifft's producer, Chimera, mixing...

Duration: 00:33:14

048 - Drinking and talking about scams

Fake fur, Bert newton, Donald trump, plugs, Jimmy Fallon, Shane Warne, big brother, Dubbo, Scottish George, hair plugging, sales in Dubai, laser treatment, snake oil, would you go a Toupee, pyramid scheme, tinder, big als wife got caught up in internet scams, school teacher porn site sign ups, shark tank, black charcoal face masks, red faces, gong, refund, Skin care products, snake skin, gym, Liam got asked to build a website for a pyramid scheme, cartel media, targeted marketing for women,...

Duration: 00:46:11

Bonus Mini Episode - Big Al's drinking training

After we saw a beer sculling video, we decided to challenge Big Al to it... this episode we get him ready with some training for the big challenge in episode 50... how did he go? #sculling #beer #challenge #mini #VB

Duration: 00:06:42

047 - Porno Golfballs

The movie Bulletproof with Damon Wayans and Adam Sandler, naughty nurses, how long can you watch a porno for? VCR, soggy Sao, soggy bush biscuit, how we accessed porn in the old days, porno golf balls, old school in the back of the garbage truck, Drew Barrymore in playboy, hiding the porno from parents, busted by parents, mates and their bits out in front of each other, 5PBA in Adelaide, Liam and Big Al was on the station, Vaughan Harvey School Of Radio, the brown noise, mini disc DJing,...

Duration: 00:47:14

046 - Big Al's epic drinking challenge

French play, Big Al scored some gear out of the local paper, what would Big Al's death notice say? A group of 9 people invited 1 stranger on a holiday to Spain.. ever had random acts of kindness happen to you? Beer, parklands action, Japan has a penis festival, Kawasaki, Thailand, Mount Gambier, the blue lake, Big Al's sexual festival idea, blowup dolls in jail, crimes in the north, traffic flasher, the flat tyre Andy got cost him big, Italian club pizza, Nonna's cooking, Liam watched a...

Duration: 00:39:41

045 - Who got ladyboy-ed in Thailand?

We welcome back Tommy the producer from the US, Mexican food, New York, Miami, The cane, not allowed to insult the Thai royalty, the prince and Facebook, cancelling Facebook in Thailand, Harry, what happened to Andy in Thailand, Lorde, Phi Phi Island, Samsong Whiskey, ladyboy, nude massage, elbow on the old mate, Bali with tommy, bottoms up in Bali, Air BnB, when tommy blocked the drains in Bali, the bum gun, pants, scooter comfort, corn, horrible experiences, Casio man, guy in Adelaide who...

Duration: 00:41:21

044 - Canadian Pete with a shot of Patron

We start off with a shot of coffee patron, Pete the Aussie that lives in Canada fills in for Big Al, What Pete found different in Australia than the last time he was here, the garden of unearthly delights at the Adelaide fringe memories, jumping the shark, the Australian New Zealand club in Toronto, spoken word event, Darwin, crocodiles, Peter falconio, backpacker, heads in freezer house on green hill road, sizzler, history of Adelaide, more info on Toronto, drinking, Matty Matheson,...

Duration: 00:37:27

043 - Up North with Comedian The Beautiful Bogan (pt 2)

Liam kicks off with a shot of gin, Panadine forte, The Beautiful Bogan, stock, salty snacks, anchovies, Big Al's wife, soggy Sao, favourite salty treat, salted caramel, sauces, Andys new weird obsession, Zymill, lactose free, gaffer tape, 50 shades of grey, what have you fixed with gaffer tape, The Beautiful Bogans Hebrew tattoo, what the tattoo also means, comedian in Adelaide, Big Al starting drinking and cinder at the same time, performers union, Melbourne and Sydney gigs, what you do for...

Duration: 00:46:43

042 - Up North with Comedian The Beautiful Bogan (pt 1)

Flat tyre on the way, Comedian The Beautiful Bogan, how he met Big Al, the adult section at blockbuster, the 10 porno a week customer, the rewinder, secrets of the video rental store, the Big Al laugh, Big Al's stalker, Stephen King scary car, It the movie, one way to advertise the Badcast, we're in Big Al's backyard, The Most northern thing that has ever happened to you, cops, high speed chase, megaphone, what the Beautiful Bogan had stolen from his house, when someone died in the front...

Duration: 00:42:58

041 - Nipples

We're live at the Elephant British Pub! Teen Wolf, it's getting cold in Adelaide, Andys nipples are always erect, we compare our nipples, Liam getting waxed, Andy Veets, hairy, Andy has created something, 1 min quickie with Andy, Stubby holder, apologising to people after a big night out, Elephant British Pub, how to throw the badcast a bone, Hello Fresh, What's next for the badcast, the Beautiful Bogan, heading to Big Al's place, Whisky and Gin evening, Sloe Gin, Andy leaves early, camping...

Duration: 00:32:17

040 - We read your reviews and Big Al gives out his phone number

Support the team that supports us, use the codeword 'Auscast' at checkout to score $25 off your first 2 boxes! We're at the Elephant British pub, we realise it's actually the 40th episode, what will Big Al weigh in the next few years, PJ Obriens 300 pint club, Derryn Hinch, What awesome thing did Big Al find? Ironing, cufflinks, How many Big Al sets on stage does he change on the fly? Birds and the bees, Liam's bird and the bees talk, we go through the reviews on iTunes,...

Duration: 00:31:40

039 - Live at Comedian and devoted Miley Cyrus fan Rohan Harry's house

Live at Comedian and devoted Miley Cyrus fan Rohan Harry's house! Liam and sunglasses, Adelaide fringe recap, How Rohan became the 'I love, Miley' character, Miley Cyrus shrine, Rohan addiction, wheel chair time, wheel chair drunk, best way to sneak alcohol into a festival, the photoshopped photo that started it all, Miley's dad Billy Ray, Liam Hemsworth, who would win in a fight with Thor, Hemsworth doll, the long dangerous drive to Big Al's house, Miley movies, Pac man game, frogger, Big...

Duration: 00:39:31

038 - Jenga Meets Carolina Reaper

John Howard introduces us (may not be the real him) Week 2 of our games special, We recap on last week, We play poor mans Jenga, We look at Big Al's lady like hands, Queensland cyclones, Tornadoes, Reporters during cyclones, We decide on what happens when someone loses the game, Carolina Reaper it is, White devil chillies, we get back on cyclones, Andy wrecks the game, extreme weather events, the most relaxing accident ever, dust storms, Yazmyn loses the game, Andy becomes a real man and...

Duration: 00:24:43

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