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Every month host Pat The Batman Fan brings you amazing interviews with the real-life citizens of Gotham City: Writers, Actors, Artists, Composers, Stuntmen, Vehicle Designers and more on the World's Finest Batman podcast, The BatPodcast!




BatPodcast- Episode 9- John Stacks

John Stacks joins Pat to discuss his unique perspective on the release of the 1966 Batman TV series on DVD and Blu-ray, and tells how he became an accidental player in the process thanks to a lawsuit against his Batman resin kits.

BatPodcast Episode 8- Dave Lea

Martial Artist DAVE LEA made a big, bat-shaped impression on celluloid as Michael Keaton's fight double in 'Batman'. And he made such an impression on director Tim Burton that he was promoted to fight coordinator for 'Batman Returns', in addition to doubling for Keaton once again. Dave graciously made room in his very busy schedule to tell us all about the amazing personal journey that has taken him from London to Malaysia to Hollywood and reveals some awesome inside stories about the...

BatPodcast Episode 7- Andrea Romano

Pat welcomes the one and only ANDREA ROMANO to the show! Since 1984 Andrea has been responsible for casting and voice directing more Batman and Batman-related animated projects than you can shake a stick at. Pat Andrea talk about her mentor Gordon Hunt, the challenge of casting Batman, the original choices for the roles of the Joker Alfred on the Animated Series and more. She's truly a legendary member of the Batman Universe and also a wonderful, wonderful lady!

BatPodcast Episode 6- Bruce Thomas

Join Pat for a talk with actor BRUCE THOMAS, who played Batman in the OnStar TV commercials of the early 2000's. Bruce now has a successful voice-over career in the Batman Universe, having played Darkseid's minion Desaad in JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR and Commissioner Gordon in SON OF BATMAN. Super cool guy, super fun interview!

BatPodcast Episode 5- Adrienne Barbeau

Pat has coffee with the lovely talented ADRIENNE BARBEAU, who played Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman on Batman: The Animated Series. Adrienne talks about her experiences as Catwoman, her new career as a novelist, her time as a Go-Go dancer in a mob bar more!

BatPodcast Episode 4- Doug Jones

Enjoy a special bonus episode with Pat's special guest, the amazing DOUG JONES... Before he was ABE SAPIEN in the HELLBOY films. before he was THE PALE MAN and FAUN in PAN'S LABYRINTH, he was THE THIN CLOWN in Tim Burton's BATMAN RETURNS. Doug tells how he ended up on the set of the blockbuster sequel, shares some hilarious never-before heard stories from the filming and more. This is the first interview Doug has ever done specifically about BATMAN RETURNS!

BatPodcast Episode 3- Marc Tyler Nobleman

Pat talks with author (and detective!) Marc Tyler Nobleman about his book "Bill, The Boy Wonder", which chronicles the story of the secret co-creator of The Batman, Bill Finger, as well as his interview series on the Super Friends cartoon series more

BatPodcast Episode 2- Wally Wingert Part 2

Part Two of my interview with Wally Wingert, in which we discuss his voice acting career his role as The Riddler in the Arkham game series... Wally is the only voice actor to voice the same major character in all 3 games!

BatPodcast Episode 1- Wally Wingert Part 1

Pat welcomes voice-over actor 1966 Batman expert Wally Wingert as the first guest on The BatPodcast for a two-part interview spectacular! In the first episode Wally will blow your mind with his knowledge of the costumes from the 1966 Batman TV series and then in part two we discuss his voice acting career his role as The Riddler in the Arkham game series...