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From the Files of the Batcomputer #37: Barry Eldridge of Factory Entertainment on the Batman 66 Batcave

Factory Entertainment has an impressive selection of favorite genre collectibles from Game of Thrones to The Green Hornet to ​Ghostbusters to many more. And now they've created the ultimate Batman 66 collectible in the form of fully functional Batcave. Barry Eldridge, creative director for Factory Entertainment joins John and Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension to discuss how the project came about, what one can expect from the collectible, and how one can obtain a copy. ​Check out all the...

Duration: 00:57:00

The Hornet's Sting: Episode 19 - "Bad Bet on a 459 -- Silent"

"BAD BET ON A 459 SILENT" AIRED: FEBRUARY 10, 1967 The Hornet is shot when he stumbles on two crooked cops helping themselves to the leftovers from a robbery. How can he get medical help when every cop in the city is looking for him? Jim and John find this story fascinating as it puts the Hornet and Kato immediately into the action, gives Kato extra screen time, and features a scene that the recent Green Hornet movie would use as well.​ The Green Hornet: A History of Radio, Motion...

Duration: 00:35:40

Episode 78: "The Crime Computer" & "The Great Scarecrow Scare"

The Penguin gets himself a computer and begins plotting crimes with it. Soon, it's a battle between Penguin's computer and the Batcomputer and then with the Dynamic Duo themselves. Plus, we have the premiere of the Scarecrow on the cartoon. But he doesn't have the same MO as most fans are accustomed to seeing. ​ In addition, John and Dan Greenfield, creator and author of the 13th Dimension discuss Filmation's tech design in their cartoons, their love for Alfred when he gets involved in...

Duration: 01:03:39

The Hornet's Sting: Episode 18 - "Ace in the Hole"

"ACE IN THE HOLE" AIRED: FEBRUARY 3, 1967 The Hornet is trying to broker a deal between two rival gangs, but the arrival of Mike Axford nearly threatens the whole thing. A quick thinking Hornet makes it look like Axford's dead, when in reality he's holding him until the case is closed. But one of the gangsters discovers Oxford's alive and that the Hornet is double crossing them. If this sounds more like a comedy than a drama or adventure story, you might not be mistaken. John...

Duration: 00:25:05

From the Files of the Batcomputer #36: Happy Birthday, Ms. Julie Newmar

August 16 marks the birthday of Ms. Julie Newmar. Her role as the first Catwoman on screen still stands as the template that every other actress has followed as she defined the role. To celebrate, John invites Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension into the Batcave to talk about Ms. Newmar's Catwoman, her roles before and after the Batman 66 series, the characteristics that distinguish a Julie Newmar performance, and her love of gardening. Plus, Dan release how his friendship with Ms. Newmar...

Duration: 00:56:26

Episode 77: "Hizzoner the Joker" & "Freeze's Frozen Vikings"

"Hizzoner the Joker" & "Freeze's Frozen Vikings" Aired November 2, 1968 This is an interesting duo of episodes. First, the Joker runs for mayor and wins in "Hizzoner the Joker". What is it like when a criminal holds a public office? And then, Mr. Freeze is back and using a Viking hoax to commit crimes in Gotham City. ​ WARNING: If you do not have a sense of humor about the current political situation, this episode of the podcast will not be for you. ​ In addition, John and Dan...

Duration: 00:55:07

The Hornet's Sting: Episode 17 - "Corpse of the Year, parts 1&2"

"CORPSE OF THE YEAR" AIRED: JANUARY 13 & 27, 1967 A two-part story brings us a cast of characters and a murder mystery where the Hornet is the prime suspect. This story has a lot going for it, but it also has a number of clumsy elements including a duplicate Hornet and Black Beauty which appears to have no real purpose to the plot other than it looks cool. John and Jim are pretty much on the same page when it comes to this story and John is happy to see, albeit briefly, actress...

Duration: 00:38:35

Episode 76: "Partners in Peril" & "The Underworld Underground Caper"

"Partners in Peril" & "The Underworld Underground Caper" Aired October 26, 1968 We've had two villain team-ups, but what about three? Joker, Penguin, and Riddler get together and engage in a contest to see who will control Gotham City's criminal empire. Not interesting enough? How about Catwoman getting them to abandon their competition with a plan to cripple the GCPD, making the city ripe for the taking? It's all here, plus Barbara, Batgirl, and Alfred in "Partners in Peril," a story...

Duration: 00:54:57

From the Files of the Batcomputer #35A: Addendum - Illustrator Al Bigley's Tribute to Adam West

A big thank you to all who downloaded and commented on The All-Star Adam West Tribute. It was a labor of love for John to put together and he's glad to see that it helped many who are coping with the passing of our Caped Crusader. In the rush to get it out though, John missed placing one of the contributions into the episode. He presents it here with his humblest apologies to illustrator Al Bigley (who was cool about it, but John wasn't having anyone who contributed miss out.). Here now is...

Duration: 00:10:25

From the Files of the Batcomputer #35: An All-Star Tribute to Adam West

Adam West's passing has proven to be an even larger blow to the Batman 66 community than ever imagined. Here on the podcast, we've received numerous requests to join in on the first tribute episode we presented last week. It just wouldn't have been possible to have a coherent conversation with so many people. ​ In order to give everyone a chance to have their say, John is presenting a second tribute episode where each participant offers his thoughts on Adam's passing and what his...

Duration: 01:47:39

From the Files of the Batcomputer #34: The Batcopter with Owner/Pilot Eugene Nock

It's the first new piece of equipment we see in Batman's arsenal against crime in the Batman 66 motion picture. It comes equipped with a Bat Ladder, Bat Shark Repellent Bat Spray, and a mobile crime lab. It's the Batcopter! ​ John and Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension sit down to discuss this aviation wonder. But unlike their previous discussion of the Batmobile, they have someone who is quite familiar with the workings of the Batcopter. He's owner/pilot Eugene Nock. ​ Eugene joins us...

Duration: 00:43:17

From the Files of the Batcomputer #33: A Tribute to Adam West

Adam West passed away on Friday, June 9th at the age of 88 after a brief battle with Leukemia. His passing came as a shock to many in the fan community and for John and his guests, it was something that hit them harder than they expected. John decided to bring 13th Dimension's Dan Greenfield, the Batman 66 message board's Ben Bentley, and Gotham City 14 Miles's Jim Beard together to talk about Adam, his life, his role in their lives, their encounters with the man, and their reaction on...

Duration: 01:18:29

Episode 75: "The Big Birthday Caper" & "Two Penguins Too Many"

"The Big Birthday Caper" & "Two Penguins Too Many" Aired October 19, 1968 It's a team-up extravaganza in our two episodes for this podcast. First, Penguin and Riddler team-up to determine who Batman really is. There are some tropes one would recognize from the 66 series, including Alfred dressing up as Batman. The is followed by the Penguin and Joker teaming up, but a pair of pesky penguins get in the way and Penguin refuses to get rid of them despite Joker's protests. In addition,...

Duration: 00:44:59

From the Files of the Batcomputer #32 - Reis O'Brien on Funko's Batman 66 Line

Reis O'Brien joins John and Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension to talk about the upcoming release of the first wave of Batman 66 3.75 inch action figures. They discuss what was the thinking in the choices for the first wave releases and what might be seen in a second wave, plus a look at what the thinking is for action figures in general. Any comments or questions on this episode, please post them here or by writing Some fun facts to know about Reis...

Duration: 00:46:54

Episode 74: "Bubi, Bubi, Who's Got the Ruby?" and "1,001 Faces of the Riddler"

"Rubi, Rubi, Who's Got the Ruby?" & "1001 Faces of the Riddler" Aired October 12, 1968 Catwoman and Penguin are at odds over a priceless ruby and the Terrific Trio are caught in the middle in our two-part story review. Next, Riddler is back in town and he's using disguises to thrown the Dynamic Duo off his trail even more so than his riddles.​ In addition, John and Dan Greenfield, creator and author of the 13th Dimension discuss whether Ted Knight did the voice of Commissioner Gordon...

Duration: 00:54:44

Episode 73: "The Nine Lives of Batman" & "Long John Joker"

"The Nine Lives of Batman" & "Long John Joker" Aired October 5, 1968 The Catwoman makes her debut in the animated 68 series and there's a lot to like, a lot to dislike, and a lot to simply appreciate. In the story, Catwoman traps the Dynamic Duo in a series of traps that appears to ultimately lead to her desire to learn Batman's identity. And then it just gets more complicated. Plus, there's also a Joker story that could have come right out of the third season, complete with...

Duration: 00:56:44

The Hornet's Sting: Episode 16 - "Seek, Stalk and Destroy"

A trio of Korean War vets hatch a plan to bust their sergeant out of prison with a stolen tank. Will the Hornet be able to stop them in time? John and Jim are back with an episode that they are once again decided on. They both agree the episode has merit, but one of them is overly enthused by the premise. Also, they discuss the influences of the Batman series on The Green Hornet and the music of Billy May. The Green Hornet: A History of Radio, Motion Pictures, Comics and Television by...

Duration: 00:30:55

Episode 72: "How Many Herring in a Wheelbarrow?" and "In Again, Out Again Penguin

"How Many Herring in a Wheelbarrow?" & "In Again, Out Again Penguin" Aired September 27, 1968 Our series of reviews of the 1968 Filmation series continues as the Joker and Penguin return in solo stories for this episode. First, the Joker is committing a series of petty thefts from technology firms. It seems like a joke, but Batman suspects there's more to it than meets the eye. Plus, the Penguin is committing crimes while still in his jail cell. How does he do it? In addition, John...

Duration: 00:47:29

From the Files of the Batcomputer #31: Pat Evans on The Beat of the Bat

"The Beat of the Bat" is a full-length documentary that tells the story of the music of the 1966 "Batman" Television Series and how composers Neal Hefti, Nelson Riddle & Billy May gave Batman his first real musical identity- and one that has remained inexorably tied to the character for over 50 years! In fact, if you saw the just released "Lego Batman Movie" you might have noticed the numerous references to the music of the TV series. And face it, you can go up to anyone, anywhere in the...

Duration: 00:33:12

Episode 71: "The Cool, Cruel Mr. Freeze" & "The Joke's on Robin"

"The Cool, Cruel Mr. Freeze" & "The Joke's on Robin" Aired September 20, 1968 We continue our look at the 1968 Filmation series with a review of a pair of stories. First, we look at the premiere of Mr. Freeze on the cartoon as he plans to bring Gotham City to its knees with a frosty gamble that not only threatens the city, but the Wayne fortune as well. Next, Robin is thinking he's losing his touch but we quickly learn, "The Joke's on Robin" thanks to the Joker. In addition, John and...

Duration: 00:49:21

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