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2015 Season - Episode 5

Here we are with the final 2015 season installment of the Bear Garden Podcast, the best Chicago Bears Podcast in the known universe. Nick drank too much so it's probably the worst podcast we've ever had....but hopefully you at least get a giggle out of it. See you all in September, Bear Down!

2015 - Episode 4

The Bears just don't know which way they want to go this year. After a couple exciting victories, they take a dump against the terrible San Francisco 49ers. Give us a listen and send a text or voicemail with your thoughts: 708-232-3271, that's 708-23-BEAR-1.

2015 - Episode 3

Things are looking up for our beloved Bears, how do we think they'll do in the third quarter of the season. Also; Miss Piggy...would you?

2015 - Episode 2

Welcome to the 2nd quarter of the season. Is it weird that it kind of feels decent to be 1-3? Listen to Mike and Nick talk about the season thus far on the best Chicago Bears podcast ever! Sometimes.

2015 Episode 1

We're back for our first episode of 2015! We're moving to a quarterly format since we're just so darn busy with stuff, but don't worry...we're working on some extra stuff in between. Sure the Bears are 0-1 but it doesn't seem as bad as it could have been, does it?

Week 17 - Lions Loss and Vikings Preview with Special Guest Pete!

We'll be honest, this week's podcast just kind of flew off the rails, much like the Bears season. We brought Pete on to talk about the upcoming Vikings game, but Nick was having none of it, and passed out before the end of the show. Again.

Week 16 - Bears Sucked vs Saints and will Suck vs Lions

Who would have guessed that the Bears suckage would continue? Cutler is no longer the starting QB and the offensive coordinator talks behind his player's backs. THIS SEASON IS THE WORST BEARS SEASON EVER!!!

Week 15 - What Now? Cowboys Review and Saints Preview

The Bears are eliminated from playoff contention, so it's time to look towards the 2015 season. What's going to change? What doesn't need to change? Matt Forte is 29 already! What do we do from here?!?!!?!

Week 13 - Bears vs Bucs and Bears vs Lions review, and VERY brief Cowboys Preview

For the first time every, Nick and Mike record the podcast while in the same room together! This is a Thanksgiving special that you'll either REALLY enjoy, or REALLY hate. You'll know within 5 minutes of listening if this one is for you. Also, the Bears suck but we'll keep watching! Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Week 11 - Vikings Review and Buccaneers AND Detroit Preview

We got a notch in the W column this week! Things are looking better, the offense showed some flashes, where do we go from here? Listen to us talk about The Beloved and what we expect from Lovie Smith coming back to Chicago.

The Party's Over - Packers Week 10 Review and Vikings Week 11 Preview

Well, the bottom fell out this week. The defense is horrible, the Chicago Bears can't cover anyone, the offense can't score any points, special teams is allowing punt blocks and not getting a lot of good name it. OK special teams had a kick return for a touchdown, but that will happen when you have 18 chances to return the ball. Call us to vent! 708-232-3271

2014 Week 10 Bye Week Special, Half Way Review

The Bears are looking at a must-win game, can they pull off a win in Green Bay? Sure, why the hell not? Nick's wife Tracey gets involved since she's a Packer Backer. Yuck!

2014 Week 8 Patriots Loss and Bye Week - Taking the Week Off

We've decided to take this week off, too much going on and really what is there to talk about? The Bears are no good right now, hopefully they can right the ship in a couple weeks against the Packers on Sunday night. We can dream, can't we?

Chicago Bears - Week 7 Dolphins Review & Week 8 Patriots Preview

Nick is back with us while on the road this week, and he'll probably even remember this episode in the morning! The Bears had a bad performance at home against the Dolphins, but all hope is not lost because the Bears win when they're supposed to lose, and this week against the Patriots is a perfect example, being 6 point underdogs. Bear Down!

Chicago Bears - Week 6 Falcons Review and Week 7 Dolphins Preview

No Nick this week? NO PROBLEM! Mike is ready to give you some of his thoughts on the great Bears victory in Atlanta, and also write about himself in the third person on the blog! BEAR DOWN!

Week 5 / 6 Panthers Review and Week 6 Falcons Preview

This week we go LONG, a nice hour of deliciousness for your ears. Things are not looking good for our beloved right, can they right the ship in Atlanta? A tough chore for sure, as the Falcons are a great home team. Oh, and Nick gets quite chatty.

2014 - Week 4 Packers Review and Week 5 Panthers Preview

We talked about how Nick doesn't remember the last podcast, if you haven't listened DEFINITELY check it out, and then we get into the curious Green Bay game. Who is this team?

2014 Week 3 *Special* - Jets Review and Packers Preview

Nick and I got a little sloppy while watching The Beloved beat the Jets in New York, and all for your listening pleasure. Oh and I reference this picture within the first minute or two of the podcast, so take a listen if you're curious. FIRST PLACE! BEAR DOWN! #HASHTAGBEARSHASHTAGWINNING

2014 Week 2 - 49ers Review and Jets Preview

We beat the 49ers! Mike thinks this will be a big momentum booster, and Nick doesn't get too excited as usual. Oh and we mention collecting ejaculate. Bear down!

2014 Week 1 Bills Review - 49ers Preview

We're back this year with more drunken barstool talk about our Chicago Bears! Nick has a horrible connection from some hotel in Nowheresville, GA so we understand if you just delete this podcast after the first 38 minutes or so. Give us a call at 708-232-3271 or check us out on Facebook at
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