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EP.54- Chris Odom

Chris Odom from Beards In Review YouTube is this weeks guest. This page has become one of my new favorites on the interwebs recently covering "beard" topics. His she contains an brief product review, a quick little news segment and a featured beard, or mustache of the week. The Beardcaster was the beard of the week on his episode #14, what a treat that was! Each episode is a nice bite sized morsel of about 5 minutes and has excellent production and is of top quality! Chris and I talked...

Duration: 01:12:49

Episode 53- Pulpo of Pulpo Beard Oils

Pulpo beard oils maybe some of the most uniquely scented oils out on the market. Jorge Montes, Pulpo, is the man behind these well crafted scents and the founder of this up and coming beard oil company. Pulpo was one of the first companies that reached out to me well over a year ago to have me try out some of his products. I️ graciously accepted knowing that I was going to have to give him some constructive feedback on all the products he sent me. Over time I️ tried out all of the scents...

Duration: 01:26:23

Episode 52- Josh Kimm

Josh Kimm, founder and president of the Hampton Roads Beard and Stache Society and The Beardcaster get together to talk about the Whiskers of War 2017 competition and other assorted bearded fun. We talked about our distaste of the mustache and a few major reasons we both don’t care for mustaches. Josh talked about a funny situation where he was a victim of a bearded stereotype and we dove into the world of the stereotypes related to certain styles of beards. Vetshouse is the charity...

Duration: 01:11:10

EP.51-Brad "El Taco" Petrinec

President and founder of the Murder City Facial Hair Crew, Brad Petrinec talks about the upcoming Circus of Whiskers 3 which benefits the charity, Detroit Animal Welfare Group. This was quite the insightful interview as we learned a bit about this Hardcore loving mans history in Detroit, Michigan... AKA-the hole in Americas Mitten. We talked a little bit about the music scene, our hometown sports teams and what makes the bearding community so special. Brad and I met in Austin Texas a few...

Duration: 01:08:54

EP.50-Halloween Fun

Having a really long beard can sometimes make it hard to dress. One of these times of years when you need to "dress up" and incoporate your beard is Halloween. Bald Faced Josh, my cousin/co-worker Eric, and I brainstorm a bunch of costume ideas for a bearded or mustached man to consider when planning a costume this year. Hope you enjoy-remember to tell a friend about The Beardcaster podcast!

Duration: 01:26:51

EP.49-Raymond Whitsel

Raymond Whitsel is hosting an beard and mustache event called Beards Against Drugs. The owner of Synful Beard Oils and Balms is all about bringing the awareness of substance abuse to the forefront and wants to help the voiceless and those that are recovering from substance abuse. Be sure to check out this episode to get all the info you need on the event and Synful Beard Oils and Balms. Please subscribe to the podcast and give us a RAD review and tell your...

Duration: 01:45:37

EP.48-Aaron Johnston, World Champion kinda guy

Aaron Johnston is a simple man, a simple man the RULES THE WORLD!!! #1 Natural Goatee in the WORLD joins me, #7, to talk about lots of different things. This conversation went all over the place, from bearded history, NASCAR, and the competitive nature. The second half of the interview was during the flight of the bats in Austin TX and we really schmoozed up the World Champion. This is a fun time talking to the fella who put me in my place-enjoy and...

Duration: 01:44:32

EP.47-Facial Hair in the movies

In this first of many installments of "Facial Hair in the Movies", Bald Faced Josh and I talk about some of our favorite facial hair that we have seen in movies. Sometimes facial hair can make a character in a movie and sometimes that facial hair can make them iconic. Bald Faced Josh and I talk some of our picks of those mustaches and beards that have stuck out to us over the years of watching movies. Join us in our first installment of Facial Hair in the Movies and hear some of our...

Duration: 01:07:07

EP.46-Brett Strauss

Brett Strauss is a man with a plan. The developer of the Facial Hair League app and I sit down in Austin to talk all about the FHL app, The World Beard and Mustache Championships, organizing beard competitions, and about being handsome. Brett is by far one of the greatest people that I have met being involved in the bearding scene and I have been waiting years to sit down and talk with him. He is a kind, giving, and driven man who has a goal of making things easier for people with his...

Duration: 00:50:27

Ep 45. Crystal Davis

Crystal Davis is one hell of a Whiskerina! We sat down at Worlds in Austin to talk about The Whiskerinas and what drove her to get into the “beard” scene over 2 decades ago. Being one of only two female presidents of a beard and mustache club in the United States I found myself in a real unique position. I dove into her history and her personal life and what drives her in her nursing and some funny stories of a job she had growing up. Crystal is an amazingly special person and when...

Duration: 00:46:50

Ep.44-Bryan Nelson

What was it like being behind the Worlds biggest beard and mustache competition to date? Bryan Nelson, the driving force behind the 2017 World Beard and Mustache Championship and the Austin Facial Hair Club, joins me to talk his thoughts on how the Worlds went. We talked about the production team and all the little things that went into planning this massively successful event. Bryan also talks about some other upcoming events for the club and Come and Shave it 12. If you enjoy The...

Duration: 01:03:59

Episode 43-2017 WBMC Reflections

The 2017 World Beard and Mustache Championships were held in Austin Texas this past weekend. This was the greatest event I have ever attended and I have never had so much fun in my life. It was a complete sensory overload for me as I saw so many incredible beards and mustaches, made new friends, and connected with many old friends I have made from previous competitions. There was so much to experience at the event that I don't even know where to begin! I got many great pictures and a bunch...

Duration: 01:01:44

Episode 42-Worlds with Taylor and Paul

Episode 42- Worlds talk with Taylor and Paul Taylor Welden and Paul Hendricks of the Austin Facial Hair Club join me to talk about how awesome the AFHC is and the 2017 World Beard and Mustache Competition. We talked about how AFHC was able to get the Worlds in Austin and the traditions of what the Worlds are. There is going to be a huge party in Austin this Labor Day weekend with big beards and mustaches, live music, food trucks, and a lot of good times and drinking! We talked a lot...

Duration: 01:44:54

Episode 41-Furby and Can You Handlebar some cool news

Brian Furby of Can You Handlebar is one busy guy. We spent a few hours talking about lots of beard related things and where he got his start in the "bearding" scene. We went back to his roots and learned about his fathers growth and his own experimentation with styles as her grew up till he settled with what he has. Getting involved with charity work through his Title Beard events and website to how he ended up becoming an integral part of the Can You Handlebar monster. One of the...

Duration: 01:12:44

Episode 40-Dr Causgrove of AMI has a big suprise

Episode 40-Dr Causgrove of the AMI has a big surprise… The Beardcaster and Dr. Adam Causgrove of The American Mustache Institute let the cat out of the pillow case in Ep.40. An opportunity of a lifetime had been presented to Scott by The American Mustache Institute and they talk about what the big news is! Make sure you listen to this monumental episode, this is where it ALL changes for this podcast! I also discuss the newest album from Chris Donley, Her Eyes On, and I play a couple...

Duration: 00:31:27

Episode 39-Don and some Hooligans

Don Harshburger and The Beardcaster sit down to talk the 4th Annual Facial Hair Festival happing in Youngstown Ohio presented by the Rust Belt Whisker Society and Pabst Blue Ribbon on August 12. Another year helping The Purple Cat, a great Youngstown charity, Don and I talk about how this year the event hooked up with PBR and has made the whole planning experience much easier for them! Baldfaced Josh and I also talked to random participants at Beards in the Barnyard and asked burning...

Duration: 00:56:56

Episode 38-Tom Foolery with Fear and Deception

The Child wanted to discuss his recent surgery which led us into a conversation about dealing with fear. The conversation changed tempo when Bald Faced Josh brought up his cancer scare a decade or so ago and really took a turn for the worse as we explained the severity of The Childs procedure. I have never laughed harder as everything unfolded and we ended up with a angry Bald Faced co-host. Be sure to check this episode out as we are still using the podcast to cope with recent tragic...

Duration: 01:17:26

Episode 37- Abbe and her Baryard Beards

The First Annual Beards in the Barnyard is taking place July 29th at the Summit County Fair. Abbe and I sat down and talked about beards and where her infatuation with them came. We discussed the sponsors and star-studded judging panel. Be sure to check out the INDIEGOGO for Bearded: an Ode to the Beard and help these guys reach their goal. Rust Belt Whisker Society Beards in the...

Duration: 01:00:48

Episode 36- Ryan Hardon and a Documentary

I met up with Ryan Hardon from the Rocky Moutain Beard and Mustache Club to talk about getting ready for the documentary he is going to be a part of. Beard: and Ode to the Beard, is a documentary that is covering the journey of 4 bearded fellas riding their motorcycles over a thousand miles in 24 hours from Ft. Collins Colorado to Austin Texas for the World Beard and Mustache Championships. We talk about the INDIEGOGO where they are trying to raise funds for the project and what they plan...

Duration: 01:14:55

Episode 35-Blowing off Steam

As you may notice Episode 34 is missing. Actually, there are 2 finished versions, Ep.34 and Ep34.3, that will probably not be released due to sensitivity issues, but the content of the episodes was about the loss of two young men and the impact it had on us. Bald faced Josh and I used the podcast as a way to express our feelings and get out much needed thoughts and emotions. What came across was very heartfelt and genuine and it helped us both cope with what we were both experiencing....

Duration: 02:01:37

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