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Ep.66-Douglas Smythe

What an eye opener this interview was with Douglas Smythe of Phoenix Shaving. He made me want to climb back into the womb to incubate a tad longer to grow into true “manhood”. Douglas shared with me techniques of “wet” shaving and his thoughts on the conspiracy of the multi-blade cartridge companies. Tips galore are found in this episode with a true crafter of high quality, tested shaving products. Not only is Douglas the purveyor of some exquisite shaving items, he also caters to the...


Ep.65 Johnny Rodriguez

President of the Corpus Christi Hairy Hooligans, Johnny Rodriguez and I spent an evening talking about how great partial beards are and Beards on The Bay 2018. This competition promises to be a great time and has a star studded cast of judges who are at the top of their game. Charity is the name of the game and connecting with friends and family is a key part for this club and its leader. Corpus Christi Hairy Hooligans Beards On The Bay...


Ep.64-Omar Shifrin

Omar Shifrin, president of the Bearded Monkey Social Club is a fellow goatee guy. His club is putting on an event on March 10th called Beards For Babies which is to support Lexi’s L.A.M.B, a charity to help children and their families who are in local hospitals outside of Wichita, Kansas. We talked all about the club, how he got involved in the facial hair community and how he has tried to help out a lot of local charities. Bearded Monkey Social Club Beards For Babies Lexi’s...


Ep.63-Crystal Davis, again

I was joined by one of my most favorite people in the facial hair community, Crystal Davis, President of the Modesto Beard and Mustache Coalition. They have a fun little event planned called Beat’Em by a Hare this coming weekend and we hope you can make it out. Crystal and I also pretty much “shoot the shit” and talked about a lot of random stuff, so enjoy this candid “friendship chat”. We finished out the chat with Crystals daughter telling me some pretty bad jokes so check it...


EP.62-Angela Alba-DiRico & Come and Shave It 12

Come and Shave it 12 presented by The Austin Facial Hair Club is upon our doorstep and I am joined by club member/event co-captain, Angela Alba-Dirico. February 24th is the date for this premiere event and beards, mustaches, and creatives from all across the globe will come together for the 12th year of one of the country’s best beard and mustache competitions. Angela and I talked about the club and the event and how she was pulled into the Whiskerina lifestyle along with her jewelry...


EP.61-Brad Jackson

Whisk'er Away 2: A Beard And Pin-Up Prom FEB 10th Play It Forward STL BAMSTL - Beards and Mustaches of St. Louis- Roughneck Beard Co. It's time again for the most romantic and special night a VFW hall can offer. Whisk'r Away 2! Grab your date, grab your formalwear, and grab your tickets! This year will be even better than the last! Don't forget to put your name in for prom king and queen! Tickets are $15 per person, $25 per couple. Proceeds, after costs, will go to help Play It...


EP.60-Beard Beefs w/ MJ and Scott

Every beard, or mustache, grower has gone through a few moments in their facial hairs life where it just drives them crazy. I am joined by MJ Johnson and we discuss the things that irritate us with our beards. Everyone can relate to at least one Beard Beef that we talk about-we all are afflicted with something that our beards make more difficult for us everyday. We have made a big commitment with growing and caring for our "investment" that we end up dealing with all of these issues and...


EP.59-Ryan Gore and Whiskermania 3

Ryan Gore is the president of the Derby City Whisker Club out of Louisville KY. We sat down and talked about their upcoming "Whiskermania 3" event and also the previous years of this wrestling themed beard and mustache contest. Ryan is quite an interesting fella and I love finding common interests with someone other than beards when I interview them! There are some pretty big named and accomplished judges for this event, and Aaron Johnston to round it off. We talk about all the details of...


EP.58-Doug White

Small towns can breed some interesting people. I traveled thousands of miles to meet with an interesting fella, Doug White, and talk all things beard clubbing. President of the Beards of the Old Northwest Rock Creek Chapter, Doug has a great group of guys surrounding him that really help out their local community. They all have big hearts and the desire to do good things for those that are in need as opposed to use club status in a competitive nature. I really learned a lot about how a...


EP.57-Titular Last Jedi-

Joined by some scholarly fellas, The Last Jedi has been a polorizing movie amongst true fans. With the popularity of EP.55 of The Beardcaster, I wanted to get some more opinion on the new Star Wars movie. Happy Holidays on this fun extra episode, hope you enjoy!!! #starwars #thelastjedi #beard #mustache #podcast #podcasts #facialhair


EP.56-Toys, Quinn, Davis, and Bittner

This years Toys for Tots toy collection was out of this world!!! We collected a record breaking amount of toys between The Beards of the Old Northwest, Rustbelt Whisker Society, and the Steel City Beard and Mustache Club at Camelot Lanes in Boardman, Ohio. The only unfortunate thing that happened that evening was this boneheaded podcaster didn't hook up his recorder properly and I lost all my interviews with everyone from the evening. I am such an idiot! To make up for the lost footage I...


EP.55-Last Jedi Nikki

SPOILERS!!! Be careful listening-Our friend Nicole Tovar from the Dune Sea Garrison, a division of the 501st located in Arizona, Bald Faced Josh, and I discuss the new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi. We all had some strong feelings about this new movie and we go through a list of what we enjoyed and a bunch of things we didn't like. Take a listen and agree or disagree, our opinions maybe a little strong but we are very passionate on the topic. The movie is getting a lot of mixed reviews...


EP.54- Chris Odom

Chris Odom from Beards In Review YouTube is this weeks guest. This page has become one of my new favorites on the interwebs recently covering "beard" topics. His she contains an brief product review, a quick little news segment and a featured beard, or mustache of the week. The Beardcaster was the beard of the week on his episode #14, what a treat that was! Each episode is a nice bite sized morsel of about 5 minutes and has excellent production and is of top quality! Chris and I talked...


Episode 53- Pulpo of Pulpo Beard Oils

Pulpo beard oils maybe some of the most uniquely scented oils out on the market. Jorge Montes, Pulpo, is the man behind these well crafted scents and the founder of this up and coming beard oil company. Pulpo was one of the first companies that reached out to me well over a year ago to have me try out some of his products. I️ graciously accepted knowing that I was going to have to give him some constructive feedback on all the products he sent me. Over time I️ tried out all of the scents...


Episode 52- Josh Kimm

Josh Kimm, founder and president of the Hampton Roads Beard and Stache Society and The Beardcaster get together to talk about the Whiskers of War 2017 competition and other assorted bearded fun. We talked about our distaste of the mustache and a few major reasons we both don’t care for mustaches. Josh talked about a funny situation where he was a victim of a bearded stereotype and we dove into the world of the stereotypes related to certain styles of beards. Vetshouse is the charity...


EP.51-Brad "El Taco" Petrinec

President and founder of the Murder City Facial Hair Crew, Brad Petrinec talks about the upcoming Circus of Whiskers 3 which benefits the charity, Detroit Animal Welfare Group. This was quite the insightful interview as we learned a bit about this Hardcore loving mans history in Detroit, Michigan... AKA-the hole in Americas Mitten. We talked a little bit about the music scene, our hometown sports teams and what makes the bearding community so special. Brad and I met in Austin Texas a few...


EP.50-Halloween Fun

Having a really long beard can sometimes make it hard to dress. One of these times of years when you need to "dress up" and incoporate your beard is Halloween. Bald Faced Josh, my cousin/co-worker Eric, and I brainstorm a bunch of costume ideas for a bearded or mustached man to consider when planning a costume this year. Hope you enjoy-remember to tell a friend about The Beardcaster podcast!


EP.49-Raymond Whitsel

Raymond Whitsel is hosting an beard and mustache event called Beards Against Drugs. The owner of Synful Beard Oils and Balms is all about bringing the awareness of substance abuse to the forefront and wants to help the voiceless and those that are recovering from substance abuse. Be sure to check out this episode to get all the info you need on the event and Synful Beard Oils and Balms. Please subscribe to the podcast and give us a RAD review and tell your...


EP.48-Aaron Johnston, World Champion kinda guy

Aaron Johnston is a simple man, a simple man the RULES THE WORLD!!! #1 Natural Goatee in the WORLD joins me, #7, to talk about lots of different things. This conversation went all over the place, from bearded history, NASCAR, and the competitive nature. The second half of the interview was during the flight of the bats in Austin TX and we really schmoozed up the World Champion. This is a fun time talking to the fella who put me in my place-enjoy and...


EP.47-Facial Hair in the movies

In this first of many installments of "Facial Hair in the Movies", Bald Faced Josh and I talk about some of our favorite facial hair that we have seen in movies. Sometimes facial hair can make a character in a movie and sometimes that facial hair can make them iconic. Bald Faced Josh and I talk some of our picks of those mustaches and beards that have stuck out to us over the years of watching movies. Join us in our first installment of Facial Hair in the Movies and hear some of our...


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