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Taking up the sword of Christian theology and the shield of classic apologetics.

Taking up the sword of Christian theology and the shield of classic apologetics.
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Taking up the sword of Christian theology and the shield of classic apologetics.




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(12.8.17) Answering Viewers' Questions, Volume 2: Paul's Conversion, Judas's Betrayal, and Circumcision - The Bellator Christi Podcast

We have another round of excellent questions from our viewers at Bellator On today’s podcast we answer the following questions that were submitted to us at the website: From Seeking Answers 123abc3 1) Why don’t Christians observe circumcision? 2) Why don’t Christians observe the sabbath? 3) When did the New Testament times (i.e. when Old Testament […]

Duration: 01:09:17

(12.1.17) Fireside Chat: 4 Views on the Dispensations of God's Grace and Pastoral Advice with Recent News - The Bellator Christi Podcast

Welcome to the first ever fireside chat! Fireside chats are informal podcasts recorded outdoors in Pastor Brian’s prayer garden, next to his firepit. With the podcast being outdoors, chances are likely that you will hear the crackling of the flames, Brian’s cat prowling about, the neighborhood dogs barking (perhaps because of the cat), and the […]

Duration: 00:57:33

(Podcast 11.22.17) Special Thanksgiving Podcast: Dino Deniers and the Illusion of God's Silence - The Bellator Christi Podcast

Welcome to a special Thanksgiving podcast of Bellator Christi. This podcast will take the place of the regularly scheduled Friday podcast. Yes, the podcasts will normally be produced on Fridays from here on. Nevertheless, sometimes we encounter very strange worldviews that have the name “Christian” stamped on it. This is true of a bizarre movement […]

Duration: 00:45:59

Message: "Thankful for a Change" (Acts 9:26-31) - The Bellator Christi Podcast

Have you ever felt like an outsider? Have you ever felt as if you do not have anything for which you could be thankful? In this message, Pastor Brian discusses the ability that all believers have to be thankful. Because of God’s marvelous, inclusive invitation to those who feel like outsiders, we who have a […]

Duration: 00:42:12

Message: "The Not So Secret Life of the Apostle Paul" (Acts 9:1-25) - The Bellator Christi Podcast

On this edition of the Bellator Christi Podcast, Pastor Brian looks at the powerful conversion of the apostle Paul. In contrast to the fictional movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Paul’s real life conversion was not-so-secretive. Paul’s conversion was evident to all, proving that today’s skeptics may become tomorrow’s evangelists. Paul’s “not-so-secret” PERSECUTING VENDETTA (9:1-2). Paul’s […]

Duration: 00:51:04

Answering Viewers' Questions, Vol. 1 (Religions, Ebionites, Nazarenes, and Paul) - The Bellator Christi Podcast

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers. Today, Brian Chilton answers some of your questions submitted to Bellator Christi. We will discuss the following topics: Is Christianity exclusive? Who were the Ebionites and the Nazarenes? Did Paul have irreconcilable differences with Peter and James? Can we believe the teachings of Paul or was he a liar? […]

Duration: 01:09:10

Message: "Sovereignly Saved" (Acts 8:26-40) - The Bellator Christi Podcast

Every Christian has a testimony and that testimony is special regardless of whether the testimony is extravagant or wonderfully ordinary, because each person has had an encounter with God. In this message, Pastor Brian Chilton examines the wondrous salvation of the Ethiopian eunuch as he encountered Philip in the desert. Join us today on the […]

Duration: 00:50:20

Does the Size of the Universe Disprove God's Existence? - The Bellator Christi Podcast

Let’s face it. The universe is large. More than large, it is huge. More than huge, it is ENORMOUS!!! But, does the size of the universe hold any implications to the possibility of God’s existence? According to Emily Thomas of Newsweek as posted on, it does. She discusses the viewpoints of Michael Martin and Nicholas Everitt […]

Duration: 00:38:31 - The Bellator Christi Podcast

Often, false prophets and false teachers enter the church. These individuals espouse truths that are contrary to the Word of God. How does one spot a false teacher, otherwise known as a great pretender? As we examine the life of Simon the Sorcerer, one who made a false profession of faith, we find some tips […]

Duration: 00:45:16

Message: "Courage Under Fire" (Acts 8:1-8) - The Bellator Christi Podcast

This message continues Pastor Brian Chilton’s series in the book of Acts. In this message, we examine the courage of the early church as it suffers persecution directed by one Saul of Tarsus, who would later be known as the apostle Paul. Find out how one’s courage can make it while undergoing great trials in […]

Duration: 00:51:52

Message: "A Brief History of Crime (Part 3): Modern Crimes of Resistance" (Acts 7:51-53) - The Bellator Christi Podcast

Catch this third and final installment in the series “A Brief History of Crime” as we examine the final portion of Stephen’s message to the religious leaders from Acts 7. About the Host Brian Chilton is the founder of and is the host of The Bellator Christi Podcast. He received his Master of Divinity […]

Duration: 00:48:48

5 Reasons Why Free-Will is Evident in Scripture and the Balance Middle Knowledge Provides - The Bellator Christi Podcast

On today’s podcast, Brian discusses the comments that Matt Slick made on a podcast pertaining to election. Brian describes how free-will is evident in Scripture and why middle knowledge is an excellent hypothesis to balance the doctrines of divine sovereignty and human agency. Free-will is evident in moral commands (See Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount). […]

Duration: 00:42:58

(10.29.17) Is Middle Knowledge a Viable and Biblical Construct? - The Bellator Christi Podcast

Middle knowledge is an important part of the Molinist and Congruist Christian models. Recently, Matt Slick of CARM claimed that middle knowledge is unbiblical. But, is Slick right? Today on the Bellator Christi Podcast, Brian Chilton looks into the concept from Molina’s perspective and from Scripture. Is middle knowledge biblical and viable? Listen to find […]

Duration: 00:58:33

Message: A Brief History of Crime (Part 2): The Hebrews' Crime of Unfaithfulness (Acts 7.17-50) - The Bellator Christi Podcast

We are continuing our study in the book of Acts. This message provides the second portion of Stephen’s message to the Jewish leaders of his time as he provides a brief history of humanity’s crimes against God. Join us today for this thrilling journey into our history with God. The Hebrews rebelled against God’s MAN […]

Duration: 00:42:30

Is Church Discipline Biblical? - The Bellator Christi Podcast

On this October 8th, 2017 edition of the Bellator Christi Podcast, host Brian Chilton discusses the controversial topic of church discipline and notes the central biblical focus of forgiveness and help through what is infamously known as church discipline. What is biblical church discipline? We’ll discuss it on today’s podcast. Do you agree or disagree […]

Duration: 01:06:41

(Podcast 10.1.17) The Authenticity of Jesus' Statements in John's Gospel, NFL Protests, and the Nashville Statement - The Bellator Christi Podcast

On this episode of the Bellator Christi Podcast, Brian weighs the evidence of authenticity for Jesus’ “I am” statements in John’s Gospel as he discusses a debate between Bart Ehrman and Craig Evans. In addition, Brian gives his insights on the NFL protests and describes the controversial Nashville Statement. About the Host Brian Chilton is […]

Duration: 01:15:20

Message: "A Brief History of Crime (Part 1): The Patriarchs' Crime of Jealousy" (Acts 7:1-16) - The Bellator Christi Podcast

This message begins a three-part series on Stephen’s message to his persecutors. Borrowing from Stephen Hawking’s book A Brief History of Time, we title this mini-series “A Brief History of CRIME” as Stephen discusses the history of humanity’s crimes against God. He begins with the patriarchs’ crime of jealousy. Patriarchs PROPHESIED to be jealous (7:6-8). Patriarchs’ PRODUCTION […]

Duration: 00:55:19

Review of Updated Evidence that Demands a Verdict and Reflections on Nabeel Qureshi's Passing (with. Jason Kline) - The Bellator Christi Podcast

Join us today as Brian and Jason discuss the updated Evidence that Demands a Verdict by Josh and Sean McDowell, which is available everywhere on October 3rd, 2017. In the second half of the show, they discuss the recent passing of Nabeel Qureshi. A portion of Jim Tour’s message from Nabeel’s funeral will be played, also. About […]

Duration: 01:11:31

Message: "Stephen: Facing Life with Integrity" (Acts 6:8-15; 7:54-60) - The Bellator Christi Podcast

Stephen: Facing Life with Integrity Acts 6:8-15; 7:54-60 Rev. Brian Chilton, M.Div., Certified in Christian Apologetics Stephen displayed integrity as he faced MINISTRY with MIRACLES (6:8). Ministry of GRACE (6:8a). Ministry of GOD (6:8b). Stephen displayed integrity as he faced MALICE with MEEKNESS (6:9-15). Meek in his APPROACH (6:9-14). Meek in his APPEARANCE (6:15). Stephen […]

Duration: 00:53:13

The Essenes and Ministering to Jewish Millennials (w. Dr. Amy Downey) - The Bellator Christi Podcast

On this episode of the Bellator Christi Podcast, we talk to Dr. Amy Downey, the founder of Tzedakah Ministries, about the ancient Jewish sect known as the Essenes. The Essenes are known for being the caretakers of what later become known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. Were some of the early Christians linked to the […]

Duration: 01:07:43

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