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Episode 59: The Boys Are Back

The guys open up about the longtime away from the podcast and about being away from the truck scene all together. They talk about all the changes that have happened in true BDTS fashion.

Duration: 01:20:17

RIP Sean Mahaney

This is a re-airing of episode 25 which featured the late Sean Mahaney who recently was taken away in a tragic accident. Sean was a great human being who dedicated his life to helping others, he was also a very talented fabricator and built some of the most killer trucks through the years. He was mice enough to call into the show back in 2015 and the guys had the pleasure of chatting off air with Sean for a very long time and he couldn't have been any cooler. There is a GoFund Me account...

Duration: 01:35:56


After an extended time away the boys are back and feeling great. hear why they took so long away, and about all of the changes in their lives. also hear about sex toys at a church, almost getting the tip of the wii and so much more!

Duration: 01:11:03

Episode 57: Miller Tyme

On this episode of the podcast the guys talk to Josh Miller of Relaxed Atmosphere Florida about DWNTYME show, his Chevy s10 which he calls seedless, his journey in the show scene as well as Draggin the Alley hosted by Aftermath Florida. The guys get into the lack of originality in Hollywood, helping the needy and Josh selling his truck.

Duration: 01:46:21

Episode 56: Nerds

The guys hit the studio and jump right into just about everything. They get into Star Wars, club names being ripped off, upcoming shows, Tyler's lack of knowledge of the use of mirrors and even prison sex.

Duration: 01:24:35

Episode 55: unaPhiliated

The guys have their first Canadian guest as Phil Cholette of Philbuilt Designs calls the show. The guys also talk more about the current and future state of clubs, and a potential ban on lifted trucks in the state of California.

Duration: 01:33:18

Episode 54: Madness

Hear the guys talk about Doin it in the dark 2017 and how awesome the show was. Tyler may be leaving the dark side, Josh talks about his last time on stage and getting to work on the blue truck and they talk about the good and bad of running a truck club.

Duration: 01:17:01

Episode 53: Our Best Damn Talk

LST 17 is in the books and the guys are joined by Ronnie Wetch host of C10 talk and Mike Murray co-host of Our Lifestyle The Podcast. They recap LST and the conversation is as real as it gets. From Lifted trucks to socks everything is touched on.

Duration: 01:57:31

Episode 52: Three Guys One Truck

LST 17 didn't disappoint as expected. Hear the guys talk about day one of LST and they also had a very interesting interview with Mike Alexander that had them sweating bullets. Part 1 of 2 of LST

Duration: 01:01:55

ep 50: Fifty shades of grey

The big number 50! The guys are joined by Todd "Radar" Hendrex to discuss Lonestar Throwdown 2017, his film The West Coast Influence and more. They also talk about their night at the dog track and few projects they have going.

Duration: 01:35:12

Lay it out

First show for 2017 and they lay it all out. The guys Talk about what the hot topics were back in 1998 and 1999, the top 25 trucks from SEMA posted by truck trend, what is that S that everyone use to draw, and Josh finally drops his news.

Duration: 01:35:57

update for changes made

This is a quick one minute update about some changes we made.

Duration: 00:01:07

Episode 48: Ho, Ho, Ho

The boys are back and on the last episode of 2016 they bring the heat. Conspiracy theories, show talk, con artist, Christmas and more!

Duration: 01:32:26

Episode 47: Not a Silent Night

The guys talk about their Thanksgiving and then get into some recent controversy that went down at a show and how people don’t use forums much anymore. Don’t forget to review!

Duration: 01:29:06

Episoded 46: Gobble Gobble

The guys have some interesting stories to tell on this episode. They talk oil and gas, black friday and turkey comas. Sit back and enjoy. Rate & Review

Duration: 01:12:51

Episode 45: SEMA

The guys went out to Las Vegas to attend SEMA 2016. Joined by the great Nasty Nate they discuss the experience of the show, the builds and the trip. They also dive a little bit into the presidential election results and a few other topics.

Duration: 01:40:06

Episode 44: HairBear

The guys talk to Kevin Frye aka HairBear from Relaxed Atmosphere Florida. There is almost nothing that does not get discussed, Always great having Kevin on the show.

Duration: 01:30:56

Episode 43: The Mayor

On episode 43 of the podcast the guys talk to Mike Murray aka The Mayor about Slamfest 25 this year and the future of the show as it heads back to Tampa. They also discuss SEMA and the mini truck hall of fame which Slamfest is being inducted into, DWNTYME 2016 and tons more in this extra long version of The BDTS

Duration: 02:01:43

Episode 42: The Comeback

Tyler is back and the guys don’t miss a beat. They have Hank from Hanro Studios Engraving. Hank is building Freedom Blues for SEMA and engraving the entire truck. this episode is killer so enjoy!

Duration: 01:32:30

Episode 41: Tinn Man

With Tyler out Josh found a suitable guest to give you a killer episode. Tinn Man who is a Hip Hop recording artist and also a member of GroundLevel. We talk about his new album which is on iTunes now, as well as the state of rap music and is journey in the music business. We also get into his truck build and where he is with it.

Duration: 01:18:20

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