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Episode #68 - Should education be mandatory? Robby, Rucka, Mikey Bolts, Melania Trump, Pepe the Frog

Kids hate going to school because they're idiots, but do they have a point? School kinda does suck, but without it, the foundations of democracy wouldn't work, so says one handsome badass named Maddox. So the debate this week: SHOULD SCHOOL BE MANDATORY? Should school be mandatory? Debate starts at 26:44. YouTuber and jack of some trades, Robby ( We discussed whether or not school should be mandatory and everyone in the room whose name starts with...

Duration: 01:20:59

Episode #67 - NY vs LA, Michael Malice, Mikey Bolts, Rucka's video, Cannibals, New book

Some cities claim to have rivalries, but a particular one that exists (albeit coming from one direction) is New York vs LA. Michael Malice ( defends NY in the debate this week: WHICH IS A BETTER CITY: NY OR LA? Which city is better: LA or NY? 30:23. Bestselling author, Michael Malice, is back on the show. We were originally going to debate jury duty, but switched to LA vs NY. It's a classic rivalry I've been waiting to have on this show with the perfect...

Duration: 01:22:16

Episode #66 - Roped into DEFENDING McDonald's, Mike Gamms, Rucka, Mikey Bolts, Log Jam

Should you eat McDonald's? Debate starts at 20:29. Mike Gamms ( joins us for some debate fuckery this week as I get roped into DEFENDING McDonald's! For years I've been shitting on McDonald's, from their Ailing Vomit ( campaign to this old article from 1999 ( So it came as somewhat of a surprise when Gamms brought in my own arguments...

Duration: 01:08:08

Episode #65 - Should you breastfeed a stranger's child? Caitlin Hall, Rucka, Mikey Bolts, Antifa, Coffin selfies, V-surgery

Should you breastfeed a stranger's baby? Debate starts at 38:04. Fan-favorite guest, Caitlin Hall ( This week we confront every (?) parent's worst fear: that their child gets sustenance without their help. Is it really that big of a deal if your child gets a gulp or two of breastmilk from a stranger? I argue that it isn't, because your body and your child probably isn't that special. Everyone eats, drinks and does the same shit. Your kid will probably be...

Duration: 01:20:22

Episode #64 - What's the worst cult, Nick Mardi, Sarah Lea, Rucka, Mikey Bolts, Tortoise CPR

What's the worst cult? Debate starts at 22:36. We're joined by professional Rugby player, Nick Mardi ( and model/actress Sarah Lea ( They brought in the "Heaven's Gate Cult" as the worst, but they didn't foresee that I'd bring in a cult that has killed far more people with the permanent birth control that is Steampunk. Rucka brings in the Alt-right, but do they wear goggles? Who would you rather spend 5 minutes...

Duration: 01:24:30

Episode #63 - Was Google right to fire the engineer? Jamie Pine, Rucka, Mikey's promotion, Thai Grandma

Was Google right to fire the engineer for the controversial memo he wrote? Debate starts at 23:20. We're joined by Jamie Pine (, who according to Keemstar, is an "ex-reality star." Jamie joins the debate about the Google engineer who wrote a memo about diversity in the workplace and the biological differences between men and women in STEM fields. Plus, for the first time while recording, I did an actual spit-take (around 37:00). Watch the video version...

Duration: 01:10:19

Episode #62 - Are kids stupid idiots who should STFU? Austin Blank (, Rucka, Mikey Bolts, Martin Shkreli, Poles

Are kids stupid idiots who should STFU? Debate starts at 18:49. We're joined by Austin Blank, who came to debate the merits of kids, and ended up getting a science lesson (along with Rucka) from yours truly. It turns out that the most contentious issue we've ever debated on this show is "what is a microbe?" Turns out that the definition is up for debate, and everyone gets schooled by me. Watch the video version here at Madcast Media Network YouTube channel :...

Duration: 01:21:56

Episode #61 - Is video game sex cheating, Lyle McDouchebag, Rucka, Mikey Bolts, Dog Poop, Cookies

Is video game sex cheating? Debate starts at 19:35. We're joined by Lyle McDouchebag (, who I found out isn't just a badass animator, but bitchin' at guitar. We talked about whether or not it's cheating to have sex in a video game. The answer may seem obvious to you until you hear this debate and get your mind blown out your ass. Watch it on our Madcast Media Network YouTube channel...

Duration: 01:02:54

Episode #60 - Are anti-SJWs the new SJWs? Destiny / Steve, Rucka, Svetlana, Mikey, Monkeys, Chick-Fil-A, #GamerGate

Are anti-SJWs the new SJWs? Debate starts at 00:25:19. We're joined by the distinguished streamer, debater and online personality, Steve aka Destiny ( who flew in to LA and came straight to the studio to have a debate. Badass. We debated how outraged both sides of the debate get, touching on Gamer Gate, the Ghostbusters outrage, Anita Sarkeesian and racist witch hunts. This was a really great debate, with some real-time examples of anti-SJW outrage. You can...

Duration: 01:54:49

Episode #58 - Mike D, Did CNN cross the line?, Rucka, Mikey Bolts, Wimbledon Ants, Nathan's Hot Dog Contest

Did CNN cross the line? The amazing Mike D joins us again for an awesome debate. If you'll recall (and you will after this sentence), Mike joined us on Episode #34 ( - Is it okay to punch a Nazi?. Well he's back and articulate as ever. This is one of the heartiest debates we've had on the show. Is "Han Asshole Solo" just a "troll" or is he a coward who backed down when he got caught? Weigh in on the comments below. These episodes are now also...

Duration: 01:33:29

Episode #57 - Blaire White, Joey Sarson, Rucka, Are Traps Gay, Jake Paul, Vidcon

Urban Dictionary defines a trap as a pre-op transwoman who is so hot that when you find out she's "packing heat," you just don't care. So the debate this week is: ARE TRAPS GAY? Are traps gay? We had two amazing guests this week, Blaire White ( and her BOYFRIEND Joey Sarson ( from the Dudesons Vlog (! Yes, you read that right, Blaire and Joey officially announced that...

Duration: 01:20:06

Episode #56 - Sargon of Akkad, Should White Identity Exist? Rucka, Anita Sarkeesian, Vidcon

Should white identity exist? We're joined by a very special in-studio guest, all the way from London, Sargon of Akkad (! Sargon is an Anti-Identitarian YouTuber and an outspoken critic of cultural politics. He had a run in with Anita Sarkeesian at Vidcon where she called him a "SHIT HEAD" from the podium while he was in the audience with our own Rucka. Sargon was kind enough to come on our show to discuss it hours after it happened! This is one of the...

Duration: 01:53:12

Episode #55 - Is Michelle Carter guilty of coerced suicide? Joey Salads, Rucka, Mikey Bolts, 29lb poop

Is Michelle Carter guilty of manslaughter or is it free speech? We have the famous or infamous (depending on who you ask), Joey Salads ( joining us for the debate this week. You may know Joey from some of his controversial videos on YouTube and his interview with Ethan Klein from h3h3 Productions. Here is one of Joey's pranks where he has his friend pose as a bloody body in a suitcase: And here's our own Jesse P-S...

Duration: 01:16:56

Episode #54 - Is drama ruining YouTube, Chad Wild Clay, Rucka, Mikey Bolts, Chimpanzee Rights, Nirvana

There's more and more drama on YouTube every month. Much of it is contrived and fake, but almost all of it universally gets views. Over time, this may erode trust in viewership as people realize their content is fake. So the debate this week is: IS DRAMA RUINING YOUTUBE? Is drama ruining YouTube? Parody music artist and performer, Chad Wild Clay ( joins us this week for a raucous debate as I got called out from the callers on my opinions (read:...

Duration: 01:01:48

Episode #53 - Are music festivals stupid? Caitlin Hal, Rucka, Mikey Bolts, Wasp Cream, Deadly Kites

Are music festivals stupid pieces of shit that are a huge waste of time? Writer and comedian, Caitlin Hal (, an avid fan of music festivals. Caitlin is one of the most prepared guests we've had on the show, with actual notes and evidence. But I have evidence too: skirt twirlers. There are only 3 types of people who go to concerts, and terrorists are one of them. I prefer solitude when I listen to music in the comfort of my own car. Or bike, while I imagine...

Duration: 01:10:19

Episode #52 - What is the manliest haircut, Robert Benfer, Rucka, Mikey, Whales, Anti-vaxxers, Mass Effect, Lesbians

What is the manliest haircut of all time? We're joined by animator, musician and sketch comedian, Robert Benfer (, also known as "Knox" from the Newgrounds days. Robert and I go way back on the Internet, back to the Web 1.0 era. Here's the ice cave video I talked about in this episode: We had a rousing debate about hair, of which I have very little--by choice (just not mine). Robert argues on behalf of the classic buzz cut as...

Duration: 01:01:30

Episode #51 - Who is the best action movie star, John Morrison, Rucka, Mikey, Tennis Sex, Didgeridildo

Who is the best action movie star of all time? We're joined by the incredible professional wrestler, John Morrison (, also known as Lucha Underground wrestler, Johnny Mundo, ex-WWE wrestler Johnny Nitro, the Ambassador of Abdominals, the Guru of Greatness, Johnny Superstar and of course, JoMo. Here is the gif I mentioned on this episode, easily one of my favorites of all-time: I bring...

Duration: 01:37:40

Episode #50 - The biggest douchebag in the universe #2, Marc Andreyko, Rucka, Mikey, Miles Tiller, Kevin Smith, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rick Brattin, Literally Hitler

Who is the biggest douchebag in the universe: ROUND 2. We're joined by the amazing Marc Andreyko (, New York Times bestselling author and writer of Wonder Woman '77, Death of Hawkman, Manhunter, Torso and the incredible Love is Love ( Marc has a long history in the comic book and screenwriting world, and weighed in with his #1 pick, Congressman Rick Brattin who recently said that gay people aren't human. What a piece of shit! But is...

Duration: 01:31:09

Episode #49 - The biggest douchebag in the universe, Jesse P-S, Rucka, Mikey, Gandhi, Bill Nye, Payton Manning, Bono

Who is the biggest douchebag in the universe? And why is it U2's Bono? Jesse P-S ( joins us this week for our first-ever BAG-OFF. We learn in this episode that Jesse has met Bill Nye in person not once, but twice, as well as U2's Bono and even Merriam Webster. Jesse's story of meeting Bill Nye may be one of the most incredible celebrity encounters we've ever heard. Mikey Bolts ( brings in the man with tbe biggest...

Duration: 01:28:13

Episode #48 - Is gender a spectrum? Mischa Pollack, Rucka, Mikey Bolts, Bill Nye Science Cuck, Cruise Ship

Is gender on a spectrum? Everyone from Bill Nye to Adam Savage from Mythbusters is weighing in on the debate. Our guest this week, Mischa Pollack (, adds his two cents. Mischa is a Stanford graduate rocket scientist who has worked with National Geographic, and is one of the few people on Earth who has flown a jet pack. You know I'm not one of them because the crown jewels are still in place. Our own Mikey Bolts (

Duration: 01:28:52

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