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Episode #88 - What's the biggest turnoff for dating? Therapist Kelli Miller

Therapist Kelli Miller ( of the Dr. Debra and Therapist Kelli show ( joins the debate this week. What's a big turnoff for guys? For me, it's swamp-mouth, due mostly to hot babes not flossing. Turns out it's more common than one might think, if it's common for you to date hot babes like I do. Kelli finds stupid guys a real turnoff, Rucka hates complacency and Mikey wants a girl who doesn't so argumentative. So in...


Episode #87 - What sucked most about the 2000s? Kristen Brancaccio

Our guest, (Kristen Brancaccio)[] joins the debate this week, with a surprise answer: nothing. That is, nothing sucked about the 2000s. I point out a little thing called 9/11, and Rucka brings up drug PSAs from the 90s. But since it's the second week we've discussed the reward for saving a life, that's the second debate question this week: is $300 and a banquet enough of a reward for saving someone's life? Or are firefighters getting screwed? Watch the...


Episode #86 - What sucked most about the 90s? Alan Denton, Caitlin Hall, Rucka, Cosmopolitan

While a lot of websites that rhyme with "sludge feed" reminisce fondly about the 90s, it's also the decade that gave us Kid Rock, shitty sitcoms and Dave Matthews Band. So the debate this week is: WHAT SUCKED MOST ABOUT THE 90s? Sonic Boom writer and story editor, Alan Denton ( and fan favorite Caitlin Hall ( joins us this week to debate what sucked most about the 90s. Caitlin very craftily avoids mentioning boy bands when...


Episode #85 - What's the best pet? Brock Baker, Rucka, Elvis Cup, Dutch Cops, Horse Wang

Comedian and voiceover artist, Brock Baker joins us to debate a timeless debate: which animal makes for the best pet? We don't really count insects in this debate because people who have spiders as pets are creepy AF and nobody cares about spiders. The best way to pet a spider is with your shoe. They're not good pets. All they do is suck things. Also Brock brings in horses, and believe it or not, I actually find more positive attributes of horses than negative. Rucka busts my balls for my...


Episode #84 - Can quantum mechanics prove reality is subjective? James Ellias, Rucka, Hawaii Nukes, Dab

Physicist James Ellias ( joins us this week to debate: is quantum mechanics proof that reality is subjective? This was an excellent debate that's grounded enough to avoid psuedo-scientific bullshit while simultaneously scratching your philosophical and scientific itch. That's what I do every time anyone interacts with me, as I am both a supreme philosopher and a supreme scientist. Watch the video version here at Madcast Media Network...


Episode #83 - Is nostalgia ruining TV? Alan Denton, Rucka, Mikey Bolts, New Nirvana, Fake Dong

Sonic Boom writer and story-editor, Alan Denton ( joins us this week to debate: is nostalgia ruining television? With Fuller House, X-Files, Coach and a number of other old sitcoms slated to return, it leads us to the debate this week. Do you like this shit or is it time for something new? What will people reboot in the future if we skip an entire generation of content to pump out reboots? And the other side of the coin is that it's become increasingly...


Episode #82 - 2018 Predictions, Jesse P-S, Rucka, 2017 Results, Taco Burger

Jesse P-S from Cringe vs Cringe ( on this network joins the show this week for our yearly New Year predictions. Rucka made three predictions last year, namely that I would fall in love with Trump, Taylor Swift would clean up her act and that I would fuck off. Did any of those come true? NO. Especially the last one. One of mine did come true, but only if you think evidence matters. Watch the video version here at Madcast Media Network YouTube...


Episode #81 - Should you go home for the holidays? Jessica Pikey, Rucka, Utah, Michigan, Skydiving Santa

We welcome Pikey, the cutest Uber driver in LA to the show for a timely debate: should you go back home for the holidays? Plus we received a ton of fan gifts, and I'm pleased to announce that I AM NOW A LORD! EAT SHIT! You can hear the moment it happens when we're opening gifts near the end of the episode. Watch the video version here at Madcast Media Network YouTube channel: Plus here's Rucka's appearance on The...


Episode #80 - Should you bring dates to holiday parties? Dreadmere, Rucka Ali, Mikey Bolts, Ghosts

We welcome Dreadmere ( back to the show for an awesome debate: should you bring dates to holiday parties? What's the worst that can happen, short of getting your house burned down? I recount a story about a girl I broke up with in part because she was casually racist, plus Rucka thinks Isaac Asimov, a renouned and award-winning author is basically a coffee-shop hipster. Watch the video version here at Madcast Media Network YouTube channel:...


Episode #79 - Is human genetic modification ethical, Rob DenBleyker, Rucka, Mikey Bolts, Cyanide and Happiness

Debate starts around 2:30. We're joined by the amazing Rob DenBleyker ( from Cyanide & Happiness! We had a great debate about the dark side of DNA modifications: irreversibly large penises. Plus Mikey Bolts drops some stealth Trump wisdom and Rucka goes on the Rubin Report! Watch the video version here at Madcast Media Network YouTube channel: Special thanks to our sponsor this...


Episode #78 - Is net neutrality necessary? James Breakwell, Kirk Wilcox, Rucka, Pepsi Crab, Amazon Poop

Debate starts at 2:21. We're joined by two guests this week, James Breakwell (, author of Only Dead on the Inside ( and Kirk Wilcox ( We had a first-ever 2-on-2 debate on The Best Debate. Even though we touched on the topic of "net neutrality" previously, it's an important enough topic to warrant its own full episode and this was a very thorough and robust debate. We even stumbled upon an argument...


Episode #77 - What's the best worst movie? YMS Adam, Your Movie Sucks, Rucka, Net Neutrality Debate, Price Is Right

This week we inadvertently had two amazing debates with our guest, Adam from Your Movie Sucks. The first was about movies that are so bad they're good, so the debate at 2:34 is: WHAT'S THE BEST WORST MOVIE OF ALL TIME? The second debate was about Net Neutrality, which was prompted by a news article at 1:25:13. SHOULD WE KEEP NET NEUTRALITY? Debate starts at 2:34. Second debate at: 1:25:13 We're joined by the incredible Adam from Your Movie Sucks - YMS...


Episode #76 - Are day one editions pointless? Larry Bundy Jr, Rucka Rucka, Mikey Bolts, Trump, Stewie

Are "day one" editions pointless? 35:00. Larry Bundy Jr (, our first-ever remote guest from London joins us this week! Larry has an encyclopedic knowledge of video games and a YouTube channel with "traps" in his video. We debate "day one" editions in video games, which are perks publishers give people for buying games on the release day. Plus, I finally talk about what everyone's been waiting for me to talk about: my appearance on Adam Carolla!...


Episode #75 - Should you try psychotropics? Comic Book Girl 19, Rucka, Mikey Bolts, Bubonic Plague, CBG19

Should you try psychedelics? 25:37. The amazing Comic Book Girl 19 ( joins us this week. I referenced her female Ghostbusters video on the first episode ( of this very show! Her videos are a lot of fun to watch and it's been a long-time coming to have her on. Also, President Donald Trump is in studio and we get a rare phone call from former president Obama! But more importantly, we debate the merits of...


Episode #74 - Predicting the next big scandal, Erica Rhodes, Rucka, Mikey Bolts, James Tobac, Papa Johns

Who's going to have the next big scandal? Debate starts at 34:08. Very funny comedian and actor Erica Rhodes ( joins us this week. She recently appeared on an episode of "Veep" which prompted a story about how Julia Louis-Dreyfus herself sent a cake to my house! Plus Erica drops a bombshell on this episode: she was one of the 38 women ( that director...


Episode #73 - What's the best horror game? Alpha Omega Sin, Rucka, Mikey Bolts, Unexpected labor

What's a horror game that doesn't suck shit? Debate starts at 26:16. Alpha Omega Sin ( joins us this week. He has a huge gaming channel on YouTube and his pick is Deadspace. Respectable, but is it strong enough to knock out the heavyweight that is Resident Evil? Plus Mikey does his impression of the witch from Left 4 Dead, and Rucka brings in a surprising choice which lead to his first kiss: séances. Watch the video version here at Watch the video...


Episode #72 - Most overrated movies of all time, Chris Ray Gun, Rucka, Mikey Bolts, Crab Nuts, Twitter prison

What's the most overrated movie of all time? Debate starts at 26:28. Chris Ray Gun ( joins us this week. His most overrated movie pick(s) are the entire Chris Nolan Batman series. A very controversial pick because the second movie was not a hot pile of shit. Plus RUCKA GETS A DEMOTION?! And a promotion in the same episode. Listen for the twist-ending near the end of the episode before the news. Watch the video version here at Watch the video version...


Episode #71 - Should sexual predators be eligible for awards, Tremain Hayhoe, Rucka, Malawi Vampires, Forced VaccinationTremain Hayhoe

Should sexual predators be eligible for awards? Debate starts at 22:54. Director, writer and producer, Tremain Hayhoe ( joins us this week. He's responsible for casting both me and Rucka in a movie together! Can the silver screen handle so much sex-appeal? Being that the same amount of sex-appeal was seen in my first movie, Ooga Booga, the answer is yes. Speaking of sex-appeal, know who has none? Harvey Weinstein. We debate whether or not pieces of shit...


Episode #70 - What's the Dumbest Urban Legend, Caitlin Hall, Rucka, Mikey Bolts, FDA Love Ban

What is the most overrated sex position? Debate starts at 27:51. Caitlin Hall ( joins us again, hot on the heels of the breastfeeding debate. Caitlin confesses that she's super into urban legends and believes them instantly. Plus, surprise anal? Is that a thing? Watch the video version here at Madcast Media Network YouTube channel: Rucka (


Episode #69 - Overrated Sex Positions, Ela Darling, Dreadmere, Rucka, Mad Pooper, Swinger Foul

What is the most overrated sex position? Debate starts at 25:39. We're joined by two guests this week, Ela Darling ( and Dreadmere ( Since it's our big 69th episode and we're immature, we decided to make this a sex-themed episode. Though one could argue that every episode I'm on is sex-themed. We debated the most overrated sex positions, and I brought in a controversial choice that I knew would be dead in the water...


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