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Ep. 18 Bitcoin

I’m solo in this episode, as I take on a topic that I find fascinating. In this episode, I discuss both the economics and the underlying technology of Bitcoin. I cover stuff like blockchain technology, digital signatures, and the subjective theory of value. If you don’t understand what Bitcoin is, this is the episode for you. I’ve spent a lot of time researching the technology behind Bitcoin, so this will definitely clear some stuff up. If you’re considering investing in Bitcoin, it’s really...

Duration: 00:44:22

Ep. 17 Net Neutrality

You've no doubt heard of Net Neutrality, but maybe you don't know what the debate is all about. I'm sure you've seen the calm, measured, nuanced responses from both sides as you've perused the Internet looking for information. Sarcasm heavily implied. But seriously, this issue is so heated that I thought it was a good idea to outline the relevant regulation and legislation. I've split this episode up into two parts. The first part of the episode (the first 30 minutes or so) is just my...

Duration: 01:36:32

Ep. 16 High Ankle Sprains & ACL Tears

Breckan discusses a couple common injuries, high ankle sprains and ACL tears. Scott also gets a quick ego check in a fun and quick episode filled with a few anecdotes about personal experience with injuries. This episode was another great suggestion given to us by Drew through our website's suggestions function: Don't forget to drop a rating and review on our itunes page and send a screenshot to Scott at Explanation...

Duration: 00:40:31

Ep. 15 The Internet (Part 6)

We’ve promised this day would come, and it has. The final episode in our series on the Internet. This episode is all about the application layer of the Internet. What does that even mean? Well, each application that uses the Internet needs to have a format by which it can communicate with other applications. This layer is all about the different protocols that are used. Not only that, but you’ll learn what exactly it is you’re doing when you’re surfing the World Wide Web. Scott talks about...

Duration: 00:56:58

Ep. 14 The Basics of String Theory

Breckan discusses the basics of string theory in this quick episode. Fundamental particles, forces, and some intertwining of relativity and quantum mechanics are discussed as well. Don't forget about our Amazon Echo giveaway, send Scott a screenshot of your review at and you'll be put in for a chance to win an Amazon Echo. Topics for a better understanding of String Theory: Relativity Quantum Field Theory Quantum Mechanics Loop Quantum Gravity (A Competing...

Duration: 00:48:27

Ep. 13 The Internet (Part 5)

It’s the fifth episode in the Internet series, and this week Scott is talking about the transport layer of the Internet. And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Up until this point, we’ve established the physical connections used, as well as having set up all of the networking concepts. Now we need to define what it means for information to be transmitted between applications. We’ve got one episode left in the Internet series, so we hope you’ve been following along. If not, you can...

Duration: 00:54:14

Ep. 12 Facial Expressions

In this episode Breckan discusses another suggested topic, this time Facial expressions and how they affect emotions. The universal acceptance of certain facial expressions is intriguing to a lot of people. Research into this field leads down a rabbit hole involving emotions and stories about LA cops deciding that someone may have dangerous intentions simply through facial expressions. If you find a topic you'd like to research but don't have the time check out the...

Duration: 00:56:05

Ep. 11 The Internet (Part 4)

IP addresses? Packets? Routers? If those words bring fear to your mind, don’t be scared any longer. Scott and Breckan break down the network layer of the Internet and help give you a crash course in networking. Maybe you’ll find out that the Internet isn’t that scary after all. Hopefully the information given in this episode will help you solve a few of those issues you might have had with your home network situation. If you learn nothing else from this series on the Internet, you’ll at...

Duration: 00:58:45

Ep. 10 Alcohol

Scott and Breckan take on their second entry in The Best Way to Explain it: Vice. The method of beer brewing, liquor distillation, and Breckan's favorite cocktails and liquors are discussed in detail enough for anyone to understand how alcohol is produced and know a little bit before they belly up to their local pub. Breckan's Favorite Liquor brands and cocktails by liquor type: Vodka: Grey Goose, Mix it with anything and you'll be alright but a bloody mary hits the spot most Sundays Gin:...

Duration: 01:20:59

Ep. 9 The Internet (Part 3)

Starting where we left off last time, this episode deals with the access to the physical layer of the Internet. We learn about the basics behind MAC addresses and frames and also how you can use this knowledge to never have to pay for Internet again. And of course, we do this with all of the charm you’ve come to expect from The Best Way to Explain It. Or maybe that’s all in our heads. Seriously though, we truly believe this series is the easiest way someone with absolutely no technical...

Duration: 01:08:09

Ep. 8 Tobacco Smoking

Scott and Breckan discuss their first installment of Best Way To Explain It: Vices. Where they discuss all of the mischevious or frowned upon things they do in their free time as well as any suggestions given at This podcast Breckan takes the lead discussing the ins and outs of tobacco smoking including cigars, cigarettes, cigarillos, filtered cigars, and pipe smoking as well as a quick overview of the history of smoking tobacco. If you're looking for...

Duration: 01:50:43

Ep. 7 The Internet (Part 2)

One of the coolest parts about the Internet is how simple it is at its base layer. And which layer is that? The physical layer. This layer deals with the physical connections between devices, including both wired and wireless connections. The fun part about this layer is that, chances are, you have contact with it every day. Scott continues his series on the Internet by explaining Ethernet cables, coaxial cables, Wi-Fi, Infrared, fiber optic cables, etc. These technologies are the...

Duration: 01:03:24

Ep. 6 Coffee

Scott and Breckan tackle one of their favorite subjects: Coffee. With a light roast of starbucks thrown in they discuss the history of coffee, brew methods and techniques, what brewing coffee is actually about, as well as a few of their personal narratives involving coffee. In the longest episode to date you are sure to leave knowing far more about coffee than you may have ever wanted to know. Like, share, and subscribe to our podcast so we can keep growing. Don't forget to drop a...

Duration: 03:37:23

Ep. 5 The Internet (Part 1)

Oh, the Internet. That thing you’re using right now to listen to this episode. It’s probably just been magic to you your whole life, always having been there. But it had to come from somewhere, right? In this episode, Scott takes you on a journey throughout the Internet’s history. He talks about the major thinkers and researchers that have been instrumental in the Internet’s creation. Breckan tries to sound smart and apparently is really good at remembering information about historical...

Duration: 02:25:44

Record Players

This episode gives a quick look into what records and record players do. Breckan gives the details on how record players read records as well as the history behind record players. Plenty of banter and educational conversation fill this half hour episode. If you've always wondered where record players originated, how they read vinyl records, how records are made or many other common questions about records and record players this quick episode will inform you on the basics of all of the...

Duration: 01:02:20

NFL Free Agency

This is a fairly unique episode in which Scott explains one of his favorite topics to discuss: NFL Free Agency. It might surprise you to discover how complicated and intricate the terminology and details are in this topic. If you’ve ever wondered about the types of free agents, franchise tags, compensatory draft picks, the salary cap, or contract structures, then prepare to have your ears tickled with some downright NFL nerdiness. “But what if I’m not an NFL fan, or even much of a sports...

Duration: 00:59:44


In this episode, Breckan breaks down the basics of insulin. He talks about how living with diabetes has forced him to learn way more about this topic than any normal person. Apparently, he also thinks he can just do one podcast episode on it and then never have to talk about it again. Scott is surprised that Breckan knows this much about any one subject. Insulin, as it turns out, is a pretty interesting topic. If you have any diabetic friends, listen to this episode and then talk to them...

Duration: 01:02:50


In the premiere episode of The Best Way to Explain It, Scott and Breckan tackle exactly how CPUs work. Scott breaks down the way information is represented in computers, and explains the different parts of the CPU. Breckan makes clever remarks and tries to find a way to be useful. If you’re thinking to yourself, “I have no idea about anything to do with computers,” then this episode is for you! Scott and Breckan assume literally zero background knowledge (other than basic English and math,...

Duration: 00:58:28