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125-Ask Me: How to Handle People Who Seem to Purposely Sabotage Me? - Live Coaching with Karen

Do you feel like the world has a mission to sabotage you? Just like your partner does it on purpose to bring home this ice cream cake… Karen had this same question for me: How do I handle the people around me who either A: don’t seem to understand what I’m working on or B: seem to purposely sabotage. I talked it through with Karen and find the easiest solution for her… In this episode I discuss Last episode , I taught you how to differentiate emotional hunger from physical hunger. This...


124-Ask Me: Emotional Hunger versus Physical Hunger- What's the Difference?

Emotional Hunger versus Physical Hunger- What's the difference? I answered this question from one of my students while teaching in a retreat in Spain. We are going to identify 8 signs that will make it easy for you to know what is what and I'll also share with you my secret formula to dissolve emotional eating. In this episode I discuss Last episode, I had a high-powered discussion with a New York Times bestselling author, Geneen Roth about her newest book, This Messy Magnificent Life....


123-Geneen Roth: This Messy Magnificent Life – A Guide to Deep Lasting Freedom from Self-Doubt

This is an interview with the New York Time best seller, Geneen Roth is golden for all of us on the path of fixing ourselves... It will forever change your perspective. Do you feel like you are broken and no matter what you try and how much you fix part of yourself it's never enough? Our culture demands that we criticize and suffer so that we can be better..., but it is the only way to get "there"? Do we really have to suffer? In this episode I discuss Last episode , I gave you the...


122-Breaking Down Self Sabotage

Self-sabotage doesn’t have to be... it’s a choice. We choose to self-sabotage, first, because we do not even know we are self-sabotaging and second, we let ourselves be led by the #1 driver of self-sabotage: Fear. Pay close attention to this episode it has the power to change your life! I'm serious ... let's do this! In this episode I discuss Last episode , we had Susan in the show and she asked, "How can I release control when I have none?" We did live coaching and went in depth by...


121-Ask Me: How to Release Control When I Have None... Live Coaching with Susan

How can I release control when I have none? That's the question from Susan today. The real question is: Is control the way for her to get the results she wants? In this live coaching call, we explored the possible root causes of her lack of control when it comes to eating and what releasing control on eating really meant for her. Listen to this live step-by-step conversation on how Susan managed to look at her life in a totally different perspective with guided questions and powerful...


120-Ask Me: Self-Compassion Lesson

What does it even mean to be self-compassionate? We give compassion to others without difficulties, however, when it comes the time for us to be more compassionate towards ourselves... that's a struggle. Today, will explore first what is self-compassion and why it's so important to the mastery of our relationship to food. In this episode I discuss Last episode , I discussed the 5 big mistakes even smart women do when trying to stop emotional eating. Not just the mistakes, but we also...


119-Emotional Eating: 5 Mistakes Women Do When Trying to Stop

You are a smart woman and results in your life show it, however, your relationship to food is still a challenge. You know you shouldn’t be eating every night when chilling in front of the TV or hiding to eat your chocolate, so your partner doesn’t see you. The reason why you are still challenged with food is likely because you are making one of the same 5 mistakes that took me years to learn... but so easy to fix! In this episode I discuss Last episode , I answered another community...


118-Ask Me-Driven Successful in Everything but Food...Why? Type A Ladies, This is for You

“I can’t figure out why I make excuses…” or “ If I could only control my food the same way I do with the rest of my life THEN, I could lose weight and have the perfect life.” Then you would be good enough… You are successful everywhere else in your life except in one area: Food aka weight. Guess what, you may be one of those type A women! There is only one problem: You’ll never be successful with ” food & weight” using the same approach as you do with the rest of your life. You need to do...


117-Soothing with Body Kindness Instead of Food with Rebecca Scritchfield

Imagine a graph with two lines. One indicates happiness, the other tracks how you feel about your body. If you’re like millions of people, the lines do not intersect. But what if they did? It's normal to feel and experience an array of emotions which sometimes trigger a downward spiral. What if instead of reaching for food we practice Body Kindness. From downward spiral to upward spiral, Rebecca Scritchfield, RD teaches us to use radical self-acceptance and Body Kindness to never diet...


116-Ask Me: What I Resist Persists... Why Is It So?

What you resist persists - Carl Jung. This quote inspired a Community member to bring this question forward: "The more I focus on losing the last X pounds the harder it becomes. Why? " Sometimes it appears that the more we work hard on getting rid of something or change what we think of as negative about us just becomes bigger and hard. Here's the fact.... it's a fact: What we focus on becomes bigger including the more undesirable things we want to change about us. Let me explain... In...


TBTFS115-Ask Stephanie Ive Tried Everything...

I’ve tried everything and it’s not working! So listen, I get it… it’s disheartening, devastating and depressing all at once. You’ve tried everything that YOU KNOW to achieve your goals and it’s just not working. It maybe even getting worse… The solution is right there. Right in front of you. You just can't see it. YOU JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW. In this episode I discuss Last episode of Ask Stephanie, I answered the #1 question we received in the survey we did in the last 2...


114-Ask Stephanie: Why Do I Keep Overeating When I Know Better?

Why do I keep overeating when I know better? We did a survey last 2 weeks and this is the #1 question you asked. I get it... this used to be mine, too. There is a reason and it's pretty easy... thought much secret because it's never talked about. It doesn't fit in the traditional weight & fitness model. In one way you can say, "It’s not your fault... yet!" In this episode I discuss Last episode, Samantha Gladish, the hormones Fixer-Upper, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and weight loss...


113-Hormone & Hunger: The One Thing You Need to Know with Samantha Gladish

In my 6 years of practice as a Clinical Nutritionist, 80% of the women I work with all want to heal their hormones because they believe it is one of the main reasons why they can’t achieve their goals. I used to think just like them - that if we ever get our hormones “under control,” life will be perfect. Samantha Gladish, the hormones Fixer-Upper, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and weight loss coach shares with us her 3-step process to heal hormone & hunger and live a life we...


112: Eat the Energy You Want to Become with Dr. Deanna Minich-Food Color Chakra

Food, color, and Chakra. All intermingle with the word energy. The food we eat brighten us than just calories, but also an energy level that contributes to our mood, mindset, and thoughts. Ancient medicine refers to these energy center as chakra and modern medicine as our endocrine system. Dr. Deena Minich teaches us on to use color in our food choice to balance our mind and emotions. What if the solution is to eat the energy we want to become? Chakra Chakra is derived from Sanskrit and...


111-How to Reinvent Yourself: Change Your Storyline, Change Your Life with Jamie Lerner

Statistics reports that only 10% of new year resolutions stick all year. We chase goals outside of ourselves: weight on a scale, cars, promotions, etc. and that's where we surely guarantee to fail plus we chase the goals with the same attitude as we did the year before... Another sure guarantee to fail. We must reinvent ourselves in the process of desiring new goals, otherwise, we will only repeat the same results as before. Jamie Lerner has a completely different perspective on how we can...


110-Mastering Your Food Cravings-The Low Carb Universe Conference 2017

The Low Carb Universe is a unique international event. As much focus is brought forward to nutrition as it is to mind and body approach to health. It’s more than a conference. It's a retreat... luxurious hotel, small group workshop, one-on-one interaction with speakers. This event is perfect for me to teach at as it models my beliefs... Mind, body and soul experience. Mastering Your Food Cravings was the main talk I performed at the event... and was voted #1 and most appreciated talk! You...


109-The OTHER Reason Why We Overeat and Binge with Isabel Foxen Duke

We shouldn’t avoid emotional eating because when we turn emotional eating into something to avoid as much as dieting, we fall in the trap of diet mentality and all its negative side effects such as overeating and binging. Isabel Foxen Duke is a brilliant leader in the Health At Every Size movement and this interview will rock your world! Must listen! The Reason Why We Overeat and Binge Perfectionistic expectation will absolutely lead to rebellion. When applied to food, it will lead to...


108-6 Powerful Benefits of Gratitude to Help You Ditch Food Obsession

Still not practicing gratitude? Maybe you think this is just another woo-woo trend and you rather spend more time researching real stuff why you can’t achieve your goals. If this is you, you’ve got to listen to this episode… gratitude has been researched with more than 40 studies (as of 2012) with nothing but positive benefits on us, human beings, even more especially when it comes to changing our mindset and relationship to food... The incredible element of gratitude practice is that:...


107-The Surprising Link Between Faith and Health with Christina Grenga

For many years, I struggled with my own faith. I controlled my life to get the outcome that I desired... no faith or trust. Clearly, it didn’t work well for me. Today, I have faith in myself and the universe... for some, it's God and other higher power. The name is irrelevant. It's the act of believing and trusting that all will be good that impacts your health. The studies are clear about the power of meditation and or contemplation. What is faith? Faith is the complete trust or...


106-5 Common Behaviors That Lead Straight to Self-Sabotage

You are on a roll with your goals and all of a sudden out of nowhere, you make a decision that will lead you straight to feeling disappointed and block you from achieving your goal. There are distinctive behaviors that we have in our everyday lives that lead us to self-sabotage… Do you do have these behaviors in your own life? What is Self-Sabotage? According to my friend Google, self-sabotage is a behavior that interferes with long-standing goals. It’s having the behaviors that are...


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