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Judging a Comp with the AKD Judges and Directors - Episode 16

Hey y'all! On this episode Sid Pandit interviews the judges and competition directors of Aaj Ka Dhamaka talk about the competition and the judging process! Our discussion focuses on: Creating the rubric Making sure the rubric was clearly applied Giving feedback to the teams Aaj Ka Dhamaka Official Mixtape 2017 - Dr. Srimix & DJ Ruckiss - The AKD Rubric -...

Duration: 00:29:18

Preview: Bhangra in the Burgh with Isha, Nandini, and Sid Pandit - Episode 15

Hey y'all! On this episode Sid Pandit interviews and Isha and Nandini, the Competition Directors for Bhangra in the Burgh Xi talk about the competition ahead of the big show! Our discussion focuses on: -Getting ready for the show -Getting such an insane lineup -Some of the directors’ favorite memories 0:00 - Bhangra in the Burgh Mixtape 2017 - Dr. Srimix And BANED (ft. First Class Beats) - Drsrimix – Bib-mixtape-2017-dr-srimix-and-baned-ft-first-class-beats 1:16 - Introductions of Nandini...

Duration: 00:46:12

Episode 14 - Temple Tashan Competition Review with Howie and Sid

Hey y'all! On this episode Sid Pandit from FCB and Howie Magaro from AEG talk about Howie’s review of Temple Tashan 2017. Our discussion focuses on: -Review from the competition organization perspective -The lack of any feedback from the judges -What should teams in general ask when going into a judges meeting 0:37 - Review of the mixer 5:25 - Organization of the show itself and after party 7:52 - Review of the judges 11:33 - Lack of the feedback from the judges 15:48 - What should teams...

Duration: 00:21:37

Making an Audition Tape with Howie and Sid - Episode 13

Hey y'all! On this episode Sid Pandit from FCB and Howie Magaro from AEG talk about the keys to making a good audition tape. Our discussion focuses on: -What competition organizers look for -How to deal with the stress -And some tips and tricks 1:19 - A competition organizer’s take on what they look for in an audition tape 3:07 - Dealing with the pressure of actually recording the tapes 6:15 - Examples of audition tapes MBT Burgh 2015 - MBT Boiler 2016 -...

Duration: 00:23:04

The Struggles of New Teams with Lavesh Pritmani - Episode 11

Hey y'all! On this episode we talk to the founder of the LearnBhangra app Lavesh Pritmani. Our discussion with Lavesh focuses on: -How teams can create a foundation for future success -Resources newer teams have to learn Bhangra -Set design tips and how to incorporate flow Featured Mix - Sarangi Warrior by VanCity Bhangra Entertainment and DJ BIRDZILLA- [1:00] What Lavesh thinks the circuit overall lacks in and how it can improve...

Duration: 00:27:48

2016-2017 Collegiate Season Review - Episode 10

Hey y'all! On this episode we have a panel discussion talking about the 2016-2017 season focusing on the collegiate circuit. Our discussion focuses on: -Predictions coming into the year and how they got smashed quickly -The intense OSU vs UNC rivalry -Up and coming teams that deserve some love -And Cal shocking everyone at Blowout Featured Mix - Summer 2017 by DJ Law - [0:00] Summer 2017 by DJ Law -

Duration: 00:40:28

Dancer Profile: Howie Magaro - Episode 9

Hey y'all! On this episode we talk to one of the founders of Duniya De Rang, Michigan Bhangra Team’s former captain, and Anakh E Gabroo’s current captain, Howie Magaro. Our discussion with Howie focuses on: -Captaining MBT and creating a positive culture -Transitioning to AEG and dealing with egos -AEG’s captaining and set design styles -AEG’s rivals for the upcoming season Featured Mix - 24 25 26 by H96 - [1:19] How Howie went...

Duration: 00:27:34

Introducing: Umer Qureshi - Episode 8

Hey y'all! On this episode we talk to one of the contributors Umer Qureshi, one of the current captains of First Class Bhangra. Our discussion with Umer focuses: -Switching from Steel City Bhangra to First Class Bhangra -Taking over FCB -His bizarre pre-performance routine and stamina -FCB’s rivals Featured Mix - On Fire feat Amar Sandhu by Dr. Srimix [0:00] On Fire feat. Amar Sandhu by Dr. Srimix [1:05] How Umer got started with Bhangra [3:15] Switching...

Duration: 00:27:16

Introducing: Ram Mahalingham - Episode 7

Hey y'all! On this episode we talk to one of the contributors Ram Mahalingham, the former captain and founder of First Class Bhangra . Our discussion with Ram focuses: -FCB's turning point - Working with co-captains -Judging in the circuit -Warding off complacency [0:00] The Bruin Bhangra Mixtape - [1:03] Ram talks about the turning point when FCB started becoming a successful team [1:27] First Class Bhangra at Fever 4 -...

Duration: 00:35:54

Introducing: Romy Bassi - Episode 6

Hey on this episode we talk to Romy Bassi, a dancer and competition organizer for the past 11 years. Our discussion with Romy focuses: -Competition Organizing - #bhangracompetitions -VIBC - ay #vancouver -Duniya All Stars - eh #folk -OMG Why Am I in DC? #suspense #dc [0:00] Ride Wit Me X Look Lak by JANIBOI [1:11] Romy’s introduction into the Bhangra circuit [4:20] Duniya All Stars at Notorious Bhangra 2012...

Duration: 00:27:55

Team Profile: Da Real Punjabiz with Luv Sangha and Harji Charaia

On this episode of The Bhangra Podcast, we talk to Luvreet Sangha and Harji Charaia former captains of Da Real Punjabiz, a collegiate team out of UCSD. We talk to them about: -The development of their set design -How they come up with their crazy gimmicks -How the team has dealt with dancer turnover in recent years -And we talk about some stuff they liked and disliked in the circuit in recent years If you liked this podcast be sure to rate and review on iTunes ( ) and...

Duration: 00:20:45

Introducing: Nimit Desai - Episode 4

Nimit Desai former captain of Buckeye Bhangra and KPGD dancer. With a very unique style and energy, Nimit Desai is prolific dancer in every sense of the word. In this episode we talk to Nimit about: -Captaining Buckeye Bhangra as a sophomore -Recovering from a loss at Blowout 2016 and roaring back the following season -His change to his set design approach -And a few callouts along the way 0:00 Nimit’s start with Bhangra 2:50 Nimit with Buckeye Bhangra 4:58 Nimit taking on captain’s duties...

Duration: 00:29:44

Introducing: Angela Luo - Episode 3

Angela Luo, a non-desi dancer in the circuit that has made quite a name for herself. She danced for Da Real Punjabiz before becoming a captain of Duniya De Rang, a team made entirely of non-desi dancers. In this episode we cover: -How she as a non-desi dancer got interested in Bhangra -How Duniya De Rang began -Her thoughts on the current climate of the circuit And more! 1:18 - Intro to Angela Luo 1:52 - Da Real Punjabiz at Bruin this year vs last year -...

Duration: 00:23:49

Naach di Cleveland with Akash Menon - Episode 2

"For dancers by dancers" The Naach di Cleveland motto is something that co-director Akash Menon stands by when playing his part in running the comp. With an e-board full of current and former dancers NDC aims to provide a comp experience that they themselves wished they had. Check out the latest episode of the podcast where we will cover: - Why NDC was founded and what their mission is. - What they look for in teams when they select for their lineup - The side of competitions people don't...

Duration: 00:23:23

Introducing: The Bhangra Podcast - Episode 1

Welcome to The Bhangra Podcast - where we discuss all things bhangra. This is the first (of hopefully many) episodes, and we hope you get a chance to tune in and let us know what you think! Have topics, ideas, gossip, anything you want to hear being discussed on the podcast? Comment on here or on our Facebook page (@TheBPodcast), or e-mail us at!

Duration: 00:14:45