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203 Creating Business Processes With David Barnett

More David Barnett has been working with small business owners for over 20 years. For the past decade, he's been helping entrepreneurs get financing and helps them buy and sell their business. He's the author of 7 books, all available on Amazon about SMEs. David's journey into the entrepreneurial world began as a business owner who later on sold it. This led him to open a finance brokerage to help...

Duration: 00:44:51

202 Do You Know Your Outcome

More In business, it is common for people to create goals to determine what they want to make happen. However, one key ingredient that's often missing is what outcome someone wants to create in their life. How many times have you heard from a business coach that you need to create a series of goals for your business? It's pretty much a standard operating procedure for coaches in today's world. However, the one thing that is missing is...

Duration: 00:07:10

201 Action Trumps Knowledge

More Throughout our lives, we are encouraged to learn and expand our knowledge. However, one key thing is typically missing, and that is the implementation of what we have learned. Think back to the days when you were in school studying subjects that might have been interesting but served no practical applications in your life. Now expand the thought further, how many other pieces of knowledge have you learned over the years...

Duration: 00:08:21

200 Milestones

More Every journey has a beginning and a destination. However, along the way, there are milestones that must be reached first. An often overlooked part of the entrepreneurial journey are the milestones that we must achieve along the way. Usually, when it comes to creating success in business, the emphasis is placed upon the end goal. However, rarely does a person go from standing still to reaching the finish line in a single jump. The way...

Duration: 00:06:25

199 Be Grateful

In the modern world, we live in it is very easy to become complacent with the things that we have and ultimately take for granted. However, it is very easy for things to turn out differently leading to circumstances most people would not imagine happening to them. This past evening I had the honor of volunteering at a feed the homeless event. Seeing the wide variety of people who were there seeking help made me realize how things can dramatically change for anyone in life. The vast...

Duration: 00:05:51

198 Reset Your Mindset

More The mindset we use on a day to day basis is our blueprint to either success or mediocrity. If we don't occasionally reset it, we can quickly find ourselves in the wrong position, with the wrong mindset. Every day we are exposed to a wide variety of messages. It's only natural as we interact with the world around us. However, we don't always have the luxury of deciding what type of environmental stimuli we are exposed to. Having...

Duration: 00:11:26

197 Increasing Productivity With Tim Stringer

More Tim Stringer is a productivity coach, consultant, and teacher based in Vancouver. He founded Technically Simple in 2003 to support people in using technology effectively. Tim began his career originally as a software developer. In 200e he decided it was time to branch off on his own as he discovered very early on in his career that coaching was part of what he was already doing. His focus on...

Duration: 00:40:29

196 Focus + Strategy = Results

More We live in a world that's full of distractions. All of which can and will take us away from achieving our goals in life. When combined with the lack of having a strategy most people end up struggling in business unnecessarily. Focus and strategy are two key components every business must have to create success in today's world. Simply take a look at your newsfeed on Facebook. How many times do you see an offer promoting a...

Duration: 00:07:49

195 Prospecting On Demand With Alex Schlinsky

More Founder of Prospecting On Demand™, a digital marketing agency and online mastermind program with 100+ members focusing on lead generation, sales, mindset, and goal-setting for digital marketers and entrepreneurs alike. Alex entered the world of entrepreneurship as a result of his parents who were also entrepreneurs who pushed and encouraged him to follow in their footsteps. After college, his first deep dive...

Duration: 00:52:17

194 Leveraging Quizzes To Grow Your Business With Josh Haynam

More Josh Haynam is the co-founder of Interact Quiz Builder, a tool used by more than 30,000 businesses including The American Red Cross, Budweiser, and Forbes. He's probably seen more quizzes than any other human on earth right now. What type of business do you own or operate?: Interact Quiz Builder - Platform for creating quizzes Josh entered the quiz industry by meeting the needs of his clients....

Duration: 00:39:33

193 The Implementation Economy

More Everywhere you look online you will find someone offering a course enticing you to learn how to do something to take your business from one level to the next. However, if you want to succeed in today's market, you must shift away from providing information to providing implementation. It wasn't long ago that course offerings online were not very common, so it was easy for an individual to achieve success. However, with...

Duration: 00:08:14

192 Gaining PR Through Storytelling With PollyAnna Brown

More PollyAnna Brown uses her over 20 years experience in entertainment to help business owners and entrepreneurs grow their audience, impact, and income. She’s the founder of Storytelling Marketing® and the owner of PK Media, a marketing and PR firm. PollyAnna's journey into the entrepreneurial world began in the entertainment industry through storytelling. While she was always in the spotlight, her heart...

Duration: 00:51:05

191 Raising A Family As A Digital Nomad With Monique Alvarez

More Monique Alvarez uses her 30+ years experience of entrepreneurship and leadership to help women around the world become powerful business owners as an international business consultant. She is a digital nomad and travels full-time with her husband and kids. Monique's journey into entrepreneurism began at the age of 19 when she took a fluke trip to Myanmar as it opened up her mind to a new...

Duration: 00:50:36

190 Leveraging Emotions In Sales

More Regardless of industry, there is one commonality shared by everyone in business. Customers rely on emotions to make buying decisions. The quicker we understand how people make buying decisions, the quicker we are able to improve our ability to sell products and services. Buying is an emotional experience. Regardless of the type of purchase, someone is making, there's always some level of emotion involved. The question is...

Duration: 00:07:16

189 Creating Success In An ADHD World With Alina Kislenko

More Alina Kislenko is a psychotherapist specializing in ADHD & Asperger's, who has both, retired at 30, runs a treatment center with her partner, started a not for profit around video courses, and created an app to help people process trauma and reverse PTSD. Alina didn't have the typical entrepreneurial path. After completing her undergrad in psychology she was unable to find a job in the mental...

Duration: 00:48:51

188 Tackling Your Fitness Goals With Donna Lakinger

More Donna Lakinger is the owner of Donna Lakinger Health, a health coaching company focusing on extreme results, not extreme measures. Donna believes in balance, not restriction. Donna's journey into the entrepreneur world began while in college. At the time she was studying cardiac rehab when she realized it would be a bit harder than originally thought to find a job which led her into running exercise...

Duration: 00:40:16

187 Engagement Is A Must On Social Media

More Utilizing social media as an entrepreneur is mandatory to reach your ideal clients and customers. However, we must go above and beyond simply running ads, we must actively engage with our audience if we want to increase sales. There once was a time long ago where all you needed to do was post a piece of content which resulted in traffic and sales to your business. Those days are long gone. Now the organic reach on...

Duration: 00:07:26

186 Growing Your Twitter Network With Samantha Kelly

More Having gathered a following of over 39.5k from engaging and interacting with people on Twitter as her own campaign manager, Samantha has a deep knowledge and understanding as to how Twitter works and how to best leverage it in attracting your ideal clients and customers. Sam began her journey leveraging Twitter 6 years ago at the recommendation of her sister. She began simply by talking to people...

Duration: 00:54:02

185 The Truth About The Entrepreneur Hustle

More One of the most common themes seen online today is the portrayal by entrepreneurs as to what success looks like. Often people will utilize images of wealth, possessions and a lavish lifestyle to entice an audience to buy from them. However is this what really happens? Somewhere along the way the concept of success became associated with possessing a large amount of material things. Now while there is...

Duration: 00:11:56

184 How Social Media Can Drive Supply & Demand

More Social media when used properly can be one of the most influential tools available to anyone today. However, it can also be one of the most destructive when used improperly. In August of 2017 Hurricane Harvey struck the gulf coast region in Texas doing an immense amount of damage. Because of people sharing what was happening on social media, individuals from all over donated items to support the vast number...

Duration: 00:07:52

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